Durafly Tundra 1300mm Sports Model on flooding River Krka Slovenia

Durafly Tundra 1300mm Sports Model on flooding River Krka Slovenia

What to tell about this bird? We just love Tundra planes. It couldnt get much better then this. Oh yeah… Thanks for all support, all viewes, all comments and all subscriptions. Big salute to all RC lovers all over the world from Captain Blaž & Pilot Robert Slovenia. See you soon…

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  1. 🙁battery shift. You need one of these for the tundra. Morganmill Battery cartridge system. Hey he may be in need of the grand tundra measurement maybe you and Gary could work sum thing out.

  2. The Tundra seems to be an awesome plane 👍👍
    Would the tundra make a good first plane? Or should one start with with something else?

  3. One day when the weather is not so great you'll have to give us a video tour of your town.. Nice flying Ace

  4. Great flight Capt.Blaź awesome tundra on floats this was a great flight and a joy to watch thanks for sharing cheers guys.

  5. You deserve an Oscar for the best RC amateur movies ever made. Your babbling is fantastic with great humor. High level babbling, flying and filming.
    Very nice spot also for flying on floats👍

  6. It IS so pretty there! Love the shots with that church in the back!

    Also, it's nice to see what a fighter jet would look like with floats! haha Capt Blaz going crazy!!

  7. Man you guys have a lot of water there.That was a fun flight wasn't it Captain Blaz?I like the grand tundra and this size too.I guess a guy should have them both! Has the Beaver dried out yet?

  8. Man those moon shot take offs were scary. Another fine wideo and yesssssssss very intertaining. I shared your upside down Beaver vid on RC groups and the guys loved it. Hopefully more subscribers – yesssssssss. Keep em coming with lots of zooming.

  9. Captain Blaz's turns …questionable. Nice easy landings. I like the idea of reversing motor. I may install one in my Apprentice( the one with the pontoons). I have three Apprentice planes and can tell that motor his exactly the same size as the Apprentice. I would dare say they probably fly identical. The same abilities. Its a sharp looking plane. The Grande Tundra is pretty nice, but I would rather have the regular one. Then again, I would rather have a Beaver.lol.

  10. Wish I has some water flying areas.. Floats would be coooll.!! Looks great .! Smooth water on two sides .. Not much better as you say ..! Don't think duct tape will contain Pilot Robert…

  11. I love Captain Blaz's vertical takeoffs! Great (if risky) piloting! 😀 Very good choice of flying spot also, the scenery is beautiful. Keep up the good flying and good babbling, hey!

  12. Nice flying Capt. Blaz and on such a nice day. Even with a little wind it appeared to fly very well. Enjoyed the water landings. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Looks like the Tundra's rudder for the water works much better than the Beaver's rudders. You guys live in a vary beautiful area. I love the mountains. I to live in the mountains, in the south-west Texas desert (John Wayne country). Just north of Mexico. I am from Lake county Illinois just north of Chicago. It is so much better down here in Texas.

  14. do you like the tundra or the e flite timber better? You have flown both.    Thanks George from Colorado usa

  15. just took the floats off of my tundra my pond is to low for the floats so back to the grass for my Bush TUNDRA. BUT HEY. OHH YEAH!! HAPPY LANDINGS FROM SEDRO WOOLLEY WA

  16. I like my Green Tundra too, nice outing CPT Blaz, nice camera work Pilot Robert, cut, Jeff this is it…

  17. Great video as usual guys. Some dare devil flying from captain Blaz too!
    Lovely location, I'd like to try flying on water. I might just have to get one of those Tundra's! 😁

  18. You guys have everything but blacktop in that town, in Arizona I would have to drive 60 miles for a lake .

  19. It's a pretty place to fly. The white church in the background is scenic! Snow flying, water flying, field flying, you guys can have all kinds of fun 🙂

  20. What a sensational aircraft, I’ve been flying the Tundra for past 3 months, on floats 2 months now, did first beach floats landing yesterday morning, hot glue gun in action last night fixing floats back in place. LOVE THIS PLANE

  21. I love these Damn guys.. Lol They trip me out. You two ever come to the States and to Florida you have a place to fly and stay anytime at my home.

  22. You guys are fucking great! I can feel you speaking with your hands 🙂 hahaha hey you guys keep it up awesome stuff

  23. Capt. Blasz……"The Tundra is the best plane Hobbyking ever created." As he stands there with the MotionRC transmitter strap around his neck. 🙂

  24. I am shocked at the way he was flying so slow in high alfa almost stalled I don't know how many times. I call those landings drop and plop. Not good.

  25. "I followed the Krka
    Down to flooded parts
    Listening to the sound
    Of those plaaanes…
    Toys are in the air
    Captain Blaz is there
    Flying in the wind
    Those plaaaanes…
    Shoooow meee
    The magic of the models
    On a gloooory flight
    Where the children of Slovenia
    Fly awaaayyyyyy
    In RC planes"

    With apologies to the Scorpions, of course LOL

  26. Captain Blaz, You need to flare on landing in the water. Don't just let it plop down in the water like that. You bent the left float up up about 1/2 inch in the first part of the video. Salute!!

  27. Holy Smokes Aaaa…
    Capt Blaz likes to take off like the Space Shuttle Aaaa…Lol…Lol..
    He flys like Mad Man Aaaa…Lol
    Listen to your Brother…No Screwing Today Aaaa…LOL
    Very Very Good…Ha Ha…
    Big Salute 👍❤🇺🇸

  28. I think you guys set up the COG too far back, get the weight forward. Planes will fly much better

  29. Just do a sexy pass don't screw the captain! 😂 I think I just 💩 and tinkled in my pants from laughing so hard 🤣

    I salute you from Northern California! 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙋🥴


  30. The plane tends to drag a little its tail at slower speeds. One can feel the extra wing load. The plane gets a little twitchy with some winds and floats. Like he was sayin, I dont know whats goin on…

    I have flown mine w floats and behaves the same way.

  31. reglue those floats, mine disconnected in mid air, had to do a forced landing nearby which ripped them out badly.

  32. I just heard CNN is dirty useless fake news… and I find this as obvious as the Tundra 1300 with reverse should be my second RC aircraft… oh yeah. Get me off this mainstream lying news cycle please and out in the field where I belong, with real people like the Petrincic pilots. I love real.

  33. I use full flaps when taking off of water with my Tundra. I find that using no flaps is too prone to losing control and flipping. Also the water rudder is annoying so I never install it.

  34. I was hesitating between this Tundra and the BushMule – You just convinced me to buy the Tunda due to your cool video!
    Just one point : I think you were not flying with the stock propeller, right? Stock prop is Durafly Carbon Fiber 12×6” and Captain Blaz's is out of wood.

  35. Taking advantage of flooding to fly on floats? That has to be the best flying ever! That plane is fantastic on floats. Filming and babbling is good too. I agree with LouisH that you should get awards for your channel! HEY! SALUTE from California, Carl Cgul!

  36. You guys may know since it looks like you have a Nitro prop on that.?. Can you put Nitro props on electric motors or are they too heavy to throw around? I love the wood look of the prop and wanted to upgrade one of my airplanes.

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