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  1. Serena Williams is basically a man with female genitalia. I'm sure her testosterone levels are just as high as these trans-athletes. Is that fair?

  2. Hudson Taylor saying separating TG isn’t fair?? Ummm they absolutely should be put in a group of their own cause their TG. Males vs Males Females vs Females TG vs TG, and if aliens come to earth the Aliens vs Aliens Or should we allow Aliens to compete with TG’s, the Aliens will always win with their super cyber kinetic skills.

  3. As transgender I totally agree with her , if you didn’t take hormones before puberty you are gonna have more advantages than a biological female it’s not fair

  4. This is what the Democrats ideology is doing to the country just to get VOTES!! Everything Dems touch goes to hell !!!

  5. Exactly, how dumb are you people? Common sense says it does affect their ability. I have a trans adult child. Even she acknowledges this is asinine.

  6. Go to any other post about transgender Athletes and you wont see more likes then dislikes. this is bulshit!

  7. Going to try out for the women’s wrestling team and be #1. Even looking to take a scholarship away from a well deserved woman

  8. So, since I'm black and am tired of living as such, can I "transition" to be a white person??? Nature's laws are in place for a VERY SPECIFIC REASON!!! You CANNOT be something else because of convenience!!!

  9. If you weren't born a female you should not be in female sports. This should not be a controversial opinion but unfortunately that's where we are in society

  10. All humans are different with varying levels of hormones, money for extra training, genetics, family support, life chances, and so on…so it’s not ever an “equal playing field”. The goal is to get to a place where the playing field is equitable as possible. And that’s hugely challenging in the case of sports. There is validity to both “sides” of the argument. If I were a biological female in high school competing against a biological male who identifies as female, I would be pissed. I mean, that could cost me a scholarship to college or even entry into professional sports (assuming I was really good to being with). If I were a biological male in high school who identified as female and had started, but had not completed physical transition, I would be pissed if I had to compete against biological males. I’d be at a disadvantage and could also lose out on the opportunity for scholarships or entry into professional sports. And also, when I think back to my own high school days on the track team, the fastest women had always seemed to be naturally slender, tall, and with more defined muscles since our childhoods, before anyone was training for anything. (I went to a small school in a small community where almost everyone went to school together from K-12.) so…just biology? The variances of biological differences between humans? I have absolutely no idea on how to solve this so everyone feels that the situation is equitable.

  11. is that even a real question? of course they do, they are men. if this is equality issue, then how come men who identify as men can't participate in women's competition as well? do we even need separate league for women in sports?

    I really, really hope that there's some karma for ruining the female sports with this abomination.

  12. I wonder if the next step will be age association. Hi I am 15, but I feel like I am 12 inside. I'd like to join your little league team. Let's see if that gets any push back.

  13. Cheaters Cheaters Pumpkin Eaters! If these beings were born male they should be competing with males. They might have whacked their penises off and grown breasts but they were born male and competing against females who were born females gives them an unfair advantage. If anything they should have a separate category of competition for transgendered people. If not, have those born male compete with males and those born female compete with females.


  15. "Do transgender athletes have an unfair advantage?" How messed up is it that this even a question in todays day and age, where mentally weak or unstable people are given special privileges and are able to wreak havoc on society. There is a very obvious attempt by some rich people with power who have some devilish plans to send us back to the Stone Age, you don't see any respected Scientists or Doctors speaking out and up backing any of these Crazy ideas.

  16. A man that decides hes a “woman” will always have an unfair advantage against a real woman in any competition

  17. Facts .. As a TG myself and of mature age, i am in the Top 10 % of my field in my sport. Note. i believe that a TG needs to have undergone GRS [ reassignment surgery ] before competing for a min of 1 yr [ which they'd need any way to heal up properly before being able to play a sport effectively] Rule 2: regular testing of testosterone levels and estrogen to satisfy cis-gender competitors to negate the premise of that advantage. There is no T advantage in this case and the strength they i had and any sporting advantage are and would be severely diminished back to a reasonable playing field. in my best year training 10-12 times a week for upto 1.5 hr each session i still only ever reached 89 th in the world. FACT. currently and in all the other 5 yrs competing my next best was 214 th in the world out of approx 3000 competitors. yes i have strength but nothing like i had in my 20 's id say itsa 30 % reduction . but fitness is not measured by strength alone these also need to be taken into account, Cardio vascular/ respiratory endurance, stamina, flexibility, speed, accuracy, power, co-ordination, agility , balance. We all have strengths and weaknesses in different areas. I put my money on my programming and the effort i bring to the sport body mind and soul. My TG status has no relevance whatsoever. or else i should be No 1 and dominating .. not so not even close. i have also tried olympic weightlifting and there are cis-gender woman who smashed me right out of the field. go figure . so the facts stand for them selves. and I am above average in the one [ strength ] element. size and weight are not an advantage in gymnastics as you have to carry that weight , lift that body weight so you have to have a body weight to strength ratio to be able to achieve at a top elite level anyway. MMA or boxing are weight classed, weightlifting is weight and age classed. name me a sport where a TG woul naturally excel with out the pre-requisite training and fitness elements for that sport and i could debate your argument.

