Dolph Ziggler answers for his anti-Legend crusade against Goldberg at SummerSlam

Dolph Ziggler answers for his anti-Legend crusade against Goldberg at SummerSlam

[MUSIC] Welcome to the Monday Night RAW Reunion
>>What’re you gonna do when the RAW
reunion runs wild on you? Give me a hell yeah.>>Enough, enough,
enough already with these so called legends limping out to the ring,
happy to be there. Just put me out of my misery. I’m happy you’re here Shawn
cuz I used to idolize you. You had a chance to go off into the sunset
as the greatest performer of all time. And what did you do? Every single chance you got you shuffled
back out here and waved to the crowd. It was embarrassing. It was as embarrassing as those
wanna be legends last night. As embarrassing as Goldberg
in a wrestling ring. You were embarrassing.>>What’s more embarrassing to
me is working your whole career, giving it everything you got and still be a known as a second
rate Shawn Michael’s wanna be.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Sigmore going after Michaels and
he hit Miz instead. [MUSIC] A Super Kick to HBK!>>Shawn, you made the biggest mistake of
your life when you put your hands on me. You are living in the past, and
you are looking at the future! Now, on to SummerSlam,
I go one on one with The A Lister. Miz, you wanna go one on one with me and
prove that you’re the best? Well, good luck.>>You know Dolph, you didn’t read
the fine print of that contract. The contract that you just signed for
SummerSlam, isn’t it me versus you? [MUSIC]>>Well Dolph, it’s not me [MUSIC]>>My.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The indomitable Goldberg.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You’re not gonna find any man in any sport more intense than Goldberg.>>He just plastered him.>>Goldberg remains unbeaten.>>The first undefeated man in
the history of this sport to ever win the world championship.>>And Dolph Ziggler wants nothing
to do with Goldberg here tonight.>>Dolph Ziggler, guess what, son,
you’re next, you’re next, you’re next.

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  1. 1:29–1:34.; "You're looking at the future, so, quit looking at/living in the past.".

    A friend of mine sometimes says that to me whenever we talk about players from various teams that we both like that we either saw play growing up, or, played before our time & I mention their name/names if they were in their prime & in the present-day.


  3. Let's go Ziggler!! This match would benefit him winning! goldberg gains nothing from winning but he can give a lot back by losing

  4. Summer slam. Goldberg vs dolph if you blink that match will be over!

    1, 2, 3 ding ding and your winner is… GoldBerg!!

  5. Maybe dolph is doing this because he knows that he will never be a legend himself. That's why he has to copy moves and attire from hbk. He is so useless I don't even know why he is still there. Even daniel bryan who I never liked, I can appreciate his role in the company. But dolph is just the same thing every time.

  6. That contract would never hold up in court. Ziggler should have a motion to stay, cancel the match, then let the courts decide, which could take a year. By that time, the storyline would get stale, Goldberg would be too old and they’d finally just scrap the match.

  7. Goldberg: Who's next?
    Ziggler: It should have been me
    Goldberg: so you think that you should be next,get ready son cause you are next!

  8. Anyone noticed that after super kicking Michael's they now call Dolph's super kick Sweet Chin Music? So after beating Michael's Dolph's move evolved into its ultimate form 😂😂😂

  9. Dolph – It should have been me
    Goldberg – OK then you are next
    Match starts
    Spear, jackhammer 123
    Here is your winner GOLDBERG

  10. Anti legend? I haven't watched WWE in forever but don't tell me they're going to do the same thing as Randy Orton (legend killer)

  11. Love watching this video Miz is like you should of read the contract cause it's not me your flighting then Shawn well Dolph it's not me then Dolph's face in confusion then gold Berg theme da Na and then continue on from that

  12. Now we can see Goldberg like in his prime because Ziggler is very good (better wresler than Undertaker)and LIGHTER than Undertaker so easier to lift for Goldberg! Undertaker is over but Goldberg is still in great shape.

  13. Dolph Ziggler looks in shock because he's like oh no. I'm going to have to carry him like the Undertaker. He's going to split his head open. And get another concussion😆.

  14. Goldberg sucks. He sucked when he was young, and he sucks more now that's he's old. Just hype. He's gonna injury more wrestlers.

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