Diving vs. Weighlifting Can Lü Xiaojun & Chen Aisen Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

Diving vs. Weighlifting Can Lü Xiaojun & Chen Aisen Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

ice cool but on fire. Lovely diving. Sensational. The double World Champion,
the king of the platform. (WEIGHTLIFTING) That was spectacular. He has smashed that. That is what champions do. (WEIGHTLIFTING/DIVING) (DIVING/WEIGHTLIFTING) Today we’re
at our diving pool. There’s our towers,
there’s our boards. Let’s have a bit of fun. That’s our jumping tower. Do you want to take a look? It looks really high! It’s actually my first
experience of real diving. I really need your help! (IN ATHENS 1896 WEIGHTLIFTING
WAS A TRACK AND FIELD EVENT) What do you think about our
weightlifting gym? I think this place is stunning. Now you’re here,
I’ll train your muscles. I teach you some
weightlifting techniques. OK, but I think I’m too skinny. Don’t worry,
we’ll have some fun. Once you have
built up some muscle mass, you will get addicted. I think so too. Let’s get changed. (THE INITIATION) This is our 10 metre tower. I’m a little bit nervous. I don’t want to jump! You think it’s going to be OK, but when you’re up here
it’s really scary. Why don’t you give it a go? OK, I’ll give it a go. (WILL HE? WON’T HE?) I can’t bear to look! I just can’t look. (LEVEL=BEGINNER) I will teach him the techniques
to help him lift more weight but a bit more muscle,
that would be a help! As a diver you build up
specific muscle groups, in your thighs and shoulders. We do a lot of squats,
but heavy lifting we do rarely. (LEVEL=BEGINNER) I think mental state
is very important. If I am no longer afraid
of the height or difficulty I believe I can do it. It’s really exciting. We were all afraid
when we started. But when you practise
for a long time, even the 10 metre platform
doesn’t seem so scary. (THE BASICS) (INDOOR TRAINING) It’s very important
as many dives are fine tuned away from the water. (50% OF A DIVER’S TRAINING
TAKES PLACE ON DRY LAND) So let’s start with
something simple like this. Do not move your hands,
just jump up and down. (TIMING) Focus your power
on your lower body. Yes, yes your lower body. Now let’s try
the springboard. It’s harder than the platform
because it’s smaller, thinner and it requires
superior balance. Try it for yourself. It requires bigger lung
capacity than weightlifting. I don’t know how they
do it for a whole morning! We will start with
the deadlift. In weightlifting we focus
a lot on strength in the legs and the lower back. (CLEAN & JERK) This is the technique
for the clean and jerk. Tense your core. Open up a bit,
chest out, waist in. Move the bar up
your legs as you move up. That is correct. Use a bit of force
as you flip it up. – Push it up like this?
– Yes, that’s right. That’s it. Take a photo! – Take a picture!
– Take a picture! It’s not as easy as it
looks on television! Technically it is
quite difficult and I have a lot to learn. First thing, raise your
hands and ankles up. When you squat down
raise up your hands. Yes! That’s a take-off. Well done! Now you can try it backwards. It’s exactly the same,
just backwards. Yes, you are very good. We use this
piece of apparatus the most. Try this, it’s simple. You get in this position
then you jump off. Move forward with your hands. You are doing it correctly. I really enjoyed it,
it’s relaxing. When I jump high in the air,
it’s really amazing! (THE CHALLENGE) (TO EXECUTE) (A CLEAN & JERK LIFT) We have added 4kg in total. It’ll look better! – OK, I’ll try.
– Go for it! It’s tiring, isn’t it? Try lifting it. Good! OK, you can drop it now. His performance
was extremely good, considering he is a beginner. His clean and jerk positions
are comparatively decent. I think weightlifting
is a very interesting sport. The most beneficial
technique for me was the first pull
in the deadlift. I think it is beneficial
even for divers like me. It trains your leg muscles
and builds explosive strength. (TO PERFORM) (A FORWARD DIVE HEAD FIRST) Ready. Get set. Come on, you can do this. Ready. Get set. – Like this?
– Yes! – Tighten my abdomen?
– Yes, good. He has done brilliantly today. He was a beginner this morning
and now he can dive. From the basic
one metre platform. If I retire from weightlifting I will choose diving
as a hobby. I found it very
exciting and challenging. It’s good fun! (SPORTS SWAP)

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  1. Loved it! So great how positive they were towards each other, both elite in their respective sports and so uplifting. What a cool concept for a show. It also helps beginners in both sports learn the technique better.

  2. Do a fencing vs rowing switch. The two sports are really kind of opposites, and I say this from the perspective of some who proficient in both if could say so myself.

  3. Hallmark of mastery is to make extremely difficult skill look easy. As they've shown that even though both are extremely athletically gifted, what they make look easy still is very hard for the beginners.

  4. Locking arms out when you’re double jointed is a bad idea lol but there is no point in criticizing them for something they don’t do

  5. What's with the swelling on Liu's left side? Is it some kind of impact caused injury from dropping a weight or even just repeated impact from cleaning, or just a boil? If it's the latter, why do they leave it there? It seems to be in a really important position.

  6. The diver doing dead lifts with a PVC pipe reminded me of that episode of Spongebob where he did dead lifts with stuffed animals

  7. I came to see what an elite athlete in a sport that uses jumping power could clean and jerk without weightlifting training. 24kg is not the correct answer. I once got a 65kg kickboxer to snatch 43kg with decent beginner form in my backyard!

  8. @3:17 the direct translation is "I can't look, my legs feel soft (like jelly)"

    I just found that wording funny from Lu, who has giant quads

  9. Should have been done with a springboard diver. Springboard takes more power, similar to weight lifting.

  10. Die beiden sind einfach Sportler die zusammen trainieren und sich trotzdem siezen 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  11. I think a gymnast could probably do both really well! I've heard of lots of retired gymnasts transitioning into both sports

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