100 Replies to “DOOM Eternal – Hell on Earth Gameplay Reveal Pt. 2| PS4”

  1. Being a PS3 owner, I was really sad when doom released on next gen. But now that I've saved up enough money, I'm gettin' this beast next year!

  2. doom guy was like:
    Well, another normal day in life.

    starts epically brutalising the "mortally challenged"

  3. Doom guy wakes up with a fresh cup of demon blood with a chainsaw running through the spine of his enemies as he sighs and says “this is beautiful” over the screaming of the damned

  4. I don't care what people have said in the past. I am preordering this game. Every trailer I see is better than the last.

  5. I just had an idea or maybe if it exists already, Doom on Steroids, a mode which speeds up the game by 50% and you die from two hits. now try to survive that.

  6. It seems like Bethesduhrr is trying to eliminate the age old Doom question "how do i get over there?" What with the dash and grappling hook on the SSG

  7. I like how this is less a tribute and callback to the original (which was great), and more new ideas and mechanics and its own thing in general.

  8. Man, Bethesda really ruined Doom. I'm surprised it's not an online-only pay-to-skip with loot boxes (yet).

  9. Sometimes I wonder if the doomslayer ever excerts much effort when he decimates every demon in his path.

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