Dragon Boat racing in Hong Kong – Red Bull Dragon Roar 2014

Dragon Boat racing in Hong Kong – Red Bull Dragon Roar 2014

The Dragon Boat Festival started
around 200 B.C. The Chu kingdom’s loyal minister, Qu Yuan,
drowned himself in the river. The act of people racing in boats
to search for his body in the river later became the tradition
of dragon boat races. This year’s Dragon Roar is different
from that of last year. The main differences are the rules along with additional obstacles. Right now, this is an extraordinary
dragon boat obstacle race. It’s important that everyone pays attention
to the rules from the start. We need to use the center of our hands
to paddle the water, use every inch of our body
to push through, be coordinated, deep, and… – need to close your fingers tightly
– Close your fingers tightly – Don’t let the water slip through
– Right, don’t let the water slip through I believe the challenges are more difficult. I realized after looking around there are more competitors. Basically, there are certain difficulties. The biggest concern is our opponent
crashing into us once it starts. That will delay us. In terms of strategy, the most important thing is the paddlers
of the front and the back rows. As long as they can steer us
back to the right direction, we can sail smoothly. I think it’s refreshing and exciting because we’ve never entered
such a competition before, nor have we ever competed
in such a format. So once we learned about this competition, we came all the way from Macau to enrich ourselves. This year’s rules have changed.
It’s more challenging. So it goes like this. You do a circle. Then do another circle, before you go around again, then another circle
before you come back As you do the double 360, the boat will keep generating big waves
along the buoy. The further off course
we will be as we sail. Once you need to
head back onto the right track, there may be a discrepancy. Happy Sea.
First to hit the goal that is Happy Sea. First one to hit the goal. The final winner is… Congratulations to Happy Sea!

10 Replies to “Dragon Boat racing in Hong Kong – Red Bull Dragon Roar 2014”

  1. Wow these are some of the weakest, least coordinated teams I've ever seen. not knocking the obstacle course or the strange change-up in the dynamic of racing, but where are the truly hardcore, competitive teams?

  2. Hi, I'm a paddler with the expat dragon boat team in Singapore. We hope Red bull can bring this fun event here. Annually we have a similar event but in smaller scale organized by one of the expat team. We are supposed to paddle to different areas and do obstacles. 

    we hope Red Bull can bring this event to Singapore and share it with all the dragon boat lovers. You can work with the SDBA (Singapore Dragon Boat Association) and make it a hit for all paddlers :))

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