Dolph Ziggler WWE Contract REVEALED! Ronda Rousey WWE Plans LEAKED?! | WrestleTalk News Feb. 2018

Dolph Ziggler WWE Contract REVEALED! Ronda Rousey WWE Plans LEAKED?! | WrestleTalk News Feb. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis. Happy Ruse-I Mean ‘Valentine’s Day!’ And a belated happy Valentine’s Day. made a fun online poll of the made-up
holiday, asking readers: “Which female Superstar would you want to be your Valentine?” Calm down, SWAFT Nation. This is just a poll, not a competition with
a female wrestler prize at the end. Women’s Revolution, remember. Let’s see who we’ve got here: I don’t
think I’m ready for Asuka, I won’t be able to understand a word Sarah Logan says,
Carmella completely emasculated her last boyfriend – I’ll put her down as a ‘maybe’ – I
like the sound of ‘Other’, and oh… Nia… I kind of forgot you’d be here. How’s things…you, err…you dominating
the women’s division well? I’m doing good, yeah. Real good. Because now we don’t see each other, I’ve
got loads of time to… to… I MISS YOU NIA! I MISS YOUR THEME SON-
I’m going to go for Becky Lynch. She always seems a laugh backstage. Becky came second with 12%, and Raw Women’s
Champion Alexa Bliss topped the poll with 27. WWE’s latest female signee Ronda Rousey
wasn’t featured in the poll – presumably because the company have much bigger plans
for her. Ronda Rousey WWE Plans Leaked? Sports Illustrated are reporting that the
two women’s championship matches currently planned for WrestleMania are Alexa Bliss defending
against Nia Jax (strongly hinting Bliss will retain at the Elimination Chamber), and Charlotte
Flair defending her Smackdown belt against… Raw’s Royal Rumble winner Asuka. That means instead of fighting for a title,
like PWInsider originally reported, Rousey will fight in a mixed tag match against Stephanie
McMahon and Triple H. But who will her tag team partner be? The article notes there are four names currently
in the running: Rock ‘The Dwayne’ Johnson – who is by far the preferred choice, being
the biggest mainstream name and having his WrestleMania 31 angle with Rousey, Stephanie
and Trips as context. But his busy movie schedule and insurance
policies will likely prevent him from competing. Shane McMahon and Kurt Angle are being considered,
given how Triple H turned on both men at Survivor Series – but Shane is currently involved in
a longterm storyline with Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. The other name up for the role is Seth Rollins,
probably because of his history with The Authority, and the fact all his planned Mania feuds have
been scrapped in recent months because of various injuries. Hey, how about the recently resigned Dolph
Ziggler – as it reportedly sounds like he’s getting paid enough. Dolph Ziggler WWE Contract Revealed
Sports Illustrated are claiming Ziggler’s new WWE contract is two years long and worth
“$1.5 million per year”. Contrary to The Locker Room podcast’s claims
earlier this week that Dolph was very close to leaving the company, and that an eleventh
hour big money offer was what made him stay, Justin Barrasso writes “Ziggler was always
planning on re-signing.” Discount Code: ‘WTTV’
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100 Replies to “Dolph Ziggler WWE Contract REVEALED! Ronda Rousey WWE Plans LEAKED?! | WrestleTalk News Feb. 2018”

  1. Rousey will be a bust!!!!….She will look terrible in the ring….maybe even hurt the female superstars in the process….n she will crack/breakdown/cry like a little girl once the BOooooooos start raining in…

  2. Dave Batista should be Rousey's partner plus with being successful in Marvel Studios Batista's fans would really be exited if it were to happen

  3. What a waste of time. I think you are just putting out videos to put out videos. You talked and talked yet said nothing.

