Dragon Ball FighterZ – XB1/PS4/PC – Gameplay session #1

Dragon Ball FighterZ – XB1/PS4/PC – Gameplay session #1

Eta 12 mmm. HAAAAAAA!! io speravo una diversità. questo sara uno scontro emozionante Pronto? Combatti! (LOTTA) (ATTACCHI RAPIDI) Onda energeti caaaaaa…….!! (LOTTA) (ATTACCHI RAPIDI) ESPLOSIONE FINALE Sconfitta Combatti! (LOTTA) Sconfitto Combatti! (LOTTA) Trasformazione Finale (LOTTA) Sfera letale Raggi letali Lancio meteoriti Onda energeti caaaaaa……!!! (Con Gohan ragazzo) Haaaaaaa!! (LOTTA) Lancio meteoriti Cerchi magiciii…! (LOTTA) Morirai per mano mia! Sfera letale (LOTTA) (ATTACCHI RAPIDI) (LOTTA) Sconfitta Lancio meteoriti Combatti! Sconfitta Combatti! (LOTTA) (TRASFORMAZIONE) 3 Livello (LOTTA) HAAAAAAAA…..!!! K.O Ci vediamo presto! Goku Vince

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  1. Alright I'm ready for this game. Anyone who wants to play my gamer tag is Goku86-as on ps4 and I'm playing when the actual game releases

  2. This game looks flat out horrible idk why everyone is so excited about it being released dbz bt3 looks way better than this shit

  3. Hey I just bought Dragon Ball fighter z from this link it so cheap I got it for $42 dollars here a link https://goo.gl/GyoP1y (PC ONLY)

  4. am i just getting old or r these newer games a bit oversaturated with effects?
    its seems a bit hard to figure out (quickly) for the eyes/brain what to focus on since there is just so much happening on the screen
    or is it just me? lol

  5. Street fighter-esque with combos and cancelling looks very polished .. just not a big fan of DBZ son have to think on this one

  6. apoyen ah este chico ah crecer tiene buen contenido pasen por su canal y Suscríbete

  7. I don’t really like 2d but I also don’t like the way xenoverse has the story mode as a mandatory way to get characters…. you should unlock characters by doing the story mode of what actually happened like the old game…. I’m okay with custom characters it’s a very good idea just maybe what if I just wanna get people and don’t really feel like grinding for my character… ?‍♂️I don’t know, just what I’m thinking

  8. The movement is horrible its just freezeframs. Pretty lame, i see what they're going for but this game will never rival Budokai 3. Nothing has.

  9. Vive budokai tenkaichi et F***k ce gros navet ! encore une fois un jeux bien pourri surfant sur le nom dbz… comme les nouveaux dessins animés d’ailleurs… j’suis deg

  10. Ainda prefiro aquele do PS2 dragonal budokai tekaichin 3 foi e ainda e o melhor.pq agora q os videogame tal mas moderno eles n voltaram com aqle estilo d movimento d 360°?

  11. This game would have been perfect had you had someone with some skill doing controls mainly the blocking portion, the buffer system you used is atrocious and not having 7 and 9 as valid blocking zones was a real dig at FG fans that enjoy a nice control layout, sticks are borderline unusable with lag just due to the fact the seem to register 7 and 9 when you are holding 4 and 6 making blocks fail constantly, great game other than that but just that issue alone has cause me to step out and remove my financial support to your company until it is corrected.

  12. honestly, I'm still love DB Budokai Tenkaichi 3, sorry i cannot enjoy this game, but i hope soon will make a better dragon ball series game.

  13. Ah le jeu vidéo de MarioUn jeu vidéo qui s’appelle Mario énerve


  14. You know what I don’t expect the soundnormally in any games but the sound effects in super smash flash 2 unblocked on Supersmashflash2beta.comare kind of great and the sound looking so realistic in the way it sounded.

  15. Confira essa oferta no magazine LuiSweet: Jogo Dragon Ball Fighterz – Xbox One – Bandai namco

  16. 3 on 3 fight is not true to Sayain nature. Imagine butting in while Vegeta is fighting? Is there a 1v1 option or is it strictly "Marvel vs Capcom" style with all the flashy crap and 3v3?

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