Ed O’Bannon Explains Why College Athletes Need to be Paid | The Players’ Tribune

Ed O’Bannon Explains Why College Athletes Need to be Paid | The Players’ Tribune

– What’s the cost of this lawsuit that we, that we started in this cause … And this fight that we’re in? What’s the cost? A hefty price. People, you know, looking at
me saying, Hey you’re the dude that, you know, stopped the video games. Those weren’t the intentions our side had. Our intentions were
starting the conversation of players getting paid. My wife and I, we, you
know, we just every morning put one foot in front of
the other and kept fighting forward for this cause in
the midst of our lives. Our biggest thing was we didn’t want it to reflect negatively on our kids. They were coming up through
the high school ranks in their respective sports,
and we didn’t want them to lose possible scholarships
because their dad was involved in a lawsuit
that was suing the NCAA. It’s been hard in that
opportunities kind of blew away, whether it was coaching opportunities or color commentating. I had opportunities for
both, but once this lawsuit started and really started to
pick up and catch traction, those opportunities really kind
of just fizzled in the wind. Am I sorry that all this has happened? Absolutely not. I’m proud of what we did as a team, and, you know, it was a
tough eight to 10 years as far as the time of the
lawsuit from start to finish. You know, hunkered down, and, you know, we’re glad we did it, no regrets. Whether you’re UCLA, you
know, Ohio State, Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky,
whether you’re on of those big schools or whether
you’re a smaller school, everyone is getting paid.
Whether it’s the coaches, the athletic directors,
the trainers, doctors, everyone on campus is getting
paid off of that money that the athlete is bringing in but the athletes themselves. Sixty bucks. Sixty bucks. That’s pretty expensive. You know, the big corporations,
Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, they supply all athletes with gear, and they’re walking billboards. They might get a pair of
shoes or something like that or a couple of T-shirts, but nothing near what they deserve. When business is run like that, things like the situation at Louisville, those are the results of
how the rules are today. You got the jerseys there,
you got the numbers, but the athletes don’t get
them, don’t get the profits, or at least a share, unfortunately. I hate to break it to you, but
the purity of amateur sports: out the window. The games are always on
television. There are ads all throughout. The amount of money that they’re bringing in to
the universities is staggering, you know, it’s in the billions. Look at the Olympics for example.
That was an amateur sport, and then now the athletes
they all have sponsors, and, you know, they’re getting paid by many different companies. Yet there are still Olympic games. So if they can do it, why not
the college athletes as well? Most student athletes consider themselves as athletes first. I was someone who was in school knowing that I was there specifically
to play basketball. I was pretty good at it and knew that I could help my team win and in the process
hopefully get to the NBA. I wish I was a better student.
I wish I worked harder in the classroom, but it just … it just wasn’t in the cards for me. So I concentrated fully,
totally on basketball. It was my job. I always considered
myself for the most part an athlete who, I’ve said
before, masqueraded as a student. The scholarship is great,
but when you’re bringing that much money in to a
school, I think everyone deserves a piece of that pie. You know, whatever that
slice is, however big it is, athletes who bring the money
in should also share in that. That’s just the American way. You know, if you make the money, you should be able to share in the profit. It’s really kind of
cut-and dried like that.

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  1. COLLEGE LEGEND and before anyone argues his point. Check out these athletes ridiculous schedules. You’re pretty much going non stop from 6 am to 8pm 6 days a week. If you include the individual workouts, class and practice along with weights. Even the smallest schools like NAIA & D3 schools you’re entire life is the sport you’re there competing in. You don’t get to do shit, so why not get paid for it? NAIA & D3 schools don’t even offer full scholarships just partial ones. Indentured Servants is what this entire system is

  2. Not everyone gets a full ride and those college players give a 110 percent i mean like they deserve it ncaa be making millions of of them fr

  3. They should get paid but I have absolutely no respect for him after he took down the greatest video game franchise of all time

  4. NO ED THE AMERICAN WAY IS TAKING ADVANTAGE AND PROSPERING OFF THE LESS FORTUNATE LIKE THE NCAA HAS BEEN DOING! ….Thank god you've teamed up with Lavar and the JBA because everybody does deserve some greenbacks for their labors even college players

  5. Ed O'Bammon: "The case was never about money it was about players rights…. now go buy my book." What a joke.

  6. He’s correct the reason the truth the vedio games are gone is because NCAA and EA and the ED and All those evil corporations won’t pay athletes and those evil brands EA especially is a bad company just right along the ED

  7. The funny thing is that every video he's in on YouTube most of the comments are referring to hate cuz there's no more College Video Games

  8. He's just after money. Pathetic. His greed cost everyone an opportunity to play a hell of a video game franchise. He can shove this book up his ass for all I care.

