Dude Perfect Face Off | Spikeball

Dude Perfect Face Off | Spikeball

ladies and gentlemen welcome to another episode of Are you not going to finish the ace of, oh yeah Anyways we’re gonna be playing a little spike ball Personal favorites here at the DP HQ two. Personally a Quidditch fan myself but…. true Cory His team member will be… It is Coby And who will team two be it looks like they will be playing Chad? Oh my. No way! When did you put one of these in? Chaaaad Chad’s partner: Tim-Bits! Codes, grab the camera. I guess ill film this if im not the announcer and the announcer is: Tyler! Yes, I’ll film a thing I’ll help you film it the red lights on is that good I think it’s been off this whole time guys Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back. I’m your host and long time friend of the show, Ned Forrester and it is so good to be back! I tell ya we actually had a security breach on the field the last faceoff that I was hosting and I have actually had to tackle a very large naked man. There’s a stranger on the field!! I got it. Folks. Let me remind you what we’re playing for The Ned Forrester, original, golden ma- I need better throws Chad Golden Boy Trophy there it is! The limited edition Wow and if you’ll notice nothing touches this body, but pure silk, that’s right these are silk shorts are the golden boy something odd You know what I mean? Let’s get started and meet the competitors! Excited to be back your second face of appearance Oh, yeah, it’s gonna be good. Remind everyone at home what your first was that was the hockey thing that was on you know if I remember correctly you playing that joke of a man with a beard Oh Oh Frankly I don’t understand all the hype he’s a no-good Tweety Bird loser. That’s what he is Yeah Chat may give your very first faceoff up here It’s how does it feel to be here on the field today with a man of my stature? Oh it’s exciting, exciting moment We got that you’re excited Chad ,anything else you’d like to add that may be worth while? It’s gonna be fun Taking all the editors today stellar I mean their editor so come on I heard you guys talking before I came over here, and yes there will be a dead Forester catalog available for purchase and I think this will be July’s Quick grab the screen that would be April. Okay. Let’s do a quick January over here. Okay, that should work Maybe we just do what that I don’t know maybe get a little weird with it Maybe I’m confused so I’m not really sure why I’m here for what her march 21 you rally this evening serves first let’s do this Don’t forget, we’ve always got the great GoPro in the sky we could cut to it any moment I’ve been told I’m in 4k! Here we go zero to zero First service a good wood kobe lifts it up with a strong hint Over to Chad sets him up for a big spike Kobe saving it back to Cory with a set up Kobe has to play it safe Misses according with a dying serve over to Nice play by Cory the soft beat had to hitch the dice went over to Cubs Cory’s got to set him up over to Chad He just fell on his spear my friends good serve Oh my and ladies and gentlemen Tim that is two back-to-back softies the editors could feel it slowly slipping away. Oh Chad goes down Wow Chad Ricochets it off to the side or to insert from Cory returned to I sleep. I chatted Tim. I bow gonna live folks like Wiggled it out of right? Chad would that I serve Cory return Jacoby sets him up with a sake There’s a point you should have seen it coming I saw it coming from a mile away You know as you know Tyson play by Kobe with the softie and folks this is the point of the bachelor things could start to get a little bit out of control you start to rely heavily on the announcer to provide some in-game entertainment Is it really oh, wow, oh wow oh if I have to blur that Perfectly oh there’s a softy Cory with a dice sir Toby sets up core right over the dev of the selfie You know I’m not sure what’s happening right now, but the soft days are killing you guys Can you see that you can see that okay? Don’t let him get softies on you, okay? That’s how good boy Okay, sounds good. All right Hart sir it’s heard by Kevin. Chad nicely I Wish so desperately one day there will be an announcer face off I will say their schedules are very busy And I got bored boy. You can you slip it away like an icicle belt in your hands plays it safe over to Tim The core with a massive spike, what are you doing? I have no idea how to save that camp so this might be a kind of a father than you take a 502 hi softy the energy in the room I hear a lot of crows and the crows God Oh Dad with its own that is what we call shoot yourself in the foot Very nice Dicer from temperatures I see my cub sexy box Tim is there handily with a big chance to score and he Capitalizes on it well god. I’ve heard a bigger Cup match you may have seen the movie The Miracle on Ice What a Tibbs personal favorites? Cory with a powerful serve dad Not to point fingers, but he blew that one Oh wow there is the elusive rib Wow plays it real safe