DOOM Eternal – Hell on Earth Gameplay Reveal Pt. 1 | PS4

DOOM Eternal – Hell on Earth Gameplay Reveal Pt. 1 | PS4

[AMBIENT SOUNDS] Please remain calm. You may notice a slight change in the environment. Fear not.
It’s all part of the plan. [MUSIC PLAYING] My brothers and sisters, Let’s help to make our friend’s transition
into their new world a comfortable one.

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  1. You might notice a slight change in the environment.
    Doomguy: Yeah you're right did they started to repair that building to the right?

  2. I can imagine Goblin Slayer calling DOOM on his cell to tell him that he's getting a movie(?), while DOOM replies that he's getting another game.

    …All the while killing their respective targets.

  3. Let me guess… A 25% less of detail, shadows and ao is what we'll finally get… Rigth?

  4. I'm having a very hard time believing this isn't pre-rendered "gameplay".
    I may be wrong, but something feels off.

  5. I miss Doom 3…. These versions are great and all but the horror part is nothing of what I’d even consider to be even close as scary as Doom 3…

  6. This is where it’s at. Call of Duty and most other shooters have took a turn for the worse. Doom is here to fix that.

  7. Console version of these games are garbage because of the aim assist. Look how stiff the motion is too. “Tap Left trigger, right trigger”

    People have no idea how this impacts the experience just fighting the stiff movement in FPS games with controllers.

    PC: Aim, Fire.

    I’m not even a PC gamer. I have a PS4 Pro. It’s horrible to skip these titles because I know the aim and stiff movement is taking so much away from the excitement this game and others offer.

  8. Dark Souls – YOU Locked in a Room With Demons
    DooM – Demons got Locked in a Room with YOU


  9. Eso de que se iluminen de rojo y azul cuando les disparas no me gusta para nada. Pierde verosimilitud.

  10. Seems like apocalypse took place and he’s cleaning up the mess. Mark of the beast on the zombies forehead.


  11. That's Fake … incredible vídeo… but Fake hahaha

    Too perfect to be real, just a video, The char don' t miss any aim. Any shot… always look to The right place

  12. Looks amazing … but how is it different from all the other shooters out there or even older Doom games.

    seems to me that it just is very repetitive

  13. This is how Battlefield and Call of Duty should be on gore and blood but they always have an excuse for not doing it. Hope someone come with a military game like this so real.

  14. Tlc, ya desde el principio aparece una spidercyborg, yo me acuerdo q esa criatura en el Doom original, era el final BOSS. Tlc

  15. So the doom slayer has a shoulder your mounted in the blade on his arm he starting to sound like The predator with guns

  16. What happened to the scary environment? What happened to the scary creatures chasing you with creepy sounds? Here we are just killing statues with heavy metal in the background

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