  9. Ed O'Bannon, you are a piece of shit. I could call you a lot worse, but I was raised a little better than to go any further. Man, you have ruined so many peoples video game playing lives. Just because you do not play and do not understand why we waited months, upon months until mid April to begin playing this game does not give you the right to ask for money. Dude, are you that mad that you didn't make it to NBA, or maybe you did, I don't know, maybe all of us never heard of you before this, maybe that is the point! I am 100% certain it is the point. Just because you are mad you have not made as much money as Lebron James does not give you the right to go after video game companies? You are the biggest piece of shit I have ever known, and I hope you burn in hell for using a video game to try and get money man.

  10. He wants them to get paid so when they wash out of the NBA early because they actually suck, they have revenue to fall back on, instead of using their degree (maybe) like the rest of us went to study for..

  11. The fact is, without football and basketball, most of these players would not be able to get into their local community college. Then they whine. The fact is, we care more about our team and school then the players. We would still go to see our team play. Just like in the pros when the star leaves for another team. We dont follow and root for the star's new team, we stay with the team. If O Bannon never had played at UCLA, UCLA would have still done just fine.

  12. They don’t need to get paid! They’re getting a free education and they are getting to play a sport they’re good at and love. Think about how boring sports would get if college players got payed, recruiting is one of the most interesting things in college sports because every team has a chance at getting any player and who they pick is completely up to them. They can go wherever they want to for free if they’re good enough without having to worry about who’s offering them the most money.

  13. No NCAA players should not be paid.They are paid with an education.The scholarship should be made to where the kids get money to spend on what they choose.Yea they bring billions in to the universities but the players are possibly gonna get billions in the pros.All they deserve is more money out of the scholarship to use how they want when they want thru a university official of what sport they play.

  14. Tbh, he wouldn’t have sued the NCAA if he was a better NBA player. It’s his fault he didn’t last cause he would’ve a good million, but wanted to get paid A FEW thousand just cause of this. He stood for what he believed in, but was it really worth destroying a whole game franchise?????🤦🏾‍♂️

  15. What if the Colleges, or Owners in pro sports didn't provide arenas to play in, planes to fly on, free food, free hotels an dorms. None of these players would have exposure or a chance at making money. People always want more but without Colleges or Owners setting everything up there would be nothing.

  16. How the fuck was this clown in the 2000’s video game when he played in the 50’s. What a dumb fuck, fuck you obannon, a true piece of shit human.

  17. So what about full ride scholarships with the goal of coming out with a four year degree? How much does that cost?

  18. Fuk this…fuk electronic arts …they signed a deal with the nfl to kill another video game company ..2k sports ..so they get a taste of their own medicine

  19. Every time I here this argument I ask how much ?? Then i say if they are paid they must act as an employee. Sign a contract to stay all 4 years. Pay taxes, travel, hotels, food, and for their OWN education, etc… But the problem is how do you stop wealthy schools from out paying small schools ? Have you seen the student parking lot at Alabama for the football team ??

  20. Fuck this guy that’s why he broke asf now, if you wanna get paid then stop bitching and go pro it’s funny how it’s only the shitty players who didn’t have a future after college who sued the NCAA and EA sports this guy is a pussy and a cry baby

  21. So what did he get out of it? 1k for every college athlete paid for by EA sports? The NCAA didn’t lose anything, the video game franchise lost everything and and we lost a game we all loved.

  22. nicca all i know is I don't have NCAA football anymore!! College Athletes aren't getting paid, yo ass aint getting paid, you created a lose lose for everyone! you didn't accomplish shit, but heart ache for us NCAA fans. I will never be able to lead my Ducks or Buckeyes (live in both states technically) to a championship again!

  23. Majority of these comments are ignorant and selfish af….over a damn video game!?!? EA was READY AND WILLING to pay the players for the use of their likeness…it’s the NCAA who was not willing to let EA pay the players and would rather yank the whole game out of spite instead. The NCAA is 100% to blame here, not this man.

  24. Bro fuck him man smh ncaa video games is gone bruh… like bruh key word “student” athlete you’re there for education…full ride at that!! Football is extracurricular until you make it to the pros or semi that’s when it becomes a job period!! Like wtf do u want them to do fill out W-2s ?? This man is full of it… pardon my outburst

  25. Bro no one knows you for basketball, that's why you have to walk around the school as a middle aged man who didn't go no where, you ruined the best game ever!! Why you think ncaa14 is still around!!

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