there Wow Oh place it up, and there’s a big hit What an absolute tricky move by Tim Fitz Fitz did you put the button to mute a lot of emails really welcome to the club shatter a layer of clothing Good hard serve Corey enables it nicely, honey chance Tim with a good return has a shot it gives it to quois gotta hit the deck here strong returns I Will verbally abused the next person that makes a mistake Corey has a serve? Nice set up by Chad Toby over the quarry with it oh You played the song if you what to Golden Boy dollar no And I serve plays it safe for Cody’s hit with an opportunity to score What will Tim do here you’ve got a plant safer is you gotta go for the kill job He goes for a nice strong serve righty, Kobe you reached up to Cory. I’m with a guy from Trevor Chad Yeah, I’m trying to get back It’s moments like these that build character as a mad tim sets up Chad dicing with a chance for a hit Cory over to Kobe and that is a ok that was a absolute rib job But great chance folks we do have To make the call this has been a point of contention in many games that I played ball comes in ok ball hits right here What is that if it sounds like that was rim? Oh? That is so ready? Oh, if you just feel tied just cup do it I got what set Herman bang it was written it and point without you Jem’s chat so Thank you listening. It is 18 to 15 and here we go TRADD odd year go Who died soft surface dad and core with an automatic right back at your face very nicely done 1915 and you can feel the crowd start to leave the building wow You know what I think I’ll take this moment to let you know that you have just been called a spud co-op later the week Post approved or Oh won’t improve. That’s that 1619 editors could use a point here very nice a bike wow I’m pretty sure a fart just leaked out of your braid I Don’t know maybe get a little weird with it What do you say we do a little editor testing? Do you see a cloud over? there That’s kind of weird wait you guys hear that is that helicopters they just drop Back to the action okay, oh And that I would relate that play to the Battle of San Jacinto the turning point of the war 2017 This great moments are born from great opportunities, I’m sick and tired of hearing about what a great spike ball team the twins are Not like this video if you want Ned to go on a very long extended vacation, huh Anyways gate point here we go alright. Chad sets up Tim Could have played it a little oh my goodness the boys are back in town folks 2218 Chad serve, what is he gonna? Good save sir Kobe gets a hitch it sets up town It is what point game Chad serve, what is the strategy here boys no and hard truth in it I women I won’t be going for the land. Why are you talking it to buy chess that makes me really? Unfair that it was I’m not gonna say it’s perfect alright none of us can compete with yours well You know no one tries win by to play to 21 22 19 Kobe and Corinne had the lead Chad raises safe with a good serve corey hits it. It’s a pocket gives the editors a good opportunity here Ladies and gentlemen that will do it here tonight I Mean I know that people were giving the editors a hard time they’re good athletes They’re good athletes on the spiked pitch one of the late great traditions here at the end of a spike ball playoff match is Watching the two teams shake hands. It’s always enjoyable to see the sportsmanship in the game and one of my all-time What the heck? Expecting some drama by the handshakes out of the picture You’ve created the drum or not. What is the? mad with only one wid Wigs face off and suddenly he’s most confident bulb a daughter that I don’t like it one bit I have yet to use an unforgivable curse, but I think I’ll take it upon myself at this point crucio Let’s come over here, cuz you don’t want to see what happens to him in a couple seconds oh? Look at that nice cot booth anyways ladies and gentlemen the winner of the dead Forester limited edition Golden Boy trophy What are you doing with this harp? So don’t twist him you twisted him the wrong way all right great job guys the editors Unfortunately, I think it’s back to the day job you guys. Oh, this just feels right undead foresters be great at it Yeah, if you want to see more whistles base off videos make sure you click down here to subscribe Signing on for now. I’m dad the golden boy with black hair now. See you guys later You

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  1. Do you think that Cody and Garrett better than Tim and Chad one like = three million Ned Forister golden boy for Garrett and Cody

  2. The pruff that Ty is Ned it that when they pick him for the enouncer Ned shows up all the time instead of Ty.

  3. I love DP but this was the worst video yet.   The announcing impersonation made watching this video a horrible experience.

  4. You guys are frickin annoying but frickin good the reason is because I am sick and you just hurt my head geese keep up the trick shots though

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