Disability Gymnastics – a sport for everyone

Disability Gymnastics – a sport for everyone

ALEX: I’m Alex Clifford, a Disability
Gymnast. A Disability Gymnastics programme has been
in place at British Gymnastics since 1985. The sport used to be known as ‘GMPD’ and it has now been changed to ‘Disability Gymnastics’ We’re going to show you some of the benefits
and how you can get involved in this fantastic sport. So now it’s over to some other people who
are involved in Disability Gymnastics to find out more. KAY: It used to be Gymnastics and Movement
for People with Disabilities Which nobody ever understood and kept asking “What does
‘GMPD’ mean?” PAUL: You always have to explain what ‘GMPD’
means. When you say ‘Disability Gymnastics’ Disability Gymnastics speaks for itself ALEX: What are the aims and ethos of Disability
Gymnastics? KAY: Disability Gymnastics covers all ages. We are ‘Pan Disability’ which means we take
learning disability, physical sensory impairment it is available to everybody, irrespective
of their disability. PAUL: There is no barriers. Whether you’re in a wheelchair or whether
you’re fully ambulant, there’s something you can do within Gymnastics and Trampolining. It’s our job as coaches to find that ability
and get the best out of them. ALEX: Disability Gymnastics is a sport
that can be accessed from a range of different levels. I love being part of this sport. Now lets find out what Disability Gymnastics
is for. Hannah: It has helped me with my confidence
and my balancing, my coordination, making new friends. Enjoying every moment of it. DANIEL: Well I first got it involved because
I couldn’t really do anything else because of my arms. Someone sugggested I should go to trampoline
class once a week. It’s just fun, I love doing it. KAY: Achievment is very important for everybody. A person who thinks they can’t do anything,
they must feel very worried and you work with them over a period of weeks,
over a period of months and then suddenly they achieve something. I always use the scenario of a forward roll. In a mainstream gym club, a forward roll is
probably the first move they ever learn. Whereas, in a Disability environment, getting
them to do a forward roll could take up to 6, 9, 12 months. The sense of achievment when they get it just
has to be seen to be believed. That applies for the parents aswell because they perhaps
think that sometimes their child is never going to achieve something like that and it’s important that they understand we
can do so much to help them. HANNAH: I started off really shy and really
quiet and eventually once I’ve got to know people
I become more confident in my own self. KATIE: After a while I got out of my shell
and just started enjoying things. At the end it makes me feel really proud and
happy that I achieved something like that. ALEX: We need to enable all Gymnasts to
focus on what they can achive not what they can’t achieve. So now what opportunities do exist in Disability
Gymnastics? KAY: Disabled Gymnasts can become involved
in all the disciplines offered by British Gymnastics. Disability pathways can be found in Acrobatic,
Team Gym, Men’s Artistic, Women’s Artistic, Trampoline and Rhythmic. Displays take place all over the country. A lot of displays available in Gym Fusion,
National Gym Fusion and Regional Gym Fusions there is also the Gym For Life and Gymnastrada’s. All those are open to Gymnasts with a disabilty. ALEX: Disability Gymnastics is really a
discipline that’s inclusive for everyone. It can offer a wide range of oppertunities
for people who can’t fit in a mainstream Gymnastics environment. To find out more information on Disability
Gymnastics head to the British Gymnastics website. You can also use British Gymnastics club finder
on our website to find the nearest Disability Gymnastics club to you.

27 Replies to “Disability Gymnastics – a sport for everyone”

  1. I love doindg disability gymnastics!! Its an amazing sport and its brilliant we have that opportunity 🙂 xxx #from a visually impaired WAG gymnast whos looking forward to nationals!!xxx

  2. We look forward to seeing you there! We'll be covering the Disability Gymnastics national championships later in the year!

  3. Great video, pleased that the GMPD title has gone! Wonderful to see so many familiar faces filmed to promote a fantastic sport that helps posture and co-ordination in a fun and friendly way. Gymnastics is a way of life for my daughter, her gym buddies are her second family and it would be fabulous if disabled gymnasts are included when filming all national events 🙂

  4. this is so amazing.. im a gymnast and i always wondered if there was disability gymnastics or if it was even possible(: this is the coolest thing ever

  5. New blog to request and share experiences, approaches, videos etc to help people include all in sport !

  6. This is so sweet! I love it so much I have a brother with a disability and it is so sad that he struggles so much and he needs help and it is just so sad . I should show him this it will make him happy

  7. i dont reall see anyone with physic disablity this seams to be more other disablity stop putting physical disablity when not what you mean

  8. Now if we coild just get something like this state side and don't say para and special olympics. As young woman with physical disability I have done my reasearch and no it is not the same. This is much more inclusive

  9. I wish we had this in the USA. I take mainstream tumbling classes right now but struggle to keep up with kids half my age because of a nervous system disorder and a heart condition. My coaches are wonderful but they aren't really trained to work with someone with my challenges.

  10. Amazing! Is anyone here on Facebook? If you are come and join us to socialize at our UK disABILITY Forum. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/disabilityforumuk/).

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