Eddie Hall Deadlift World Record 500kg (1102lbs) – Includes Full Aftermath!!

Eddie Hall Deadlift World Record 500kg (1102lbs) – Includes Full Aftermath!!

if 1000 people out there know you can and want to see you do it (lift a new deadlift world record of 500kg). 500kg in pounds…it breaks the 1100lbs barrier as well. 2.204 pounds in a kilogram, just over 1100lbs. An unbelievable opportunity for these three men (Eddie Hall, Benedikt Magnusson and Jerry Pritchett) and an unbelievable spectacle for all of us. I’ve said it everytime he’s done it and it’s
worked…ladies and gentlemen, the heaviest deadlift in human history, the half tonne, Eddie The Beast Hall. That last minute mental preparation, this
is so important to success or failure. It all comes down to one thing, he’s convinced himself that he can do this, that’s exactly what it takes. Knowing in your heart and your
mind, its possible if you’re going to just go and see it and do it. Last year at Europe’s Strongest Man this man
approached Colin Bryce after the show, after impressing everyone (lifting a new deadlift
world record), and calmly and quietly said “How big can you make this world deadlift championship event if I can
pull 500kg?”. And he had the look of the devil in his eyes Bill Kazmier. He knew it then, he had the dream, and trained for it for a year, now is the time to lift a new deadlift world record of 500kg, it certainly is. The 9th July 2016 in the First Direct Arena in
Leeds England is where history has been made and will be made again. Eddie The Beast Hall comes to the deadlift platform, raise it up First Direct arena, here we go! Crowd chanting Eddie, Eddie, Eddie! Come on Eddie Hall ! Eddie Hall here we go… This is the world record deadlift weight we have all come to see (500kg). Make history…come on! Do this! The rest of the strength sport world look on as
Eddie Hall prepares for the half tonne deadlift world record. 500kg has been deadlifted off the floor, 500kg! 500kg is no longer a myth! 500kg has been crushed in Leeds! Eddie Hall owns…the
world record! Crowd chanting for Eddie Hall Ladies and gentlemen that is off the scale 500kg … this man is a forward thinker Bill Kazmier. This man is an innovator… When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone…he had 2 missed calls from Eddie Hall WOW!!!!! Were you a believer? (that 500kg could be deadlifted) We need some strongmen to remove Eddie Hall from the deadlift platform…we’ve got three more strongmen to come to attempt to attempt the 500kg world record deadlift Will anyone match that 500kg world record deadlift? Here he is, Eddie Hall, The Beast ! The strongest strength athlete there has ever been … 500kg world record deadlift ! The half tonne 500kg deadlift! The dream has been achieved Eddie Hall! Give us one word of truth to the crowd here at Leeds You wouldn’t believe how many hours …f*** off dad! You wouldn’t believe how many hours of my life I put into this 500kg world record deadlift All the family time that I’ve sacrificed… Let’s have a round of applause for Eddie Hall’s wife… what a special moment for the Hall family If it wasn’t for this woman the 500kg world record deadlift wouldn’t have happened, honestly She knows me, she is my rock, I love you Hi Mum I want to thank Protein Dynamic for making me who I am, the supplements Hi gorgeous, this is my gorgeous daughter Leyla Protein Dynamix for making me the machine that I am, all the protein, the BCAAs Look at me doing the big sales pitch! Thank you very much Protein Dynamix, if it wasn’t for you guys I would not be a full time athlete Obviously I’ve got other sponsors but they sponsored this deadlift world record event thanks you very much Protein Dynamics. A big round of applause for a huge company make sure you buy from them [Colin Bryce whispers in his ear something] I’m going to stand here all night… 10,000 people here tonight, absolutely amazing I want to thank each and every single fan for the support you’ve given me and the other athletes and lets not forget that we’ve got two other lifters to come to attempt the 500kg world record deadlift (Jerry Pritchett and Benedikt Magnusson) and we said in the rule books that even if Bennie or Jerry now lift the 500kg deadlift world record we will still be the first men to pull a 500kg world record deadlift today I’m not going to be that selfish git that says I was the first person to pull a 500kg deadlift world record If Benni Magnusson and Jerry Pritchett lift it (the 500kg deadlift), we share that title together we will be the first men to lift that 500kg deadlift I’m done for the night (won’t be competing in Europe’s Strongest Man), but I’ll stick around for you guys thank you very much, it’s been emotional…love you guys Ladies and gentlemen raise it up for Eddie The Beast Hall 500kg !! Were you a believer WOW! Right folks two more lifters to come…

