Driving Review – Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

Driving Review – Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

– Hey guys, what’s going on? It’s Alex, from Fitment Industries, and today we’re doing another tire review, and today we’re doing it on
the Michelin Pilot Sport’s 4Ss. Now, the 4S is Michelin’s
answer to the competition. So if you guys didn’t know, Michelin is a very transparent company, and what they pretty much said is that the Super Sports have been a tire that really kinda set
the benchmark of tires, when it came to, well, good summer tires that anybody could buy, and, over time, the competitors caught up. You had Toyos; you had Nittos; you had everybody coming out
with different summer tires that tried to do what the
Super Sports could do. Finally Michelin said, alright,
alright, alright, alright, let’s make a update to the Super Sports, and their answer was,
because the Super Sports are no longer being made, the 4Ss. Now, we decided to put a set on a BMW. It’s got the N54s, got
a couple extra goodies, Silver’s coilovers, and
a bunch of other stuff that he’s planning on doing. He wants to get it ready for the track and just having some fun, obviously, driving it to work and back. So first off, the 4Ss are, by far, exactly what Michelin
tells you that they are. They’re a great summer tire that have a bunch of
different options available, in terms of what it’s good at. It’s good in the rain. It’s good in the cold. It’s good in the warm. It’s good when it’s heated up to temp. It’s good at pretty much
everything Michelin says it is, and now, one of the biggest things that people ask is, are they the best? And the 4Ss, I would say,
are pretty darn close to the best that you could possibly get for a summer toy or a summer vehicle. So there’s a couple
things that the 4Ss have that, I think, really kinda set it apart from other wheels out there. So the first thing that they have is a dynamic response tech, which (clears throat)
essentially is within the tire, and what it allows it to do is you get almost like
different tire compounds, depending on what you’re
doing with the tire. So if you’re under heavy load, if you’re under heavy cornering, because of the way that
they build the tire, it has different compounds in different sections of the tire, and we’ve actually talked
about that in our Tire Talk, and what that allows you to do is gets you the traction that you need when you’re going under heavy loads or when you’re going around
turns or anything like that, and it’s also gonna
give you the reliability and the quietness when you’re
not doing those things. Because you don’t always want, you know, a big, soft-traction patch. You’re not always gonna want
a big heavy-traction patch. You’re gonna want a
combination of the two. So Michelin has figured out a way to put the right compound in
the right spots of the tire, so that, you know, when
you’re driving casually, you’re not gonna notice that you have a performance
tire underneath you, but when you’re going under turns, or maybe you’re going under
heavy load, you do notice it, and you notice it
actually very, very well. Another cool thing about the Michelin 4Ss is that once they’re up to temp, you do almost get a harsher
compound for driving because it’s starting to recognize where the actual full heat cycle is at, and the 4S does a great
job at getting up to temp and kinda staying there without necessarily
ruining any drive quality, which is really, really cool. The biggest problem that
most summer tires have is that they’re not very consistent, and what I mean by that is
when you have a summer tire, there’s always a weakness. It’s water; it’s cold. It’s, you know, anything. It could be traction path. It could be life. The 4Ss just don’t have it. A lot of summer tires, I mean, even when I talked
about the Proxes 888Rs, is that their life was next to nothing. These have a very good lifespan. In fact, most people are reporting
right around 27,000 miles on these tires with
even Michelin offering, I believe it’s a 20,000 mile warranty. So they are a very good
tire that lasts a long time. They do tremendously well
in all sorts of weather, all sorts of conditions,
all sorts of traction, and they come standard
on a lot of awesome cars. You know, if you’re getting a 4S, you are going to be paying
a little bit of extra money, and that’s probably one of the biggest negatives is the price, but Michelin touts itself as
being one of the best tires that you can get for your car is the 4S, and I think that’s where
it really comes down to is what is best for your car because if you want something that is going to have
pretty much everything in one barrel, no questions asked, out the door with everything you want, the 4S is definitely your answer. Now, if you’re looking to stretch a tire or do something like
that or go down a size, these are not gonna be the tires for you. They don’t stretch worth a damn. They don’t really do anything that, I mean, I wouldn’t necessarily, they’re even the most aggressive-looking. They’re not flashy. They’re functional. They’re a very functional tire, and the best thing about that
is that Michelin’s consistency to the 4S and how they’ve made this tire, really the benchmark again, just like they did with the
Super Sport, is bar none, and it definitely touts a good name because even though the 4S is expensive, even though the 4S
obviously doesn’t stretch or anything like that,
it’s a dang good tire, and if you’re willing to pay
the money to get these tires, it’s definitely, definitely worth it. So that is our review on the
Michelin Pilot Sport 4Ss. All in all, great tire,
definitely a 10 out of 10. I mean, these things grip
like nobody’s business, even when we’re going
around and we’re having fun, but at the same time, if
you’re paying a lot of money, you better get what you want. So, I’m Alex from Fitment Industries. Let us know what you would
like to see covered next. We have some Nitto Neo Gens we can cover, SU1s, just let us know. We’d like to see what you guys think about these video series, but I’m Alex from Fitment Industries, and if you’re looking to get tires, check out fitmentindustries.com and pick yourself up
some Michelin Pilot’s 4Ss because, you know, why not? We’ll see you later, peace. (hiphop music)

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  1. Just got a pair of Super Sport 4s tires for the rear of my 07 911 C4s. It is a great tire that performs and rides noticeably better than the Pilot Sport 2 tires i took off. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for the best summer tires they could get.

