Drug Tester Who Watches Athletes Pee | Hardest Jobs in Sports

Drug Tester Who Watches Athletes Pee | Hardest Jobs in Sports

– [Narrator] A-Rod, Lance
Armstrong, Barry Bonds. Performance enhancing drugs
are a huge part of sports. And so is drug testing,
if you’re an athlete, you gotta pee in the cup. And I’m the guy who watches you do that. Watching grown men pee is awkward, but the only way to ensure
a drug test is honest is if I see the pee come out of the penis. I show up unannounced,
athlete has to go with me to the bathroom, take out his penis, and I watch it pee. Never get used to it, no
matter how many penises you watch pee, definitely
trickiest in public bathrooms. My mom tells her friends
I’m a chemist, test the pee, but I’m not, I just
watch the pee come out. It’s hard when they get
pee-shy, and I’m stuck looking at their penis for five minutes. But the worst is when
they have to go number one and number two, that gets tricky. The Russian olympic
team got caught doping, and people talk about
bribes and corruption, but who’s watching the athletes? Who’s watching the watchers? Who’s watching the watchers
watch the Russian penises? It’s not rocket science. I tested A-Rod, he didn’t
think I was gonna look at his penis, cause he’s
a big star, but I did. And I caught him. And some guys still try to cheat, they’ll show up peeing
out of a fake penis, but I’m experienced enough to spot ’em, like this, this one’s fake. Keeping sports clean is a team
effort by a lot of people, and I’m the most important, because I watch the pee
come out of the penis. I have a little saying,
every penis pees the same. And it’s true.

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  1. Every athletes have to be drug tested, it is embarrassing to pee in front of strangers, that is the hardest part. In out-of-competition testing, a dope tester show up in front of you, ask to pee in front of him, it is nerve wracking.

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