Dirt Rally 2.0 Review

Dirt Rally 2.0 Review

– [Luke Reilly] DiRT Rally 2.0 is a first rate return
to the more serious side of Codemasterers’ off-road catalog. It may be hot on the heels
of DiRT 4 with a couple of tricks pulled from its
friendlier stable mate, but make no mistake, DiRT Rally 2.0 reasserts
this spin-off series’ reputation as the premiere rally simulator of the modern era. (upbeat hyped music) DiRT Rally 2.0 is designed
primarily for hard-boiled rally enthusiasts and returning fans so new players may struggle initially. While the original DiRT Rally
was eventually augmented with a pile of tutorial videos and DiRT 4 features a fully-fledged DiRT Academy Training mode, there’s none of that
here in DiRT Rally 2.0. It’s a case of learn on the job or perish. (car crashing) For players who were turned off by the first games ruthless AI, DiRT Rally 2.0 features
a difficulty slider similar to the F1 series
rather than the several AI presets included in the first game. At its weakest the AI in DiRT Rally 2.0 can be soundly trounced even after making a big error or two so
the barrier for success has been lowered a bit. At normal difficulty
levels and higher however it can be tough to top a time sheet after even a single mistake. DiRT Rally’s reputation
as Dark Souls on gravel remains in tact. (upbeat electronic music) Failing to make the jump from DiRT 4 is the procedurally
generated stage system, Your Stage, which I still
think has a lot of promise. DiRT Rally 2.0 opts for handcrafted stages like the first DiRT Rally. The game with stages touched by artists rather than algorithms
is that they do have noticeably more character
and being bespoke there are numerous little idiosyncrasies and unique elements that you wouldn’t necessarily get from a
computer stitching together a bunch of tweaked track tiles. It also means stages that more closely resemble actual rally locations. The downside of course
is that sticking with pre-made stages means we’re back to having just a couple of long stages per location chopped up into segments to
run forwards and backwards. Running repeatedly over
the same ribbons of road quickly becomes sapping. To its credit DiRT Rally 2.0 stages are the best looking in the series to date especially in the wet
and Codemasters has added surface degradation to them which adds an extra dimension
to tackling particular stages especially in Argentina and Australia. The further down the
running order you start, all the way down to 150th, the more rugged and churned
up the track surface will be. Thick grooves of gravel
will tug tires to and fro and I really had to fight
to keep my car pointed in a straight line on a
heavily disturbed surface with grip at a premium. (gentle drum music) I played on Xbox One X
with a Thrustmaster TS-XW racing wheel and a PS4 Pro with a pad and the game was well suited to both. I quickened up my steering
settings with the wheel because it felt a bit sluggish by default but changed nothing on the pad. DiRT Rally 2.0’s driving
dynamics are a delight and it feels like low-speed
handling has improved. It seems easier to
deliberately break traction on loose surfaces at
slower speeds than before allowing me to better rotate
certain cars on the throttle. A huge huge highlight
is the new Rg T class particularly with the
original DiRT Rally’s rear-wheel drive Group B
cars absent from this sequel. In real life Rg T is a tarmac base cut for production GT cars, but DiRT Rally 2.0 unleashes
these beasts on mud and gravel. At first glance it may
seem a little absurd to tackle loose surface rallies in high horsepower rear-wheel drive V8s but in practice it’s a
hell of a lot of fun. Throttle control is key here with the right amount of beans only small steering inputs are necessary to negotiate corners. It’s a delicate dance. Ah, and they sound fantastic! (car engine revving) The audio elsewhere is typically brilliant from the pops and farts and
belches of engines running rich to the wheel noise and
kick up as you careen over all the different surfaces. Though I did crank the latter up a bit from its default level. Veteran co-driver Phil Mills’ pace notes are clear and robust. – [Mills] Open to the crest, 30. – [Reilly] Though his post race
banner needs a bit of work. – [Mills] That felt good,
but let’s check the times. – [Reilly] We came last Phil. We crashed three times back there. We literally crashed into the finish line. (electronic music) Career mode is similar to
the original DiRT Rally tasking players with building a garage and a team and for some reason you’ll need to be online to access it. I understand why being
online is a requirement to access the daily
and weekly asynchronous challenges against other DiRT players, but why single player progression
is tied to it isn’t clear. This could be a problem if
connectivity is an issue. Career mode is a bit stingy with cash but there’s also a collection
of stand alone championships you can dive straight into
like a driver for hire which is a decent concession to those with less time to grind and micromanage. The Official World RX
series is included here to immediately dive into also. Eight tracks are featured
and Catalunya, Silverstone, and Mettet make their debut here. (upbeat electronic music) DiRT Rally 2.0 feels great,
looks good, and sounds fabulous. It doesn’t take long until
you’re redoing the same stages over and over and career
mode is a little plain but DiRT Rally 2.0 is
a confident rally racer for serious rev-heads. Stern, focused and harder
than a woodpeckers lips, it’s as tricky to tame as its predecessor but doing so is as satisfying as ever. For more Codemasters car capers check out IGN’s previous
verdicts on DiRT 4 and F1 2018. (upbeat electronic music)

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  1. If there were a promise to make PSVR mode, I would by day 1 to support them. But with only Rift support in development at this time, I'll wait for deep sale and keep playing dirt 1 in PSVR.

