Drifting three styles! Slammed, speed and team drift at Sports Land Yamanashi

Drifting three styles! Slammed, speed and team drift at Sports Land Yamanashi

all right we’re here today in Yamanashi Prefecture which is just sort of southwest of Tokyo about two hours Yamanashi is well known for drifting it has a long history of drifting mostly due to all the mountain roads that are in this prefecture we’re at a circuit circuit sports land Yamanashi there’s lots of famous drivers who come from Yamanashi and lots of famous teams like drift ensemble is probably the most famous also for Madi one champion yo Chima Mora is from here as well so what I’m going to show you today is three things first is Ishi eyes Cresta which is probably one of the coolest drift cars in the world second is hopefully I can get some onboard video of yo Chima Mora to see what his style looks like he’s here and he’s a street car today third thing is I know that team Kobayashi is here as well and they’re also a fairly famous team and overdriving really close together so hopefully we’ll get some good footage of all three of those things ah all right this events done but because we’re in Yamanashi we’re going to go to a famous shop all right we’ve come to a place called Bhutan or ki which means a grapevine dude guys are huh whoa this is awesome okay this is one of those Japanese tuning shops that everyone has you know an image off in their head where it’s like old school parts everywhere and this is going to take a while Oh okay so this is the buddha lucky shop actually used to be a cafe you can probably tell by the by the seats but it’s been going for about twenty years now so when all the current you know superstars of drift were like 19 or 20 years old he said that some mr. suzuki he’s the guy who owns the place yeah I’m pretty glad I came and next time I have to pick up one of the window banners actually this time I got some other stickers alright thanks for watching I’ll see you next time here’s a car that just goes to show that the grass is always greener on the other side of the Pacific Ocean you go 1jz engine and left-hand drive this is actually a 240sx so sort of think you’d see in the States

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  1. can you import a toyota cresta jzx100 into australia? i've still never seen any of the jzx tourers apart from a chaser

  2. I was wondering, Do you know similar type rims to the hayashi racing ones in the video? Like the bosozoku type rims. Everything I find is crap and has "JDM" Vintage rims that are not even remotely accurate to the real thing. Then on top of being fake, they have this $4000 price tag (¥400,000).

  3. Alexi, I would like to ask how did you get into Japan? and overall is it easy to live there? I'm from Russia and have plans of moving to Tokyo, is there anything i should be aware of?? please reply, thank you.

  4. i am so jealous, i am in here stuck with people that have stock automatic mustangs that thinks their car is the best because it makes more power.

  5. You can't see anything of this madness in europe, your way of doing motorsports and the cars you drive, they are totally not what's going on here in europe… and the cars you export to the world, There are no 200sxes, 240zs ae86er or skylines.

  6. @noriyaro Love your vids, would you be able to get any footage of high speed Wangan runs? That would be amazing

  7. At this point, I'm about to move to the Japanese mountain side and take my AE92 Trueno with me XD

  8. It took me about two and a half minutes to notice that the cabin view and the outside were picture-in-picture instead of being the same shot.

  9. Surely there becomes a time when spare parts for these iconic JDM machines become impossible to come by? Or do the manufacturers still produce parts for the older models? Excuse my ignorance, just wondered 😩

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