Dude Perfect Hockey Skills Challenge | FACE OFF

Dude Perfect Hockey Skills Challenge | FACE OFF

Tyler: Ladies and gentlemen handsome boys and beautiful girl, welcome to another episode of, [Incoherent intro to game] For Gamers *ding ding* Tyler: This week we got a hockey face off, let’s see who the announcer is Here it’s gonna – *Drum roll* Announcer for this face off is…😎 Cory!🌍 Cory: Okay Okay Congratulations! Man! Competitor number one… TY! YEAH! Tyler: Tanks bro And competitor number two is.. Tyler: Am I reading that right? Cory: No that’s not right. Tyler: Tim? Editor Tim? Others: No way! Tyler: Get in here Tyler: Ladies and gentlemen assume your role! *Cheers* Cory: Yo man, my name is Jim Schorts, I’m from the great island of Yamaica. Tyler: What from Yamaica? Are you half Spanish? Cory: It’s not Jamaica, see my accent is from a main land slightly off the coast of more famous, Jamaica. I’m not from Jamaica. (Other guy: Go look that up on a map actually) I’m from Yamaica. *Maraca rattle* YAMAICA! Tyler: Yah ah Yamaica. Cory: Welcome to the hockey face off, If you didn’t hear me, my name is Jim Schorts. My hair is long and my shorts are short here we go *Crickets* Tyler: Wow that was good Jim, come up with that on your own? Cory: Contestants please announce yourselves, and list out how much experience you have. Ty: Thank you, What’s your name? Cory: Jim Schorts! My hair is long (Ty: I know, how could I-) And my shorts are short! Ty: How could I forget, Jim. Uh, I’m Ty, I’m from uh Plano Texas. I would say I’ve got a year and a half to two years of roller hockey experience. Cory: *Shakes maraca* What about you over here? Tim: So Jim, I’m Tim. (Cory: OOHHH I LIKE YOU ALREADY!) [unintelligible] Cory: No, I don’t recognize you from the videos. Why do we know you? Tim: Uh I’m one of the editors for dude perfect. Cory: Okay, how much experience do you have? More or less than two years? Tim: Uh a little bit more, 17 years of competitive ice hockey experience. Cory: Okay I’m not a mathematician, but I think my odds are going to this Tim man. *maraca shakes* Tim: Thanks dude. Cory: TIM AND JIM! Ty: Aren’t you supposed to be non biased? (Cory: I am not biased) But you just said your- what? Cory: In our first competition today, we are going to knock out……..$ Not one Not two, Not three, But four targets from the goal. We call it the sharp shooter challenge. Let’s get up in it. (Ty: Sharp) Tyler, let’s get this started. You’ll know when to go, when I say I [unintelligible] Shot the pucks! Over one Over two Over three, C’mon Tyler! Come on! One, Two! [unintelligible] OOHHH! My new friend Tyler. Tyler, Tyler, Tyler. I thought you were going to do better! Ty: I know! I thought I was gonna do better! Cory: There were four targets on that goal. *sigh* Ty: Jim- (Cory: I’m must say-) It wasn’t good, It wasn’t good.F###… Cory: We have a word in my country, disappointed. (Ty: No we say that-) And that’s how I feel right now. Cory: I am disappointed (Ty: That’s a world wide adjective) We’re moving on to Tim, Here we go. Let’s go OOHH! My new friend Tim man. (Tim: Sup Jim) Jim and Tim! Buddies for life! Cory: Tim I need you to get more than two man, our good friend Tyler, he got two. I need you to get more than two, so that we will lift up the name of Jim and Tim. Tim: Oh okay, I don’t know about the name of Jim and Tim but.. (Jim: Jim and Tim! we are even I do not care for him) [Unintelligible] Cory: You will know when to start! [Unintelligible] Shoot the pucks! Over one! [Unintelligible] *siren* Cory: I am unbiased. I am not excited. (Ty: No you’re super biased!) I am not excited. Ty: You came here celebrating for him! (Cory: No!) Cory: You are thinking of somebody else. (Ty: Who was I thinking of?) My hair is long, and my shorts are short. Cory: I am not short of breath, I am simply excited to see a good performance. Tim: Honestly I was kinda- disappointed, That word you used- (Cory: Yeah!) I was disappointed in myself. (Cory: here he comes) Ty: Oh yeah I should’ve got all four in four shots! I’m so disa- face wash, face wash face- Cory: Hey no fighting yet! There is no fighting in hockey. There is no fighting in hockey in Yamaica! *Hockey stick drops* *ding ding ding* Cory: NO, NO NO! Break it up, break it up. What is- what is happening? Cory: Alright man, and man (Ty: Nice) In my country we have a game called Jim. It is essentially like pig, where you call your shot and then you have to hit it. (Tim: Alright) Cory: We’re going to play that now, and let me remind you, we’re doing two out of three competitions Tim, if you win, Ty, you go home. LET’S DO IT! (Tim: Alright) Cory: Tyler it is your first shot. You have my blessing, kind of, I like Tim more. Ty: YEEEEAAAAAHH! Come-on THERE’S STILL HOPE! THERE’S STILL HOPE! Cory: You’ve been my favorite the whole time! (Ty: AH NO WAY!) Both: Jim and Ty! Jim and Ty! Jim and Ty! Cory: Tim must try and make the shot, if he misses it, he gets a J. *drum roll* Ty: WOOAAHH HA HA! YAAAYYY! Cory: Oh my goodness! (Ty: YEAH!) I cannot tell you how surprised I am! (Ty: I- Me too, me too) Cory: I have to say i’m disappointed. Again that’s like sad in my country (Ty: Oh, I know) Cory: Well I’m disappointed for my friend Tim (Ty: I thought it was was Ty and Jim?) Cory: No I’ve always been with Tim. (Ty: Are you kidding?) Cory: Jim and Tim! (Tim: I’m so confused) Jim and Tim! Ty: Are you familiar with confused? Cory: I don’t know what that means. What is your next shot? Ty: This is the pancake shot yeah. (Cory: The pancake shot!) Ty: Flip and catch *ding* OOOHH! That’s how it’s done Jimmy! (Cory: HE DID IT!) (Ty: YEEAAHH HAHA!) Cory: He’s always been my favorite! Cory: You can do it! Time to flip the pancake. *ding* Cory: OOOHHHH MAN! (Ty: Your turn) Cory: In my country we call that even steven. Tim: This one’s inspired by my home state. This one’s called the Michigan. Top cheese. Ty: Top cheese? *victory noise* Cory: OOOOOHHHHHH! Ya hu man Cory: Tim I love him like a brother! Always have, always will. He’s my favorite. *drum roll* *fail noise* Ty: DAMMIT! Tim: So back hand, right boost Ty: YEAH! Yeah! Round the world. *sound effects* YEAH! Ty: Nice! JIM! Cory: My best friend! He’s my best friend. *sound effects*

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  1. Did you see the Boston Bruins VS. Carolina Hurricanes Boston won 6 to 2 it is going to be Boston vs St. Louis in the Stanley Cup Finals all the way

  2. Guys please understand that nobody wants to watch your horrible acting or announcer characters, just keep it simple and do your shots. You are making me turn off the video after 15 seconds… Stop ruining them 4 me please!!!

  3. Can somebody please explain why my man Jim Schorts from Yamaica is using German numbers? Is he part german?

  4. Hey dude perfect you are the best I love your music to see you and Tulsa August 8 tie there I am a fan you are the funniest and coolest

  5. sorry champ unlike easy sports that anybody can play like football basketball and baseball.. hockey actually requires skills not only with your hands and feet but your complete body… you are out of your realm here champ

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