Egypt: How Police and people treat an Indian tourist !!

Egypt: How Police and people treat an Indian tourist !!

Now I am leaving from this hostel I have to catch a bus to Luxor This was my room Wierd elevator ! this is the doors open! an old style lift in an old building A few hours back I reached Luxor This is my room Quite good quite expensive But this time I wanted to travel the way most of you do so that you get to know about the actual expenditure I am on the rooftop of this hotel This is Nefertiti Hotel I have a small TV, cupboard, electric kettle This is the washroom Though I don’t like the bathing space They are so small This is the rooftop restaurant Over there is Nile River This will be the first time on my Egypt’s trip I will be crossing the River Nile World’s longest river – Nile Beyond that is West bank… I am in the East bank of Luxor That is luxor temple I recommend atleast 2 days in Luxor Nefertiti was a queen in Ancient Egypt This is breakfast time variety of breads This is Fool Saudia airlines also served this to me some more breads, cheese and yoghurt yesterday I had dinner at this place Now I am going to checkout of this hotel let me share this I booked this hotel through But then I found a cheaper rate on Wego app The same hotel I was getting through Wego for 1500 INR whereas it was available on for 2000 INR This app does a comparison of hotel rates on various websites and shows you the best deal As per Wego this hotel was available on for 1500 INR including taxes So you may use this app in your future trips There are some more benefits of this app which I will discuss later on So I have informed about many new travel apps on this trip Google trips and Wego are the new ones I have been telling you about the benefits of using Google Translate and Google Maps How helpful these apps are while travelling to a new place, esp when you don’t understand their language I will keep sharing similar stuffs in the coming videos I am going down to complete the Check-out formalities I am going to leave this rucksack at the hotel’s reception and will carry only the daypack for the local sightseeing You can save some money like this Instead of paying for a room just to secure your luggage, you can keep them at the reception Usually hotels do not charge their guests for this service Isn’t this a money saver tip! I am going to buy the train ticket I am really fed up of these people They keep insisting and bothering tourists Now I can feel the plight of tourists visiting India Indian travel agents should visit this place to experience how bad this practice is! In India also you can see such touts start harassing people outside the railway stations… I wish Indian travel agents could come here to experience all this Another person is trying to persuade me… hotel, taxi, tonga…. everyone is just insisting to ‘help’ you I have never felt this in any other country Luxor temple is hardly 5 minutes away from my hotel I was going to check the ticket price, but 3 boys wanted to take selfie with me This is the place to get ticket (Foreigners) – 100 LE for adult, 50 for students
(locals) – 10 LE for adults and 5 for minors 20 LE for the camera fee Before purchasing the ticket, I thought checking the reviews of this place I used Google Trips it suggested me about the worth visiting places around me Luxor temple was one of them This app has gathered all the relevant information about this temple at one place location, opening & closing time, It is also suggesting to watch YouTube videos related to this temple I watched a video and decided not to purchase the ticket to go inside Probably it becase I am not interested so much in the archeology I couldn’t understand what they wanted to say But it feels so similar to India Whenever some foreigner tourist visit some offbeat place, local people get inquisitive about him I felt the same when small children are coming to meet me It again happened, when the camera was off over there is the railway station I am going to get the train tickets from Luxor to Cairo This is the queue for today’s trains My friend Yusuf is so helpful He helped me get the train tickets The official at the ticket window could not speak English. He talked with him for me He used his National ID for getting a discounted ticket for me I had to pay 78 LE whereas the actual fare was probably 110 LE Now he is suggesting me some places which can be visited in the available time You can get Microbuses from the Luxor station for visiting local sightseeing places They charge just 2-3 LE Now I am going to cross the Nile and will catch a similar microbus to visit other places on that side Yesterday morning when I reached here, I went to the train station to get the tickets I could not understand anything as everything was written in Arabic Ticket officials could not explain me properly the alternate way to get tickets They wanted to say – I have to come back on the next day to know the status of next day’s availability Today they refused again So I did not had a positive experience of booking the train tickets in Egypt You can book tickets online The website is also available in English Probably your credit cards can be used to buy tickets They also have Kiosks, but most of them are not in operation You can ask your hotel to get a ticket for you You may have to pay them some commission or visit the counters and ask the locals for help This is what I did People like Yusuf will surely help you You will find a lot of good people around I recommend this way Yusuf is back He is also going to Cairo in the same train He has come here to help me buy the ferry tickets Thanks Yusuf bhai He is a stuntman! I have got the ticket 1 LE per person/ one way I got the return ticket for 2 LE 1 LE is 3.5 INR approx Passengers are getting transferred in another ferry I was about to lose my spectacles This is World’s longest river – Nile It looks so clean I am feeling good This reminds me of my trip to Bangladesh I went on a ferry trip from Dhaka to Chandpur during that trip This is beautiful Over there is West Bank This side is the East bank Luxor I am delighted 🙂

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  1. Ignore korna ka sobsa Kora trick Hai hedphone lagaw…main hamasa ayasa korti hu…agar Mara ko ayesa problem ati Hai to….