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  1. He lifted 500 lbs , all the rubber suites and tension bands did the other 500……do it in shorts and A tee shirt…..I consider the lift A fail….

  2. What a beautiful man. What an awesome channel. Thank you for the amazing footage with extras. It made my eyes sweat. 😢 💙🙏💯🔥💪👀

  3. What's the actual world record without straps? This is a great lift but surely this doesn't count? If Doyle Kenady lifted with straps he would have gone over 1000 years ago.

  4. That lift did some very serious damage to him…brain bleed, couldn't remember his wifes name for 3 wks and a lot more. His 'This Morning' interview with Phillip and Holly is on YouTube.

  5. This is NOT the full aftermath. He passed out several times after this. Blood didn’t stop pouring from his ears eyes and nose

  6. This is not the world record, not even close. In April of 2006 not only did my ex-wife lift my house right from under me but she walked away with it.

  7. Fun fact: The maximum power humans can use is only 50% and tops of 60% for these WSMs, but in this scenario, Eddie imagined that his children were trapped under a car and he had to lift it to save them. This allowed Eddie to use 100% of his power, allowing him to lift 500kg. To allow himself to imagine this as a real scenario and make his body use 100% power by having to visualize that his children were almost dead, he went through months of mental training with a psychiatrist

  8. ive seen this before but had to watch it again after watching the Q&A with eddie hall and brian shaw where eddie said that he absolutely knew he wasn't strong enough to pull that much weight but imagined he was lifting a a car off his kids….so crazy

  9. I think I'm most impressive by how good his form is even with that much weight. Have juiceheads deadlifting half as much with crappy form.

  10. All these useless people sitting there to see him lifting 500kg?🤔
    People go make yourself useful and make your family happy🙁

  11. Eddie Hall has to be strongest man in recorded history people will throw different names in mix but his record speaks for itself

    Deadlift= 500kg WR
    Bench press= 300kg
    Axel wheel press= 216kg WR
    Log press= 213kg
    Squat= 405kg
    Leg press= 1000kg
    Deadlift= 536kg 18inch elevated from the ground (Unofficial WR)

  12. Scary as fuck. Lifting so heavy they get nose bleeds and also pass out. Seeing Eddie go to one knee like that is insane.

  13. On that infamous night in front of him was "HIS KIDS" trapped under a car in a flooding stream.He has seconds to lift the 500kg car and save his children.
    Guess what he did.
    History was made 3yrs ago

  14. This man put it all on the line right here,a true beast! And he could have done more,his mind and body were one this day. Truly a huge person inside and out.This opus actually brought tears to my eyes,thank you Eddie

  15. That's about the limit of human strength. I think this is about it. Ignore the huge bulk of Eddie or other power lifters….think about the tiny bones in the ankles or wrists. Every bone and  intervertebral discs in the spine has to support all this weight….1102 pounds. Think about the tiny blood capillaries in the brain.
    Eddie passed out repeatedly. I think is close to the limit.

  16. This and not long ago Alex Honnold climbed without ropes a 3000-foot granite wall, for 4 straight hours.
    What an era of mental giants to live in…

  17. And i can deadlift 480 kg for 10 reps im also a bodybuilder and Power lifter im 79.8 kg..
    But no support..from government

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