Dunk Tank FIFA | Dude Perfect

Dunk Tank FIFA | Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect. I’m Ty– And I’m Gar– And welcome to our
brand new series, Games With Consequences. Hey, coach we’ll call
you when we’re ready. Just give us a sec here. And we have got a
wonderful match up tonight. We have got a little
Dunk Tank FIFA. What a treat. Gar, why don’t you tell
them a little bit about it? Well, tonight we have
a little twin match up in Dunk Tank FIFA. When you get scored
on, you get dunked. Oh, that hurt. And what a privilege it is to
play on a screen like this, Gar, am I right? That’s got to be close
to 100 feet wide. What do you say we get one
of those for the office? And Gar, tonight we
are fortunate enough to be joined by a sideline
reporter who’s actually got a rookie gig tonight. It’s his first time
out there, but he’s all too familiar with the
sideline in high school, if you know what I’m saying. Cody Jones! Cody, how’s it going down there? Thanks, guys! No, I’m doing great. I’m Cody, I’m here with Cory. Cory, are you excited about
the dunk tank opportunity? It is going to be
a fun, fun night. Absolutely destroying
my brother. He is, as they say,
garbage at FIFA. You heard it here first. I guess he doesn’t care
about the other contestants. Yeah, it’s a– Again, if you could run
behind the cameras– Hey guys, it’s Cody again. I’m here with twin number one. Coby, how do you feel you
fare against your brother? I feel fantastic against Cory. We’ve played probably
1,000 games in our life and I probably lost
less than five. Awesome. You heard it here first. Back to you guys. It is time for Dunk Tank FIFA! Cody! Cody! Stay on the sideline. What is that man doing? Oh, and what a beautiful
night at Old Trafford. We have a great match
up between Coby, who has chosen FC Barcelona to
go against Cory and Manchester United. And the game is under way! Boy, we got Coby
in the background, kind of just passing back and
forth, feeling the controls– [INAUDIBLE] Coby has put a great
through ball and he is in! And he’s in the final third, the
cross comes through to Suarez. Oh! Oh! Oh, this is awkward. Oh! And the line comes up– And ladies and gentleman– He was offside! We have had ourselves a
little premature dunk. I prematurely pushed the button,
it was an offside situation. To be clear, the score is 0-0. No goal. Back to you guys in the booth. Cody Jones, you got
to feel for the guy. Whenever he gets his
chance to play, boy, does he take advantage. And Cory is about to cross– Oh, and he gets
ripped last minute! Turnovers are the worst! Yeah, and Cody is
back in midfield. That’s a good pass. And here comes
Barcelona with a banger. Oh, wow! Oh, and it is– Gosh! Thank goodness– Coby has a dominating
possession here early on. And we’ve got a breakaway. Oh, and he pulls it out. He does some moves– Lionel Messi — What happened to your defense? I deserve that one. I put that man in the
blender, and that’s not a place you want to be. Back to you guys. Thank you, Codes. Here at Games With
Consequences, the person scoring the goals actually
gets a consequence, as well, to hinder their performance
and keep the game spicy. Cody Jones, what
do you got for him? Thank you, Ty. Coby, after his one
goal, gets an eye patch. Oh, yes! Good luck seeing with that on. Back to you guys. And here we go. Oh, and Cory finally
has some possession. Oh, there’s another
side of the field. Yes, there is. Oh, wow! He may have a chance
to put a shot on goal. Is he going to get– Oh! Oh! He makes a move,
he’s got a shot! Oh! Defense wins championship. I can’t see! He’s got another
chance at a cross– This is exciting,
this is exciting! Ah! Good news for you, you
get to lose the eye patch. Back to you guys. I got to say, good
call to pizza, Ty. Thank you. Cory, don’t celebrate too long. Time for your consequence. And Cody, what consequence
do we have for Cory? Thank you, Gar and Ty– Wow, that was disgusting. Cory, you’re in luck
because you earned yourself two kitchen mitts! Codes, do you mean oven mitts? Yes, sorry. Pardon my English. Oven mitts. This is horrible! Yeah. Is this a serious thing? All right, let’s
resume the match! Well, and here we are. Coby’s got a three on two. I picture a goal coming here. Oh, I had my hand on the dial. I gotta say– I’ll give a clap for that. Oh, and Cory– See you, newb. Oh, trash talking! Oh, and Sanchez has a break! Oh, no I’m not ready! I’ll tell you right
now, Coby, I didn’t think I’d see you in
the water that much after the first little bit. That’ll humble you
quick, when a man scores on you with oven mitts. Cory, I’ve got to
hand it to you. That’s two straight
goals for Cory. One with oven mitts. Ty, let’s tell him what
his next consequence is. Yeah, unfortunately
for Cory things are about to get
much more difficult. In addition to the
oven mitts, he’s going to have to play this
round looking through a mirror. That means he’s going to
be in reverse, correct? Yep, Codes. That’s what looking
through a mirror means. Hey, good looking. Quick shout out to Panda up in
the booth for helping us out on the technical side of things. Panda, how we doing up there? Ah, I’m sure he’ll