  2. In Arabic Sura means fotos. These little girls wanna take selfie with you. Thats why the moment you said No they got disappointed..

  3. Allow . Mr. U don't know wht is the meaning of sora … that girl have more respect for u .. she ask photo toghter in u

  4. You way of giving information is marvelous with a very clean and clear pronunciations nice thanks give us more videos from your side

  5. Sorah means picture they asking you take selfie with them. But you rejeceted i think they like indians very much.

  6. Man , about Yosif .. it's not cool to let ppl waiting for nothing and talk about them , especially if they're not understanding u .. u could see it in his eyes .. and also he looked busy .. but those ppl won't let u down, will they 🙂 ?

  7. Hello .
    Brother how are you?
    I hope maybe you are fine .
    Sir like too much your all videos.

    ( soorah – Arabic md Tasveer ( picture ko kahte hen ) brother.
    Your all videos very helpful.
    Thank you brother.

  8. As an indian i could never visit a place like egypt. Its an islamic country i dnt appreciate being spoke to nor speaking their language or eating their food. I've known lots of females who have had bad experiences there with the men and i dnt trust everyone wanting to take selfies…may be they can use ur pic for gangs to identify you to get robbed/kidnapped.

  9. I wanna visit Egypt… On social media i have some friends from Egypt… I love Egyptian music…specially amr diab… Tamma'lly maak

  10. Egyptian National Police or ENP is a department of the Ministry of Interior of Egypt. Contents. 1 Historical background

  11. I met Egyptian girl on Instagram and she is really humble and beautiful. Egyptian people are really similar to indian.

  12. varun please come to bagladesh again , you missed, rajshaheee, rongpur, UB, and all. sylhet, chittagong. i was happy that you went to my home district chandpur. thanks varun.

  13. the Egyptians are very similar to Indians in talking selfies with tourists haha.
    I wish you would have known Arabic. Egypt has a very great culture from very ancient time. YOu would have learned much more.

  14. What a cheapskate traveller, why bother when you are only interested in your apps instead of what is around you. Not interested in archaeology when that is the main point of going to Egypt? You advise two days in Luxor when if you stay a month you cannot see all the things adequately and really experience the place, the local food, the local markets, drifting along the Nile on a peaceful sailing felucca, riding the caleche (horse carriage). Going into Luxor temple to feel the majesty and see the artistry of its construction and decorations even if not interested in the archaeology. Instead of focusing on your own video of yourself why don’t you really experience the places you go to instead of just passing through them in a superficial way. Make an impact on the life of a local, visiting their home, eat at their house, go to a wedding party, drive a caleche or steer a boat yourself. Try exploring a place without consulting the internet and see what you can discover. You walk down the street from the railway station just focusing on yourself and your devices. You did not bother to look at any of the buildings and architecture, you did not notice the dust and unevenness of the pavements (sidewalks). You don’t explain why you are walking in the roadway. You haven’t looked into any of the shops to see what type of merchandise is available to the inhabitants. You don’t engage with the people who speak to you, just try to dismiss them. Try talking to them for a little and with humour and good manners you can easily stop them from hassling you instead of wasting energy getting yourself upset with them. Travel is not just about the cheapest way to get from A to B, it is about experiencing everything to the fullest that you are able and learn from other people who you meet along the way, from the street sweepers to the presidents.

  15. Bhai आपकी middle East Arabic ISREL?? country नही गए वहां भी जाओ कभी बस isrel ?? देश ki video नही है????????

  16. बस मुस्लिम देश घूम रहे हो ISREL भी jao कभी प्लीज ????

  17. वरुणभाई फिर मिस्र जाने का क्या फायदा जब आर्कियोलॉजी में रुचि ही नही है

  18. Raj Kapoor, Amitabh bachchan and Shahrookh khan are gems of india most of the world loves india because of them.

  19. Egypt walo Ka Dil Pura Hindustani yo ke tarah hai yrr Unki soch aur 30% culture, Excitement, even Smart To Thug A Tourist Like Indians rickskshaw wala for Giving Services LOL

  20. Egypt tour is waste of time and money if u don't hAve tour guide bcoz Egypt history is very imp then only u will get what u r seeing

  21. Egypt if u will go better hire guide without guide u never ever no about eygpt it's very nice historical country nd egypt architecture is amazing nd very wide

  22. Hello sir, I want in details regarding tour to Egypt,pls help me ,I m Bijay Singh from Noida,Delhi NCR,8217899686

  23. Bhai google translate use kr lete … same as google for watching video of attraction on ticket counter “soora” ?

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