  2. I have a recommendation…. what about the best suv/truck tire brands or designs for handling, climbing, etc….(yes, I know its sorta dumb but its something no one really talks about)

  3. So should I run the pilot 4s on my 997 Carrara 4s? Huh? Huh? …. Yeah, I already put them on there like 6 months ago.

  4. I have heard good things about the Firestone Firehawk Indy 500. Just wondering how they stack up against the 4S. I have a set of 4S, but was wondering about the tread life and wet capabilities of the 500. P.S. The 500 are rebranded Bridgestone RE003.

  5. Has anyone ran these back to back against the sport cup 2's?
    Looking for an autocross/extreme back road tire. 275/30r19's on a 450hp Sti. Looking for more lateral grip and not a ton of road noise, r888rs are way too loud

  6. I love my Pilot Sport 4S tires, and I loved the Super Sports I had before. As long as Michelin keeps putting out quality tires they have a loyal customer in me

  7. Can you do a comparison of Bridgestone's summer tires? They sell 3+ models.with about the same description.

  8. Nothing but tires for toys. Not tires for anything competitive. Great tires for daily vehicles. Absolute trash for anything else. You could buy cheaper end toyos for the price if you want the performance

  9. I rock these and would recommend them over anything on the market. stickey-quiet-lifespan-warranty
    Its hard to find something in today's market that stretches your money further.

  10. So, I need all-season tires to use in a region without or very less snow in the winter and temperatures in the Summer that can reach 30 degrees.
    What do you guys advice: Michelin Pilot Sport AS 3 Plus or Michelin CrossClimate?.
    Thanks 😉

  11. hi Alex, as always, great video on PS4S. I have 18" PS4 and they are great. how about a video on Vorsteiner Wheels next. Thanks

  12. Just got a full set on my 2013 Focus ST highly recommend buying these even though they were $1,099 with an alignment

  13. I have a staggered set-up on a 2012 CTS-V and the warranty in this case is limited to 15,000 miles from Michelin. I agree with most of what has been said in the video about the grip, quietness, wet traction and generally being in my opinion the best tire I have had on the V, however cold traction in temperatures below 40 degrees F there is a diminished level of traction. Especially when launching a rear wheel drive 4000lb sedan with near 600hp, though if the car makes 300-400hp it may not be as noticeable.

  14. It looks like you guys took the criticism on your last tire "review" video and made an actual tire review, I like that. Keep up the great work, the videos you guys put out are always filled with good info, the way it should be.

  15. Nice vid. Just replaced my P Zeros with some PS4S’ on a S5. And they’re awesome! Super on dry, grippy when sticky, great on wet, and comfy on normal driving too. Yes, they do cost a bit more, but if they can go the distance, then it’s well worth it instead of having to replace them more often.

  16. Can you please do a review on the Federal 595 rs-rr 🙂 in the market for a grippy summer tire in a 215-225 tire size r17 (40-45) ratio

  17. For those of us in environments that have very low temperatures during the winter, the following caveat from Tire Rack ONLY on the Michelin Super Sport 4S (not the Super Sport):

    Note: Tires exposed to temperatures of 20 degrees F (-7 degrees C) or lower must be permitted to gradually return to temperatures of at least 40 degrees F (5 degrees C) for at least 24 hours before they are flexed in any manner, such as by adjusting inflation pressures, mounting them on wheels or using them to support, roll or drive a vehicle.

    Flexing of the specialized rubber compounds used in Max Performance Summer tires during cold-weather use can result in irreversible compound cracking. Compound cracking is not a warrantable condition because it occurs as the result of improper use or storage, tires exhibiting compound cracking must be replaced.

  18. If you have a car with a LOT of torque and HP like my SL63 (577 hp 657 ft/lb torque), my stock Conti sport contact 5P dont grip that well but ride smoothly without any road noise or transmission of road feel into the car.. After I burned the OEM tires off my rear, I bought the 4S reviewed here and I can honestly say they grip better in acceleration, but there are some road feel and transmission into the car that didnt used to be there…. My conti sports I could light up at 60kph with my traction control off in a down shift NO PROBLEM, and it was a bit scary to do this… but the 4S I cannot light them up nearly as easily. I am going to take my car to the track in the late spring 2019, but have to wait now as winter is approaching and the car is going away next week : ( … I would recommend the 4s for anyone looking for my grip.

