Downhill longboarding event in Chile – Red Bull Big Drop

Downhill longboarding event in Chile – Red Bull Big Drop

Hello my name is Diego Alemparte, and I am a Chilean long boarder. We are here in Santiago preparing for the Red Bull Big Drop. I am 28 years old and have been long boarding for 7 to 8 years. This is the most important long board contest that has ever occurred here in Chile and we all want to win, we all want to be on the podium. Here we go for the qualifying time! we’re in first! 43:01 or something like that, but we are first in the Qualifiers. The heats are set, and now all 32 riders are getting ready to drop, there is going to be some good racing coming up. Quarter finals are starting, and now the heats are getting more competitive, but still fun. In the semifinals I had a little problem and my board traveling a bit, oh well, I won’t be competing in the final. My board traveled a bit, but the track was so good and the contest was extremely well run. The Argentinean brothers are riding so fast and now it comes down to the final with the Brazilian riders Okay let’s go and enjoy it from the finish We can make it. It was a very fun event, that was the main objective, I’m very happy to be here and I hope to come back soon to another Red Bull Event.

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  1. weon ningún chileno viendo este vídeo y la wea es de chile xD

    gringo tengo algo para ti … chupame el picooo 😀

  2. How do you stop when going that fast? i think i saw him airbrake and then slide is airbraking really that effective?

  3. Original trucks are meant for carving, not for downhill. And they're just kind of shitty. But he's riding Aera's, I don't know where he saw Original trucks in this video.

  4. ผมและเพื่อนที่เป็นเด็กไทยก็อยากไปเหมื่อนกันน่ะครับ

  5. jajajjaj bueno llegará algún día en q chile esté a la par con otros países en muchas cosas, para no andar con la típica onda chilena de SOY CHILENO WN, CHILE ESTUVO AHÍ, CHILE TB PUEDE WN, etc… la globalización es tal q en muuuuuchos países se practican seriamente varios deportes extremos… sobre todo los de montaña y cerros como el ski, longboard, downhill, XC, siempre se practican en países y ciudades montañosos… Chile tiene muuuuuuuuuucho potencial para practicar deportes. saludos

  6. the biggest danger looks like trying to stop at the finish line! Would you not destroy a set of wheels doing a slide stop at that speed for that long!! Crazy business…

  7. Nah the wheels are surprisingly durable while still slowing you down quickly, as long as you don't slide right on 90 degrees

  8. I made a longboarding video trying to get my friend sponsored, check it out and let me know what you think ! thanks.

  9. and let me guess, you are a redneck american who was forced to live in Chile because you couldnt afford to support your family, bitch

  10. Hey guys, for what it's worth I make the kind of music I like to skate to, and people seem to really like it. Check it out? /watch?v=JAOB9ydVAy4 (sorry to spam! I'm totally broke…)

  11. i wanne ride thad hill just got mij new board original arbiter 36 kt 🙂 its a awsom board!!!!! i suggest it to evry 1

  12. I'm looking for a good cruising longboard, should I bother getting one with a kick tail (specifically a 44 inch Quest) or should I go for a pintail or downhill board?

  13. buen video yo estoy enpezando a practicarlo voy a cumplir 5 meses desde cuando empece se nota q es un deporte bueno

  14. damn thats kinda a sketch finish. they just have cones across the road and its just like "stop right now or get killed in traffic down there".

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