  4. sooooooo how is asuka vs charlotte and bliss vs jax gonna work? the match asuka vs winner of EC vs jax(if she can beat asuka at EC, but obviously won't) at mania has already been booked(was announced). how will it change to asuka vs flir? they are on different brands. her opponent has been kinda picked already

  5. Something that's been bothering me…when Kevin Owens turned on Jericho during the festival of friendship episode…we seen Triple H talking to Kevin Owens backstage before that (again on the same episode) Triple H also helped Kevin Owens become Universal Champion…where was the storyline supposed to end up ?

  6. The plans usually change 2 or 3 days before the shows, sometimes even on the day itself. I don't think anything that comes out NOW has any relevance to any show that is more than 2 weeks away.

  7. 3 million dollars for 2 years of being on a show where no one wants you around (but to be nice they say they'd LOVE to see you in the indies?).
    I don't get it.
    Both the resign and why people would love to see Dolph in the indies.

    Note: I'm actually a fan of Dolph in 2018 but that has a lot to do with the fact that I've only picked up wrestling in the last two years after a good 15 year hiatus give or take.

  8. Fuck i dont want asuka on smackdown, i hate her and i love the smackdoens womens division, i dont want to see all of them buried by asuka for the next 2 years

  9. I used to fell bad that Dolph was doomed by the start/stop booking. Guess being a jobber that is highly paid is more important then being a champion and being paid nearly the same somewhere else. Should have Dolph lose to Curt Hawkins so that horrible streak can end already.

  10. I wish I could have Asuka as a Valentine. Damn, I love that face she makes just before the crowd erupts with the chant.."Asuka's gonna Kill you!!"" She can slaughter me any day.

  11. You won't be able to understand a word Sarah Logan says, but you would be able to understand a word Asuka says?

  12. Why not have Ken Shamrock as Rousey's partner? He's of MMA and WWE fame, and would get a big pop upon a surprise return to RAW. Yeah, he's in his '50's. But he's still in good shape, would probably love to have one last go-around with the WWE (and at WrestleMania no less). This tag team match is gimmick anyway since Stephanie McMahon would be HHH's partner. Oh!, and have The Rock guest referee the match.


    Kevin and Sami cost AJ the title and Dolph picks up the win. We get a dream match of Nakamora vs Ziggler at mania. Because of the lost title, AJ enters the Shan vs Brian feud. Shane turns heel by kicking Owens and Zayne I’d SmackDown (they go to RAW) and Brian gets mad. Shane says that Brian must find a competitor to beat AJ at mania or he is no longer GM. Brian makes huge announcement that he will be the one to face AJ. We get AJ Styles vs Danial Brian at wrestlemania and it doesn’t matter who wins because we can just have Brian no longer be GM and just a wrestler.

    Ziggler gets pushed

    Shinske Nakamora vs Dolph Ziggler happens

    Danial Brian returns

    AJ Styles vs Danial Brian

    Pretty sweet

  14. Nia Jax was on WT! Jk.
    You guys should throw us for a loop and instead of saying "That was wrestling", reverse it and ask, "Was that wrestling?"

  15. i have always loved Lillian Garcia. but if i had to pick one WWE superstar for valentines day, it would have to be Sonya DeVille. she is incredibly hot in my eyes, and i will never forget her tearing up upon hearing about the female Royal Rumble, that was special.
    or maybe dana brooks as well.

  16. I would sign up again to the network and buy tickets if Seth is put in that match. His under utilized he should be booked as a bad arse like reigns.

  17. Ziggler has no right to complain then if his push remains the same. He could have still made big money in the indies (cough cough Cody Rhodes). AND get to work less dates.

  18. Why are they overpaying that glorified jobber. They could use that money to sign some actual talent that actually wants to wrestle or how about paying for their damn pyros

  19. Forget these pus-size women haters… I'm picking Nia! None of those dudes could get Alexa, Carmella, or Becky without Bill pills, tape, and rope

  20. I want Nia jax to be my Valentine and for dolph ziggler resigning with WWE for the 100th time
    Hey at least he's not in financial trouble so good for DZ.

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