Drink and Drive | VIVA

Drink and Drive | VIVA

How much did you drink, Son? Is this a Drink and Drive test? Yes Sir, please blow once What is this nuisance everyday? We know how much to drink and when to drive… Lucky boy… you just missed with 5%. Go! That is what even I said… Our lives have become a sarcasm for you Okay, just leave… I won’t leave… I won’t! Excuse me, bring that to me… I will blow that too Sir! Buddy, pull over your bike… Sir, I will leave. Jai Hind! Hey, don’t feel shy… come along with me…come Sir… I have never seen a stooge like you Sir, once blow the instrument I didn’t drink! I understand, you didn’t drink… Just blow once See, you only agreed that I didn’t drink… Then why should I? To know that, first blow this See, I landed on this earth before 30 years… You won’t trust me, but you will believe that bloody instrument Sir, someone is speaking logics… Please come Seee… I saw… first blow See, I have a reputation in this society Even though, you have to blow Sir, I told you that I didn’t…. $%^&*( Yuck! Sir, believe me atleast now… I didn’t drink Can you please give me my keys? Hey, blow After seeing his performance, why are you still asking him to blow? Seize his car and take him in custody Sir, this is not the right way to deal a big man in the Society %^&*(@#$ Sir, they are still not believing meee….$%^&*@# Sir! I am your Cute fan! Shall I blow the instrument? – What are you talking? No need, just go
– No, it’s okay… I’ll blow! There is no need sir! Hey 320 move aside the gates… Just a minute, I will do No need sir, put your hand on the steering Now put your other hand on the gear Press the accelerator and go sir I will manage Shit! Good boy… Go Next Stop…stop My Son, blow slowly No need Sir, I brought my own machine… Own machine eh? See, it showed nothing. Bye sir… Will see that later… Where did you buy this, in Chor bazar? No sir, in Amazon! Anyways, what did you drink? Sir, I drank hooooot milk! Hot milk? Then you should compulsorily blow… C’mon! Sir, I won’t even blow my birthday candles Enough…blow (Inhaling) (Exhaling) Milk? Hoooot milk? Boys, take him and make him drink boost! – Come…
– Sir…sir…sir Come now Who stopped you now? Buffaloes? No, police Police ah? Go…go…go… Don’t stop… don’t stop… Don’t stop… don’t stop… (Intensely mocking) (Stamped on stone) (Aiming the bull’s eye From where are you coming from? We are coming from the new movie shoot, Sir! Ya, I remember… What is that dialogue you said in the trailer? “If you deal with me, it’s going to be a very big deal!” eh? Now deal this! Sir, don’t forget that we are Celebrities! Sir, everyone standing there are Celebrities too… They will come in the news tomorrow Sir, I will talk with my director and will arrange for a Police Commissioner role in my movie (Mother of Sarcastic laugh) Now… blow! Why are you chewing like a rat? Blow properly (Relaxing result) Hey 220, seize them! – Dheeru anna… I am a big fan of you!
– Das anna… Can I take one selfie with you please? Stop it sir, stop! Hey, who placed those cones in the middle of the road? Sir, blow it What if I blow? We will tell how much you drank! I did. Now tell me… Hey you, come! Remove the helmet sir! Is it really necessary? Without removing, how can we check the breath anaylser? Hey, why did you come again? Just want to see my cute fan! Okay, go sir Can I test it once? No need sir, please go Just once? No need sir. Hey 320, remove those gates… Please go sir… Are you sure? I am damn sure, please go! Hey 320, open that gate (Feelings Hurt) Sir, please blow it and you can leave Sir, why are you taking so much time? Blow it (Self service) Blow it, sir! Blow it Do you know, who I am? Why? Don’t you know who you are! Oh, do I look funny? I know big people in the Society! Blow it, sir! Wait and see… wait and see Oh, so you are talking about this big man? Come… Next, come quick Hello… I told you to come Sir, there is no one in the car Sir! – We should work hard from now
– Yes, we should be very dedicated – Lets build a big Dam here
– After building this Dam, we will build more beside it
– That makes sense Excuse me, Sir! Where is you driver? – We don’t know
– We don’t know – What if we dig borewells in those dams?
– Super! Then we can supply water till China
– Exactly! Hello engineers… Build your Dams some other day Among you both, who drank the most? I will ask you one more time! Who drank the most, among you both? Very good performance guys… Excellent! Sir, please leave me sir… please sir Blow it, I will leave you Hey what’s going on? He is not listening Sir…sirr.. Please sir… I beg you sir How much did you drink? Sir, I just drank a full bottle of whiskey Whatever you just told was recorded. Now you are gone… Recorded??? If my father sees this, he will kill me sir… Before that you only kill me Nothing will happen, just you have to go to the court! – Court eh? They will hang me? Sir, you kill me instead sir… please sir
– I am there, don’t fear Hey buddy! Your father is watching you live on TV! HE HAS SEEN ME?? Sir, my father will surely kill me sir… It’s better, you kill me instead Hey 660, take him away Brother, you acted very well! I usually fool them like this everyday… But today, he I couldn’t Anyways, do anyone know nearby liquor shops? Sir…sir…my father will kill me sir… You kill me instead sir! Can I use it atleast now? Nothing showed up Even I know that…

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  1. “ drinking is fun”

  2. OMG that Shanta Bai ringtone is all over VIVA videos. Love from a Marathi guy from Telangana Maharashtra border. ?

  3. వస్తు.. వస్తూ.. వేడి పాళ్లు తాగాను sir, అరే 320 తీసుకుని వేలి boast కలుపు.

  4. 2:15 there you guys can see sai dharamtej's car side mirror its day but the show is in night anyway viva team is best and good in making all types of videos

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