  19. Would they be ok with a 20×10 positive 35 on a 2018 Infiniti Q50 red sport? Would that be considered stretching the tire? Or would I be ok

  20. I just bought a set of 4 for my 2013 megane rs coming of the bridgestone re050 and i have to say they make a big difference i can recommend them to anybody

  21. I have these tires on my performance Pack 1 2018 Mustang GT they definitely are the best tires I've ever had I was going to throw some Mickey Thompson's on my 18GT like I had on my last Mustang… let's just say I'll be sticky with the Michelin 4S, now I understand what all the hype is. You get extreme comfort/no road noise with extreme grip.

  22. what exactly does he mean by them not stretching well. They have super flexible sidewalls I thought they would stretch well.

  23. I bought these 2 months ago for my ATS-V to replace the PS2’s the car can with. These don’t handle as good as the PS2’s but!!!! They are super quiet (compared to the PS2’s – obviously), very comfortable – which I feel makes them a little squirrelly around the 11 miles I drive everyday through Mulholland Dr turns- unlike the PS2’s which made it seem like your on rails but they do grip when pushed and especially in the rain which we had our share in Los Angeles. Its really a catch 22- the PS4S give you everything- comfort, low noise, grip, 30K life and great wet control but I miss the surgical handling of the PS2’s. I’m happy with the PS4S’s but do I think I’d like a tire that handles better- YES! If Michelin can makes these PS4S handle like the PS2’s and keep all the PS4S’s awesomeness- that would be an ultimate tire.
    PS- I got 15K out of my PS2’s

  24. What about the Goodyear Eagle Asymetric 5, I know it is better compare Michelin pilot sport 4 with these Goodyear tires, but I think Goodyear are also pretty awesome and for Michelin, Goodyear is a nice competitor. So what do you think, or does anybody from FI tried/had or have Goodyear tires?

  25. can you stretch it 10mm? Meaning, if I have an OEM 235 on my car, I think I want to go with the 225's because the sidewalls are so big and the contact patch is so wide on these pilot sports.. They tend to run Large! Am I not correct about that? I have asked around. Everyone says they are "beefy" or Large. So, I am wondering if just 10mm is acceptable because I dont want a fat tire with a huge sidewall. I just want to keep it like OEM, not increase the size and these tires run large. So dont misunderstand what I am saying. I dont want to reduce the physical size, I want to retain the OEM physical size by cutting down these over-sized tires to a 225 from a 235. That's not a lot.

  26. There's no such thing as "transparent company" in the money making business, you can't say it's an all around tire ( you said it's good on dry, it's good on the rain) and then you when on to say " it is good for a "summer" car and through the video you kept saying "summer tire".
    Lastly, pretty easy to learn all the facts and technical aspects of the tires you juts talk about as you just sounded like you were reading the brochure they have.

  27. Just ordered these for my Focus RS. It came new with Pilot Sport Cup 2s, but not only are they very expensive to replace (when compared to the price of these anyway), but they're not great in the rain. It rains a lot here, and I'm not about to pay double for the occasional advantage in dry weather.

  28. Are those 4s run flats or standard tires I want to get 4 new Michelin tires but it has to be run flats so is these are I'll get them?

  29. Urgent question: Are there Zero Pressure (ZP)/ Run Flat Michelin Pilot Sport 4s ? Yes or No. If no, then what will you do in case if the tire damaged or blow out? my car is not coming with spare tyres that's why i concern about.

  30. My supper sports lasted 1 year in the read average daily driver low speeds ..major inside ware oh my wife is out for Michelin…a argument just ended i got 2 pilot sports 4s for replacement i hope they do better then a year.
    98 528i is what i drive.

  31. Just as a thought: I just mounted the Michelin PS4S on my M2 and they're absolutely incredible. They are so high performance in every way it really blows my mind. However with their absolutely superb traction they kinda took away what I almost loved most about my RWD M car. The muscle car 'ish feeling of having a lively rear end. No joke, the M2 now feels like an A45 AMG. The difference between the factory Continental SC3 and the Michelin is beyond what I could imagine. No question, the Michelin gets 5 Stars from me. They did nothing wrong. I'm just not sure if it's the right tyre to bring me the most smiles on my commute. Is it too good?

  32. I agree with your review but after taking off the Super Sports and fitting the Pilot 4S, Smooth, quiet ride on the + side. On the – side, the car feel 600lbs heavier. So much rooling resistance that I’m stalling the car on take-off. Wet handling is epic. Dry is excellent as well. Overall a good compromise tire.

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