Digimon Rearise Gameplay | should you build the Pumpkin

Digimon Rearise Gameplay | should you build the Pumpkin

fort what is up guys welcome back to another
Digimon reraised video here on for misery gaming and today guys we’re gonna
be doing our first should you raise a / build a certain Digimon and I I didn’t
want to cover something that’s like a pretty you know guarantee ones that you
see everyone build like warGreymon you know hi and Ramon manera home on things
like that I want to go over a Digimon that’s actually free to play this was
actually given when you guys start your account you actually guys I don’t work
this was an error or if this was just free that band I gave us but you
actually get an egg that will become into this noble pumpkin Mon so if we go
to its profile do you guys been egg and we guys end up giving the rookie a long
wall them on or whatever it’s called wall um on that eventually is gonna go
into would bond and then into regular pumpkin mine and then it’s a noble
pumpkin mines so I do want to talk about him and why you should raise him maybe
not a top priority for you but eventually you are gonna want to build
him and I’m having almost close to maxed out but I got him to level 990 today so
I just have to get five more of his training awakens done and then get some
bits and then feed all that stuff in and then he’ll be rocking out at 99 and I
will have a screenshot to show you guys that 99 stats but let’s go over his
skills first and why he’s particularly good now he’s not gonna be good for all
content but he is gonna be good for certain content in the game especially
right now PvP so first of all his passive increase all allies block rate
by 20% 20% in gotcha is honestly a very big number that’s basically one every
five attacks that you receive is gonna increase the block rate of all your
allies and it covers your whole board which is super important especially for
the like we’re in a lot of an a we meta with uh sakuya mon i’m an area of them
on things like that and any other units out there that are a wheeze that
especially apply like a debuff status like stun freeze things like that is
gonna be insanely insanely useful now I don’t know if Walker a I don’t think
block rate actually protects you from the debuff
but it’s going to reduce damage they see you know think of it as if you would
block something you blocking the attack so reducing a lot of damage and and why
that is super important is because the meta is so driven hardcore right now if
you get to the higher ranks of PvP especially for high and ramond and
regular mommy mod or prince mom on meta where you see a lot of units that are
team comps that are going to be giving you a defensive capability shield to
increase defense so if you have that increased defensive capability with your
high-end German and your mommy mom or your mom online on top of that you’re
gonna be have this passive that’s gonna increase your Brock rate that’s block
Brock rate your block rate and then you’re gonna be able to absorb even more
damage from especially those AoE since the AoE s are not going to be as massive
damage because they’re obviously a lease so you’re going to protect your allies
even more so the fact that this is an AoE
a shield for your block rate increase is absolutely insane I think this is one of
those big calling cards of why he’s super super good so after that we’re
going to go into his main skill so that it’s gonna be trick-or-treat Wallace so
that’s gonna be three hundred forty percent damage to two targets increase
all allies Tech by twenty percent for two turns and increase all islands power
damage resistance by 30 percent for two things
now a lot of people are not gonna really get the benefit of the first ability
right besides possibly himself getting an attack boost but the fact that it’s
still a to target decent damage 340s pretty good that’s you know your arrow V
Vermont has a 340 multiplier in himself whereas this guy’s probably a tech
attack is not going to be obscenely high but still the fact is you are getting a
little bit of a boost if you are running a tech team like if you guys do have
metal guru Vermont then you’re gonna get even more of a benefit off this now I
don’t think you his skill though is that important for the tech boost because
what we’ve learned in the game is that I pretty sure we’ve been doing some
experiments on this throughout the discourse and things like that where you
actually can only apply one certain buff and I think the higher buff will
override it so like for instance metal Ramon gives you a 50% buff on his s1
right so that means that pumpkin mom won’t even really come into effect
because metal government’s buff is more so it’s going to override pumpkin mine
unless there’s an instance to where you don’t have Meldrum ons buff applied you
have then use pumpkin mines s1 and then middle do everyone does like an s2 or he
does a regular attacks then he could apply that buff and then when he comes
around to get his s1 again then he’s gonna reapply a 50% buck that’s like the
only certain circumstance if for some reason when everyone’s a buff has worn
off and he hasn’t used this s1 again that’d be the only reason where that’s
too relevant because a lot of Units that you guys see in different kits have
built-in buffs for their own attack type whether it’s tech or regular power so
keep that in mind but the fact is we are at a very big power meta so increase all
allies physical damage resistance by 30% that’s a 30% damage reduction then you
age like I said your your a higher injure matter your mommy wants a
defensive buff skills and then you have the passive skill that includes proc
