DIY 7″ Sim Racing Dashboard + Z1 Dashboard [Ready V1.0]

DIY 7″ Sim Racing Dashboard + Z1 Dashboard  [Ready V1.0]

Hello to a new video on my YouTube channel Today is about my DIY Sim Racing Dashboard which I have planned and milled the last few months And today it is finally finished I had used it a few times in the last few weeks There was already a first video in which I talked about the 7 inch display. I link the video in the video description You can also look at it This is my second video and also the last video because the dashboard is finished now This is the back of the case Made of aluminum and painted matt black Very light. And specially planned for my simulator and this display I’ll say a little bit about that now These two slots are to screw it to the simulator Adjustable height. Depending on how you want to fix it later If you later may have another wheel base with other hole distances then you can reorient yourself Here we have 2 threads These are to be screwed on the display That fits in later exactly as pure Then we have four threads here That’s M4 To screw on the front These are M3, these are for the display Then we have that If we insert the display so we see that this surface rests right here Here we have the same distance as below You see, if you bring it out Here it is a little higher Has the same height as here If we insert it here it’s right on it. And is pressed from up here And it has the following purpose Before, there were two tabs up here where you could screw it on That was a bit too high for me The display would then be 10 millimeters higher and would protrude above the steering wheel and I did not like that, and I did it that way If you attach the front part later and so screwed It is then pressed by placing moss rubber here Serves as a dance holder Then it is placed here in between and is pressed down The sponge rubber is of course a bit thicker than the distance So that the display sits very stable Then we come to the part behind it This is a small adapter that I made I’ll explain briefly why an adapter It is very hard to screw the case to the wheel base when the display is screwed into the housing Then I have to disassemble everything To remove the entire display from the wheelbase For example, if I make kart videos, I do not use the display would just look stupid and that’s why I thought about an adapter This is the part that is screwed to the display This is the part that is screwed to the wheelbase He sits like that From here it is screwed on the wheel base Then it is screwed together like that then it is very tight and you can unscrew it at will You do not have to disassemble the entire display Of course it is not good for the thread if they are constantly screwed on of course wears everything The small parts can be quickly redone The display case takes a little longer then of course we have a cut out here as well for USB and HDMI USB for power supply and HDMI for image transfer Then we build it together now Two M3 screws to fix the display if you like the display you can also ask me to the measure. I’ll give it to you Just write on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or my website Then I like to give you the measurements If you want to make such a display too Now it is fixed Sits very well But rather once more attached Therefore, make the sponge clean up here You can see it is a bit higher If we do the front part now it will be pushed down here So that the vibrations no longer slip and nothing breaks Then we screw it here again There are now four screws coming in The display is now screwed This is how it looks now Now it can be mounted here Then we go to the simulator now there you go Now we are on the simulator Now we attach the display right here at these two threads First, however, the adapter is attached Then we take the adapter first screw second screw Then we take the display There we have the adapter here at the back Here we have 2 through holes with the diameter of 4.2 millimeters Now the screw is pushed through and turned into this thread put on it Screw in and screw together If I want to take the display off I do not have to completely disassemble it Do I have to solve only these two screws of the adapter and maybe the two at the wheel base It all goes much faster if you want to do kart videos or would like to drive with old cars in combination with old cars, the display does not look so good The display is now mounted Then we could connect it to the pc First the power supply via usb The PC has recognized it Then the HDMI And the display is connected Can now be used directly, the pc is already set correctly Then we go into the cockpit perspective and test it Now we are here in the cockpit perspective then we start the Z1 dashboard That’s how it looks pull it still big Then the steering wheel will turn on And then we start iRacing hereby we will test it now with the Porsche 911 GT3 CUP on the Nürburgring Immediately you can see how the display changes to the correct display If he has recognized the simulation and the car Here you can see different dates, racetrack and everything you need Here we can change the different ads Of course only these, which one has also occupied you can adjust everything in the menu as you want it There are fixed layouts Here we have quite exciting the pit speed If we are too fast, everything will turn red I do not believe that we will take it to this distance, so we go back a little Then we turn back to the correct display and drive a bit I think it is synonymous with iRacing very well done it has already the display from the original cars saves you from setting the layouts Works my knowledge but only with iRacing Then we can change the ads during the ride Here, for example, the distance view of the track There you can see where the drivers are one should be able to multitask😂 Then we have an ad with different data that you could use during the race momnetane time, delta here the last round, the best round round, position, still to be driven time How many boxing stops did you have petrol, etc. you can read everything here Here we have the G forces the tires on the right site Here is an indication, here you can see if you have adjusted the brake balance I can show you now By the way, this is on all ads There you get a short feedback what you have just set Is very helpful during the race Since you have to adjust the brake balance from time to time during the race when the tires wear out I drive another lap now if you still have questions or suggestions to display you can just post them in the comments Then I say goodbye Until next time✌

