Dude Perfect Office Golf Challenge | FACE OFF

Dude Perfect Office Golf Challenge | FACE OFF

ladies and gentlemen welcome to another episode of car car car car car car car car faceoff in Spanish [Cata] [bass] [Pappagallo], oh I’ll make up a song to work for definitely anyways this week We’ve got a golf simulator Battle let’s see you the contestants are Contestant number one will [be] big money big money cory yeah congratulations my friend Contestant number two Cody easy win (easy win) congratulations you win and the announcer Thank goodness time let’s go assume your role Howdy boys, I’m [webber] change and let me tell you it is an absolute honor Pleasure and exciting time to be with you guys today because I’ll tell you what we’re playing a little golf today one of my personal favorite sports and as you might notice I’m wearing my traditional [globe] attire, whenever I head out to the links I like to be free and breezy easy breezy down the road I go boys It’s gonna be a great day sit down settle and stand up and get your get you own. Let’s do this This is how I’m feeling, feeling, feeling. oh, yeah, oh, yeah. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen my name is lager touch here with Corby How’s it going Corby. It’s Cory. Cor- What is it? Cory. Cory! [how’s] [it] going day boy? It’s good You’re kind of freaking me out dogs. [chuckles] Nup, I don’t freak anybody out in fact I bring people together. Here We go boys! What’s your name over here? Coji! Cody Jig coach coach coach Joe [jenkins] oh – Gotta go you gotta go – big news because today We’re playing through this the brand new Day perfect major Championship value you get out [of] that here. We go. Let’s get started boys Will be doing three [bits] here and [for] the first event. We’re gonna be doing a little field goal golf Channel, okay Gonna be hitting the ball turns into a football somehow in a go straight post if you’re good first step ladies and gentlemen we got Kody kicking field goals here. We go boys boys like football you just try and hit it through the post. It’s pretty simple really oh Good done mister over to the left About it. Oh God seems to be under the impression that the field goes on the left side of the screen. Oh Boy, you don’t ever go to the bank and get it missed that boring you gotta hit the gym Well, I’ll tell you what coach put up a whopping goose egg there. How are you predicting you’re gonna do Hopefully a bigger egg that looks more like [the] one okay here. We go watch here. We go here write it car. Oh That was horrible that was an awful performance folks boys like football you just trying to eat it through the post It’s pretty simple really [it’s] [time] to head to the second round People pay a lot of money to go watch soccer game for it in sub zero Zero and they’re perfectly content with inning it right there I’m the other hand and not and that is why we’re headed to the second game break as many windows as possible Don’t do there. We go one so loud Waggers begin it Swagger boy [whacker] could why it’s like why why [gert] funny story behind that my dad? He wanted to name me gert in mama and my mom went up to him and she says well [ville] Vigor and he said I like that even better So [wagger] could that’s my name weiter. Let’s go, it’s wider oh oh oh When you hit it [like] a [nasty] you ain’t gonna break nothing I Didn’t feel much at all. [oh] Another window Cowboy you’re not here to build it. Oh wait you got ten points from broken Brick in [Points] [punjab] for the broken Brick Yeah, window. No you’re kidding me. No windows sounds like glass when you break it for take that I had to explain that Apparently course shit at 40 points. This is his last shot to break a window hit the window he in it Hey, no, sir. Oh [wow] Boy for a window crack. I’m not 100% sure what happened I think we might have had ricochette And I think it [brigid] [chatted] off the building and it hit orange juice chuckling and it ricochetted right back on the bottom window and then boom ladies and gentlemen cuz Magog’s Jody [close] You get it over the building. [I’ll] wear two bubbles. Let me see the [winner] Ready Sam. I need to hit a little [punk] shot though. She golfers out there That’s when you’re trying to hit a low shot keep it out [of] the wind ah Heartfelt away, we remain here 64 [Jamie], they ain’t [regulating] you look great job that he did first ever to win A Bouncers my goodness what we didn’t see [there] say it with the chat other day Hit the [window] hit the floor hit the construction thing then rick [chat] it into the other winter Congratulations coach very Impressive Ricochet, Ricochet versus Brick a chat Coach with a very impressive performance [curly] score is 142 main 50 milk [sixty] [fifty] [or] shaped feet anyways heading into the [third] round [course] got some ground to make up, so [for] the third competition We’re going to be trying to hit the guy that’s driving around in a little ball Carton is he’s driving around picking up balls, [and] you don’t know it’s coming tonight of nowhere, [cuz] I’m boom They’re like. [oh] make [its] all scared and everything [so] here we got [blogger] get started Caitli put the pants on like seriously let’s go [till] the game. [oh], you sydney did [Tonya] [didn’t] [play] a trick on Coach boy in Heaven in the world. [oh] [no], go bow no, Ma this is your worst athlete performance. I think I’ve ever witnessed our money boy hundred hundred oh Boy, there’s a car hit that was again. If he didn’t hit that one wife about to lay into him 100 point for that are you – No way, no Figured it out wider. [he’s] [running] away with it folks He goes across the finish line for you, and you have to have played long. [oh] Ladies and gentlemen I hate to tell you this but coach done ran away with her [glory]. Don’t even have a chance. He’s locked down 600 points or so and it ain’t looking good for my friends 700, but you know what they say Great moments are born from great opportunities that [is] what you have here tonight, [cory] that? [is] what you have earned here tonight? I’m sick and tired of hear about what a great golfer cody is screw [him] and that It’s your time. Cory’s going oh, yeah, oh Hey, you gotta listen to the speech. You need to think of art. There’s a good speech that it was Your middle name with City boy. Oh There’s a little saying in the sports world. It’s all over but the shouting You know what I’m saying you catch my drift ladies and gentlemen course don’t looking for ball cover You’re under the cash the winner of the golf contingent. Hey party girl Why you’re hitler’s brother belt? Oh, my other bow. [he] just say the white outer belt and [irritated] now Oh wow Yes, second belt congratulations cause very proud of you great job the best ever was hey [carry] on the tour wider [high] Your team or else and face off videos make sure you click right here [they’ve] [gone] subscribe to the whistle click right here signing off for now boys town it [an] organ and a teeth jiggler And my pop my pop and little dance this animal Get you some of this

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  2. Welcome ladies and gentlemen where I pretend to spin the wheel and pick seemingly random contestants but where itโ€™s really just scripted

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