  18. in the case above its very low level sport but i still think "COMPETING' where there is reward or award at stake a TG needs to have undergone GRS for min 1 year. to preclude the T advantage. this would take them past puberty based on the rules for allowing young folk the OP .

  19. Answer: yes, they do. I feel bad for the real, true females that have to contend with these guys and lose everytime. I would love to see a female wrestler take down a trans-woman and defeating him (yeah, dammit, I said him).

  20. Well.. we have women's sports, mens sports, why not transgender sports? I'll tell you why they're not advocating for this.. because they know they have an unfair advantage. Its ridiculous. If you are a woman and competing against transgender women who are men…dont compete. When theres noone in the race except them…maybe things will change. Join a team not invaded by this lunacy. Trust me…once they get the scholarship they're after they probably wont be women anymore.

  21. “Every policy that segregates trans people into a separate category, is not equal.”

    Yeah we know, because we’re not equal. On a human to human level, of course we are. But on a BIOLOGICAL level we absolutely aren’t.
    How can it possibly be fair for women, who typically have a smaller lung capacity, shorter limbs, different bone density, bigger hips (relevant for biking), and more, to compete with male bodies. Trans women are women in my eyes, but that doesn’t mean we can overlook their biological factors, just to protect their feelings and self identity.
    Life isn’t fair. I’m not saying that means we should all go rabid, and be terrible, marginalizing human beings. What I’m saying is JUST realistic. There is no argument.
    A trans woman is (hypothetically) a female brain inside a male body. The ? male ? body ? factor ? doesn’t ? vanish ? because ? you ? think ? and ? feel ? like ? a ? woman ?! It’s still a VERY REAL THING!
    This is just common sense.

  22. Heck yeah!!! The Williams brothers should give back all the money they got and all of their trophies and awards should be recalled because of the gigantic fraud they have perpetrated in women's tennis!

  23. Sadly this won’t end until it starts destroying the olympics. Omg imagine the poor bookies taking bets on this? Ok I have a few hundred thousand dollar bets on the trans kids, and not one bet on the girls.

  24. 02:00 This guy probably hate woman, he's defending that some guys can freely enter a girl contest and take advantage of it.

  25. A boy gets bullied at school and school does nothing about it. boy shoots up school so boy must have mental problems. Now a boy dresses like a girl and joins girls sports and breaks records. Whose the one with mental problems smh

  26. Women should protest by not competing in competitions that allow men in them. It’s what we have to do until we’re heard

  27. Men don't belong in Women's Sports. Neither do women belong in Men's Sports.
    These boys should NOT be in Women's Sports, period. Not fair, at all. Thumbs down.
    Trans people need to compete against 'their own'.

  28. Women need to Strike and just say no more ! STRIKE STRIKE STRIKE ! And don’t by Nike ! If no one runs they will listen TO WOMEN !

  29. I haven't seen a Trans Man competing with Men in professional sports or the Olympics, why is that…..maybe they can not compete at that level? Doesn't take rocket science to figure that one out.

  30. Know what? If I was one of the girls, I'd round up all the other competing REAL girls after the race, exclude those transgender clowns, and set up our own podium to celebrate the REAL result.

  31. Why do people keep asking this as a question. It’s not a question dumb fucks. Change your video title to a statement.

  32. If biological young ladies refuse to participate in high school athletes due too the merger of transgenders , schools will lose a lot of money. You dont have to win state medals to earn a scholarship. If your time is Olympic , scholarships will be thier if your not on a high school track team.

  33. I have decided to identify as a male transgender down's syndrome person and I am going to be in the special Olympics and kick some special girl BUTT!

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