Doctor Who – The Edge of Time – Gameplay Trailer | PS VR

Doctor Who – The Edge of Time – Gameplay Trailer |  PS VR

Sorry to interrupt.
Do me a favor, would you? Plunk this old
radio on the workbench. I can get through to you
easier if its out in the open. Thanks. Look, that door won’t hold
the hydraulics for long. We’ve got to get you out
of there as fast as we can. So you’ve got to knock
up a nifty little device. Are you thinking
what I’m thinking? Give it a good Sonic. That should get it down. Lovely. Now plunk it on the
workbench next to this radio. Hop to it then. Find those items and put
them on the workbench. Top stuff. Go you. Sonic the car bonnet. That might open it so you can
see if there’s anything in there that could help. You’ve just got to
get one more item now. A battery! Result. Put that car
battery on the workbench. Right. Use the Sonic on them. That’s it. Signal of maximum power. Oh, you are gonna love this bit. Something’s happening. Not good. Very not good. I’m losing my visuals on
you and my connection. I’m losing — [DALEK VOICE] Sensors
indicate Gallifreyan technology. It is the TARDIS! It is the Doctor’s TARDIS! It must be acquired! I haven’t got a clue
what’s going on with you. Still no visuals. But I can see the
transmitter needs a boost. Powering it up with the Sonic. Need to transmit that signal. [DALEK VOICE] Exterminate! If the TARDIS is there,
what are you waiting for?

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  1. I know it's not the final version… but the audio is weird? Like if Jodie is talking through a radio than why does it sound clear like she's next to you? And uh… the really awkward abrupt breaking in her speaking when the Dalek's are messing with the connection. Why not just actually let her speak whole sentences and mess with it in software, making it sound like actual interference instead of just breaking mid-sentence?

  2. This gameplay is so cool and who thinks that they should add hologram time traveler to the ps4 like they did with dragons lair

  3. Playstation: "Let's make a Doctor Who VR Game"
    Fans: Screaming
    Also Playstation: "Based around the Thirteenth Doctor."
    Fan Wallets: Closed

  4. Random question that doesn’t relate to this game, but I’m hype for this game. Which name looks cooler for psn kxlIr or Nalgauze?

  5. My only problem is doctor number 13, BUT I'm still interested. Hopefully you can show some other doctors too….

  6. is it just me or do VR games always feel really short? Like minigames.
    All I want is VRchat for PSVR. I know it'll never happen but I need it. RecRoom just isn't the same.

  7. Can’t we get these types of games with VR as just an option? I can’t afford VR yet but still want to play these games.

  8. Aw… I was hoping for Capaldi. He would've been nothing but abusive but so much funnier and so much more fun.

  9. Was looking forward to this, but literally hearing the doctor give so much false praise gives me false hope

  10. any other Doctor would have been better. ugh. Whitaker is just not the Doctor. sorry. If you're going to do a Doctor Who game please just go all out. Have all the Doctors who are still alive reprise their roles.

  11. Pass. The more VR content the better, and I try to support VR games as much as possible, but I find Doctor Who way too insufferable.

  12. If the game allows you to choose which doctor you can play as, everyone will most likely pick david tenant ( the 11th doctor i think…)

  13. why jodie whittaker tho? didnt viewing numbers take a nose dive while she was the doctor? is she still the doctor? this should be a 'choose your own doctor/story' kind of thing. either way this was so disappointing

  14. This must have been running on Nintendo's VirtualBoy… Everything is so… Red in Red… Ohm!! What we're they thinking ?!????

  15. I wonder when the "gameplay" starts. All I see is putting item 1 on top of item 2 and that seems to be like an IKEA manual.

  16. Really wish the Doctor was voiced by Tennant or Tom Baker. Ah well. Can't wait to walk into the TARDIS in VR and pull the same face all the companions do.

  17. Why does it have to be jodie (not that there ia anything wrong with her)
    Why cant it be a better known doctor or better yet have doctor add ons

  18. Not hopping back on the PSVR till you put sensors on the headset and make controllers with analog sticks. Till then, I’ll be playing my Oculus Rift S

  19. I was really hoping for Matt Smith, I also need to see more before I get excited barley anything was shown.

  20. Why look the sonicscrewdriver like a sextoy?????? I would buy a doctoe who game but not with this women as doctor, she is terrible in this role

  21. This and the Star Trek VR get me excited with a sharp downward spiral. I think VR will make it someday, unless the people who can change it dont get the chance and we are stuck with this.

  22. Another game which makes me very happy and very sad at the same time. We will still be covering this on our channel as soon as we can. Fingers crossed there's more gameplay trailers to come of 'the rest'

  23. I don’t get why people are giving this game so much hate because it has the 13th doctor, Jodie is the current doctor so obviously there gonna use her for the game

  24. The poor choose in sound design baffles me. The Doctor and The Daleks sound like they are right there in your head rather than any other location

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