Elite Dangerous: Witchspace News for the 13th of December 2019

Elite Dangerous: Witchspace News for the 13th of December 2019

This is Witchspace news for Friday the 13th
of December 2019…. I’m CMDR Buur In this weeks news… Elite Dangerous is turning 5 years old and
FDev is giving away stuff Frontier begins its countdown to Christmas,
FDev is giving away stuff Primetime casual goes behind the scenes And we’ll have a roundup of community news Remember to hit like and subscribe and click
the little bell icon to get notifications. You can also join us on the Buur Pit Discord
server. And you can become a supporter of this channel
through Patreon or YouTube membership. Links to everything you need are in the description
below. 5 years ago… On the 16th of December 2014
after some years of black development and then a successful kickstarter project Elite
Dangerous launched for the PC. To celebrate the games 5 year anniversary
Fdev have announced some special events and a free paintjob is also available for the
cobra mkIII if you participate in the current community goal that ends on the 18th of December. There will also be a special celebratory livestream
from Frontier on the 16th of December, starting at Midday UTC where they’ll be looking back
at the game and the community over the last 5 years. Graphic fidelity in video games moves on very
quickly but Elite still looks beautiful and you often forget that you’re looking at
a 5 year old game …but even so after 5 years its not unreasonable to expect the game to
get somewhat of a reworking from Frontier and as we’ve speculated before it’s possible
that that may, in part at least be what the big 2020 update is about. I think It’s fair to say that the last 12
months have perhaps not been the most illustrious or easy in the games history. With delayed
updates and features and unresolved bugs in the game it has created an understandable
amount of bad feeling from the community. With fixes and beta tests expected prior to
the delayed launch of Carriers the next 6 months are going to be a fascinating time
at least. We then have the run up to the end of 2020
and the big scheduled update and whatever the games future is beyond that. Here’s hoping the next year is more positive
for the game we all love. Frontier began their traditional countdown
to Christmas event today. Each day that Cmdrs log into the game between now and the 25th
of December will see an ever increasing amount of free ARX in-game currency deposited into
your account. These free ARX are over and above the 400 free ARX that you can earn every
week from just playing the game. Logging to the game this morning for example saw 100
ARX arrive in accounts. To ensure that you’ve got somewhere to spend
those free ARX Frontier are also releasing some of the more exclusive / elusive paintjobs
between now and Christmas and they’ll be available for a limited time during the event. While I think of it ….Just a quick public
service announcement …the double federation rank and federation ship discount event is
still ongoing until the 16th of December – don’t wait if you want to take advantage of that. Cast your mind back about a month and you
may well find your mind rocketing toward the surface port of Margulis Depot in the 61 Virginis
System at Hypersonic speeds in normal space. By way of a reminder, serial difficult German
man and friend of the channel, CMDR Primetime Casual has today released his final video
of the year. In this retrospective of the events of the 9th and 10th of November he
gives some fascinating facts on the what and the why of the Speedbowl 3 event and an equally
fascinating look behind the curtain at how the event came together including an on-camera
interview with the delightful NolaPrime, the developer behind the Speedbot discord bot
that collated and managed some of the admin for Primetime over the weekend long event. Easily one of Primes best videos it’s also
one of his funniest. As always linked below. And here’s this weeks community round up… As we mentioned last week the annual Operation
IDA Hauliday Haul starts tomorrow. They’re kicking off the event (which runs until the
5th of January) with a one and done effort to repair a station inside 24 hours.
The event starts at 1500 UTC and IDA have asked that participants be ready at any of
the three refineries in HR 827 system with a hold full of beryllium for when the target
station is announced. The Buckyball racing clubs latest event, totalrecall
3 starts on the 14th of December and runs for a week ….maybe that should’ve been
called “total threecall” eh? ….missed opportunity. you’re welcome.
The event sees participants landing at a selection of surface ports, driving for 7.5 km and then
recalling their ships aiming to get the fastest time at the end of the circuit. Just as the buckyball event ends on the 22nd
of Decemeber the there’s a new SRV race around a set track at Scully Powers Progress
surface installation planned by CMDR Mad7 at the dangerzone Galactic Archive discord. We’ve filmed this race previously – always
fun to watch and participate there’s links below for you to get involved. A couple of useful nuggets came to use via
CMDR MGram of the AXI this week. Firstly a super useful and easy to read infographic
that breaks down the variants of thargoid interceptor that we currently know about and
how to recognise and tackle them. Also the AXI has been conducting a survey
into the spawn rates of non-human signal sources in the pleiades region if you want to go hunting
the gloopy alien meanies. You’ll find links below to the infographic
and the AXI discord who are themselves an invaluable resource. The Stellar Photography and Videography Fan
Art group known as SPVFA or Spivva to their friends are two years old this week – chuck
them a follow on Facebook if you’re not doing so already to populate your timeline
with some gorgeous curated screenshots and genius elite themed photoshop work. And finally the now quarterly journal of all
things Elite, Sagittarius eye went live this week with their professional magazine quality
collection of interviews, articles and screenshots that all just happen to be Elite in Universe
…and free. Links to all of this stuff and everything
we’ve talked about this week are below. That’s it for now …barring any massive
announcements or events that’s also it for the year from Witchspace News …and what
a year it has been. CMDR Rheeney and I would just like to take
this opportunity to say a massive thank you to you for subscribing to and following this
channel we wish you and yours nothing but good things for this seasonal time of the
year however you choose to spend it and we’ll see you all in 2020 with whatever that may
bring. Until then, thank you so much for watching
….o7 CMDRs Follow the Greens on the way out and do keep
clear of the toast rack We very much look forward to seeing you next

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  1. Thanks for the SPVFA mention and the Birthday Wishes. Also thanks for the Sagittarius Eye Winter edition mention.
    Hope you and Rheeney have a wonderful Xmas and New Year ő7

  2. Great news bit as always! And thank YOU for an awesome year as well! Found me a permanent community in the bubble now, and you guys make it so hard for me to head out into the black again.

    o7 happy holidays Mr. and Mrs!

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