rates so just trick-or-treat just insanely insanely good actually for your
defensive capabilities so I think it’s a super super awesome a built a skill even
though you may not really see the benefit of the tech pump you know on
your team so still very very solid ability and you know I definitely think
it’s it’s worth using that skill in PvP especially so next we have a 210 percent
attack to 3 enemy targets and then a 40% chance to inflict sleep on three enemy
targets for two turns once again very very strong um because it’s an AoE
debuff that is a CC effect because you guys no sleep you know basically Pokemon
and everything else gonna put you to sleep you’re not gonna be able to move
things like that excuse me um so that is gonna be in another insanely insanely
good skill not too much to go into his skill they’re just very very strong like
he’s got a strongest one that gives you protection
you know possibility of getting some boosts if you’re running a tech team and
then he’s also got a three target hit that then can sleep people so like with
the 40% chance on three targets hopeful you’re gonna get at least one maybe two
if you’re lucky um you know it basically get an 80% chance of landing – overall
so I mean that’s 40% is still pretty good chance it’s not sixty like where
grandmas s1 is and it’s not a sixty like middle room on this one is but still
very very strong ability definitely not to be overlooked so overall um like I
said he’s not going to be too great for probably raids like his rate capability
could be good because he could reduce damage but if you’re surviving to the
boss anyway he’s not gonna help you out put more damage and then the boxes are
not going to be affected by CC effects so like his s2 is pretty much useless
and it’s an alias so it’s not gonna deal a lot of damage but if you’re having
trouble surviving the higher ends of clash then it could be useful um I think
in the the underworld you can see see the enemies because I don’t think
they’re like actually considered like major bosses so I think you can see see
them I’m not 100% sure on that if you guys have gone all the way through the
final floor in in other in underworld let me know or Otherworld whatever it’s
called let me know if you can see see those enemies at least some of the
enemies like this like that maybe the minions or the ants or whatever that way
to know if his skill two is more relevant for that mode but finally we’re
just gonna check in real quick what these are the final stats so Aria
shout-out to her and the discord I was kind enough to send me a screenshot of
her stripped pumpkin mod where she’s look at here at red and 99 just because
I will probably take me another day or so between work and stuff before I can
get my pumpkin Mon to 99 but there you go 50/50 942 HP 29/35 attack so it’s
actually pretty decent increase in attack there and tech attack and then
defense of 1338 unfortunately his speed does not go up so his feed does stay at
third at 22 which is kind of slow but you know for the utility he brings I
feel for PvP I think that little bit of sacrifice and speed like the unit I’m
gonna replay seeing them with is gonna be losing off
on three speed which isn’t the worst thing so I can definitely work around
that but I feel the utility he provides his way better than the metal metal
Greymon blue that I’m currently running on my team for pvp so I feel he’s so
much better so I really do think he’s worth investing guys he’s free all you
guys can get him now keep in mind you cannot pull him on banners so definitely
don’t sell him make sure you lock him because you never know he may even be
better down the road but I mean I’ve known that tearless he’s only a b-tier
mega but I still feel for what he does right now the pool we have and probably
what you guys have access to in your boxes you probably could find a use for
him at least right now so if you guys are early game and you built up your
team and you’re kinda sitting on resources he’s probably a good option to
test out at least in pvp see if you like him better I think he’s gonna be better
than metal Greymon blue for me and that’s gonna add my fourth and mega to
my team so you know I’m excited to try him out see how he does for PvP see if
that increases my win rate at all but let me know if you guys think if you
guys tested in are you guys trying in or what are you guys thoughts opinions on
him let me know that in the comment section down below I hope you guys
appreciate this video and if there’s another Digimon you guys want me to
cover please do drop them in the comment section down below if I don’t have them
I am gonna have to get some screenshots from whoever wants me to cover them of
course to do the best I can to give you guys the accurate information because
for some reason Bandai doesn’t want us to have like a regular like index to
where we can just see all the skills and max stats and all that stuff but thank
you guys so much once again for checking on the video today here on for Missouri
gaming and if you guys are new make sure you hit that subscribe button so you
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thank you guys so much for checking out the video today have a great day and
I’ll see you guys in the next one peace out guys

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  1. Just ok my first L to a full team of max digi top 800. I was close to winning. My team level is 88, 80, 78, 65, 50. My consecutive winning streak is 123-1. This shows you can compete in this game with the right team makeup

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