get it figured out. OK, back to some game play! Cory, how is it looking
through a mirror? Impossible. It’s impossible. Codes, you can probably go and
hit that button if you want. And…goal. Good news for Cory is he
is free from hindrances. And Coby Cotton will be
starting off with a doozy. As soon as the kick off
happens, he must run the bases and leave the controller
unmanned, giving Cory a golden opportunity to score. Let’s see if he takes advantage. All right, Cor, kick off
and Cobes, it is on you! Run to home plate. Cory, take advantage my friend. And he regains possession
because Coby’s player is just standing there. Here comes Coby. And he does a little dance
at the top of the box, makes one move– And he’s got a chance — He’s got it! And there it is. Wow, look at the commitment
from Coby Cotton. Well, that will take
us to the second half, and the consequences reset. And Gar, why don’t
you tell the folks at home what we’ve got in
store for the dunk tanks? We’re going to add ice. Oh, straight to the point! Lots of it. I was looking for a nice
drawn out description, but you just hit him
with a cold, hard fact. Hate to do this to you guys. Kind of enjoy it. Welcome, the viewers,
to the second half. It’s now underway. And Cory is absolutely
toying with Coby right now. Manchester United looked
to be the better team. They deserved to win
this game as of now. It’s a good pass. He’s going to have
a shot opportunity. Oh, what a stop! Can you say shots on goal? Wow. Did we get a penalty kick? We got a penalty kick. Unbelievable! Oh, and here it is. Messi, line’s up. Oh no, way too much. Oh. Yes! Yes! Absolute garbage. That was atrocious. That was hard to watch. All I know folks, is
this water is freezing. I would not want to get
scored on right now. You know what, I got
to give it up for Cody. That’s the first useful
thing he’s said all night. And Coby with the offside ball– No, he’s onside, he stays
onside, he cuts in — It’s freezing, folks. Just so you know, I don’t
want to take anything away from Cory, but I got
some water on my hand and it is absolutely freezing. Back to you guys. Thanks Codes. We’re actually going to have
to send it right back to you, because I think the next
consequence requires Coby to get in that tank. And folks, he is in it. The consequence for this round
is playing from the icy tub. And the kickoff, here we go. The hypothermia is kicking in. Is he even going to be
able to press a button? Look at him shaking over there. I don’t know. But at this point Gar, I’m
worried about losing the man. And Jessie for the hat trick! Nice! And with that goal,
Cory takes the lead 4-3. And we’ve got a new
consequence in town, boys. Holy smokes, if you
know what I’m saying. Oh, I got it. Do ya? Yes. That’s a smoke bomb. Ha, he actually did get it. Game on! Oh, wow. And smoke is officially popped. Good luck seeing through
that there, buddy boy! And Coby has got the ball
right where he wants it. And he’s going to
take advantage, he’s at the top of
the box And he shoots! And Coby Cotton takes advantage! Cory, what did you
see on that one? Blue smoke. And with that goal from Coby,
the score is evened up 4-4. Unfortunately for him, we’ve got
one of my favorite consequences coming up. You were eyeing this
thing all night. We like to fondly refer to
this one as the Mystery Dish. Why don’t you pull
that out there, Gar? Put that in Coby’s lap. Coby will open up
the Mystery Dish and must finish whatever
is inside before picking up his controller to play. And once the ball is kicked
off, Coby, you can start! Coby, open that mystery dish! Oh my gosh, Twinkies! Oh, wow. Oh, they’re so hard to open. I have to eat all
three of these? Yeah, you might want to
eat all three of those. Cory has the press. He could end it here. They really are good, though. He really could end it– Oh, and it’s a
stop by the goalie. Well, this is kind of awkward. Thank goodness for Cobe. All right, guys. He has two Twinkies
down, he’s got one to go. And Cory– Cory is on the cross bar! And, that’s game, guys. That will take us into OT. Cory blows a golden
opportunity, going off the post and it can not get
closer than that. I gotta say, we are moving
into a time of Golden Goal. Mano y mano. I say, next goal
wins no consequences. I like it. This is uninhibited soccer. Game on! And Coby starts with the ball. And a possession
that he’s just doing diamond passing right now. My fingers literally
are slick from Twinkie. Oh, I’m in Cory’s zone. Wow! And here comes the corner. It’s in– And the
goalie catches it! Here we go. Oh, and Cory put a move in. He is off to the races. That was a move and a half,
if I dare say so my self. Folks– Oh, my goodness! And I’m gonna– Any– He’s toying with it. And that is a happy,
happy man right there. I enjoyed my time in
the booth with you. Absolutely. Thanks for joining us here. Do we have anybody else
to thank on the team? Panda! Yeah! Panda. We– Hey Panda, I just
want to say, appreciate the technical help and we’ll
see you guys next time on Games With Consequences. What’s up, guys? Thanks for watching. If you’re not ready a Dude
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