  2. "the best looking stages in the series so far".
    I don't get why this deserves mention? Dirt 4's computer generated stages are nearly 2 years old, Dirt Rally (1) is 4 years old (not counting the initial early acces version). Shouldn't we expect graphics to have improved since then?

  3. Thing they need to do for Dirt 5:
    1. No more fog stages!
    2. Bring back staggered starts.
    3. More variety of countries.
    4. Stage creator.
    5. Proper customization of vehicles(rim sizes, tyre choices, engines choices, in car design( steering wheel, gear stick, angle of handbrake, harnesses etc), outside design (everything like forza).
    6. Bring back free roam online.
    7. Maybe a RPG approach like going to Parc Ferma, Interactions with other drivers, Driving to from stage to stage, Driving to and walking around the pits getting advice from other drivers..etc.

  4. I really love rally racing games they were my most bought games on ps1. Would like to get dirt rally 2.0 but if it needs internet then it's a no go for me.

  5. Online requirements are typically used as a form of DRM on PC the game will install about 90% of what you need to run it and the other part is sent to your computer while it is connected to the internet It's often done in single players games which makes no sense from the outside looking in but by sending this data to the computer the verified owners can play the game while it is typically just enough to break the game if someone tries to exploit the DRM. In single player mode is most likely to prevent folks from doing this as very few people will bother going thru the time to put multiplayer in a cracked game. So by doing this to single player you virtually break the only part of the game people who have cracked copies could use.

  6. I love rally games because you can’t cheat …no cutting or ramming others off the road and no bumping into walls …I’ll wait though ..in 2 months it will be 40 bucks

  7. Career mode is stuck in certain difficulty, No triple monitor support, FFB is medeocre at best. NOT a hardcore sim and not a pickup for me.

  8. Great game but what annoys me is that, again there are only a few unique tracks and the €26,99 seasonpass brings us rehashed versions of the Dirt Rally original tracks of Monte Carlo, Sweden & Germany in Season 1 and Greece, Finland and Wales in Season 2. So you actually buy Dirt Rally 1 all over again but with track deformation and the new lightning engine. This would had been a nice FREE bonus in the initial game and the Season Pass should have had actual new rally’s like Italy, France or Mexico.

  9. Well looks like I’ll be waiting for this to be $9 on sale… I still haven’t finished the original Dirt Rally and Dirt4 was more fun for me anyways… and I haven’t even finished that! So with my history of not finishing games… yeah, I’ll wait.

    Like did a great job reviewing, as usual. Almost made me buy the game.. just because I want something to buy. But I’ve already gotten AceCombat7 and Anthem at the same time (pretty much) — and that’s a lot of game to handle.

  10. So disappointed with this game, feels like a step back from Dirt Rally 1.0, Argentina looked very grainy, and the next one is so dark i cant see when i go under the trees, seems they dont know how to implement HDR properly
    And why only 1 choice of car at the beginning of the championship ? actually 1 isnt a choice

  11. (PC/pedals and wheel) Can you change control so you can use the clutch as hand brake ? You couldn't do that in dirt 4,
    You could do it in dirt rally, so i hoped that you could do it again in dirt rally 0.2. DON'T WANT TO WASTE MY MONEY ! AGAIN

  12. We need a battle royal mode! lol………

    Just download the game for free, try it if you like it… then buy it!
    I got a tutorial on my channel for the free download!

  13. Shame there is no information on any vr support? A key feature you need to include.
    I'm not buying it unless it's on psvr. Really dont see the point.

  14. Once you found sweet spot of your rigs ffb setting, it's a wild thing lol and it's a shame that VR ain't there with launch

  15. I hope Luke doesn't leave IGN. it seems he is the only guy that GETS racing games and what people who are fans like about them and don't like

  16. Not too bothered about the generated tracks to be honest. My favourite thing about the first dirt rally was having my favourite tracks and bettering myself every time. Didn’t really get that same feeling and replayability with Dirt 4

  17. The comment about the difficulty slider is misleading. It only applies to freeplay, not career, where arguably you would want a difficulty slider.

  18. Question!
    Hello. Has this game opportunity to switch a co-driver? That default co-driver bugs me already. So, if there's no option I'm not gonna buy it!
    In Dirt4 there is a english female co-driver but also a lame male co-driver who I could not stand listening to. Female was much easier to listen.
    Most I hope there is a finnish co-driver some day. We are still a rally nation but it is not showing in any of these games!

  19. Should i get this or Dirt 4. Dirt 4 is available for 1/3 the price of this one. I don't play racing games a lot. I've only played NFS and i play on a keyboard.

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