Downhill MTB on Monserrate, Colombia – Red Bull Monserrate Devotees 2012

Downhill MTB on Monserrate, Colombia – Red Bull Monserrate Devotees 2012

We are at the sanctuary of Señor Monserrat, it is a very religious and spiritual place. In order to get up here to the sanctuary you need to climb up 2300 meters. From Bogota up to here it is 3157 meters above sea level. The faith here seems almost palpable. My name is Mauricio Estrada, I am Colombian from Bogota and I have been taking part in Downhill for about thirteen years and I am twenty nine years old. During the physical part, there is an uphill that we have to battle for 150 meters. We also have to note that we are between 3060 and 3100 meters above sea level, that makes it even tougher. The curves are very tight and the bicycles very long. Because of this the maneuvers get really tough. And that’s where technique will make the difference. We know that in the past Red Bull has created races through stairs, but never this long. We think that the length is about 2.2 Kilometers or maybe 2.4 Kilometers, something like that. This record will be in the Guinness world Records Book. The track was truly hard, it required a lot of physical preparation, I would say you would have to be a super athlete. There are few more complicated trails or demanding tracks. The track is pretty difficult, everything is tough.

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  2. No quiero pensar en como sufre las manos con tanto bache, se te carga el antebrazo y fijo que pierdes fuerza y sensibilidad, vaya ''cojones'' tienen 😀

  3. already been uploaded with winners commentary, which makes this a pretty boring video. watch?v=usJcBT4uu6o&feature=relmfu

  4. because almost every one would pop their tire like 1/18th of the way down, plus those bikes just simply couldn't withstand that kind of terrain. It would be extremely dangerous, as a frame could easily split in half, and the rims would bend like crazy.

  5. ok thats coo. I just thought you wer one of those road bikers that hate downhill biking because their to scared to do it, and their dicks to anyone that does anything but road bike. I stand corrected sir.

  6. traduen para los q no saben hablar español pero no hay subtitulos para nosotros los Colombianos…… todo para los demas.

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