22 Replies to “DIY 7″ Sim Racing Dashboard + Z1 Dashboard [Ready V1.0]”

  1. Hallo zusammen ich bin neu im SIM Racing und froh das es einen deutschen kanal gibt. Wärst du vielleicht so nett und könntest mal in Project cars 2 in Setup gehen und jeden Punkt schnell und einfach erklären was die Einstellungen bewirken? Wäre super froh viele Fragen nach so einem guide bloss keiner macht es in deutsch

  2. sehr nice… muss auch mal meine Pläne in Bezug auf Cockpitbau weiter umsetzen, aber momentan zickt die oberste Instanz noch ein wenig rum… 😀

  3. sieht nicht gut aus, sondern es sieht meega gut aus!!! Zeigt das dashboard auch die äussere, mittlere und innere Reifentemperaturen an?

  4. Top Video!
    Die layouts des z1 Dashboards sind vom Entwickler… macht die original Dashboards der Fahrzeuge,hauptsächlich für iracing,
    deswegen hat man bei den anderen Sims meist nicht die original Dashboards

  5. It's a nice video !!
    Is 7inch just right for FANATEC 330mm rim?
    I'm using 320mm Aftermarket steering for universalhub
    I'm using nexus 7, but I feel that it is a little big ;-P

  6. Hi…., Can you explain where I can source both the 7" monitor/screen that you're using in this video and the dimensions for the dash casing that you've displayed above. Thanks for bringing this build to our attention. Hardware of this sort is greatly needed within the SIM Racing community, A "DIY" option of this sort is long overdue. 😉

  7. wie funktioniert denn das Display per HDMI am PC? hast du zwei Grafikkarte oder wie geht das? alle Monitore und Display an einer Grafikkarte? dachte das VR 2.0 schon auf dem Markt ist und so ein Display überflüssug ist aber nix ….. also finde ich Lösung doch noch interessant

  8. wie häufig kommen da Updates beim Z1? 2$ pro Monat sind ein wenig happig. Hier 2$ da zwei $. Crewchief macht es richtig, wenn die Software was taugt spende ich auch gerne mehrmals 🙂

  9. Hi,

    Can you change / control brightness the screen? So it can be adjusted for light conditions in the room?

    Could you post your cad files for the enclosure or could you mill one for me, for the price? Could I use the cad files to print a 3d version of your aluminium one?

    Many thanks

  10. Super Teil haste dir da gebaut, Klasse! Mich würde interessieren wie du die Anzeigen durchschaltest? Kannst du den Drehregler der Buttonbox in der Z1 Software dafür belegen?

  11. Hi
    Sehr gute Arbeit, vor allem das Gehäuse
    Mal sehen wie man das nachbauen kann ohne metalbauer zu sein.
    Hätte aber noch eine Frage zu den Bildschirmen, was sind das für welche u d wie groß?
    Der rechte ist immer dunkler als die anderen ist das Absicht

    Danke bis dann mach weiter so

  12. HI , a question please why you don't use ingame car dashboard and why do you use another dashboard MORE CLEAR probably or more immersive
    thanks for your answer
    Great job again for all your video stunning job

  13. Can you please share more detail on the frame and mount? How did you get it and do you have some 3d files? Thank you very much in advance

  14. Muss man Zuhause im Rennanzug sitzen wenn man ein bisschen am Simulator sitzt Handschuhe kann ich ja noch verstehen mache ich auch aber doch keinen Overall

  15. Ive subscribed to your channel like 4 times now and seems like youtube is taking aubscribers off I have to click subscribe esch time I come to a video lol youtube has been doing some fishy stuff lately it seems but this video is awesome

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