Did Not Finish | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim E16

Did Not Finish | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim E16

I can see the lights so so clearly the tide the currents just have different ideas it’s a bitter taste of going back after that swim and and saying you know it was a DNF but I had not finished [Music] so guys we are now well and truly at the business ends they’ll be great bricks with basically room which is really nice lovely harbour tucked up in beds but there Matt woke everybody up because we’ve been gifted another weather window basically Mori fir which is this huge bay up at the top of Scotland we need to get over that because really wouldn’t we’re still in the north of Scotland and we don’t want be we need to get south where where the winds are a little bit more favorable the same as the weather and so Matt’s work everybody up about two o’clock in the morning and we’re gonna try and swim some cold hot miles warm in the hope that we can get across the Maura Firth before some swimmers come in I think that you get about 60 miles to get across Duncan to be head near John Rhodes down to rapture here which is the the bottom of it so but we can make it about 60 miles crossing but yeah there’s no choice but to do all this sea really because otherwise gotta go all the way in and all the way back out again which would be 120 miles in through 60 miles so you’ve gotta go for it if there’s any illusions that this is now going to be easy live quickly one out of the window or because the Mori is a hard master teacher [Music] [Music] surprise as you know on the great British game if Mother Nature and your weather we know and says that yo you can get across the very first judge stone question it for whatever reason the Moray Firth has just got quiet almost flat but swimmable for the next four days but not only is this huge but what’s worse as well is we’re getting less and less daylight hours as we’re heading into the British winter I just feel as a team we’ve got to use everything that we’ve learned from Margate all the way to John O’Groats to successfully get across and what I mean by that is is just mental resilience feeding strategies sleep strategies hydration also even just siting off the boat we’re using glow sticks flashlights headlights anything so I’m able to swim efficiently in the right direction and not actually waste any miles by disappearing off into the dead of night that is the Mari Firth yeah it’s it’s honestly I’m a little bit sleep-deprived so I don’t want to get too emotional but it’s just really really nice there as much as I really appreciate all of the comments on social media you have to know that whenever I’m out there swimming you know through the night for six hours for fifty miles they’re there as well the other thing I’m learning about these sea crossings is because I am swimming more than I’m sleeping at the moment if I can grab you know an hour wall while we’re waiting for a weather window or you know there’s times when I’m sleeping on the deck and I fallen asleep in my wetsuit Matt had to wake me up and put me to play it’s fallen asleep in the galley I was just eating my dinner but grabbing sleep just however and whenever you can has become so important to recovering and making sure that you can continue to do this and get all the way around the coast to Great Britain and it’s not a swimming event it’s it’s a war of attrition are you gonna stop this inevitable breakdown of the body and manage to float into Margate before it completely breaks down or you lose your marbles and that’s all it really is is just trying to swim and they start following me swimming in two directions into the Sun out and McCoy’s idea come on Mike the great British firm all of a sudden out of nowhere redbull Matadors [Music] and then he just became very apparent in the sky it is true 100 inches per line straight through he was at the moment I was like wow [Music] I’m a genuine me I lost complete track of time around Froy the airshow no one else around independent the more ether and it was just amazing I’ll never forget something you know way to celebrate your swimming century [Music] guys have as a part of swim feels so good to say just because there was there was no foreplay it was just straight into waves darkness few jellies I wanted to do this final blog straight after I got out so I still feel a little bit jaded my ears are completely blocked got salt couplers perhaps the biggest casualty out of the microphone was my feet it’s just it’s so cold like that now we’re over the east side but Morsi is just just unforgiving in terms of the temperature this is the reality of Great Britain is it’s just this far from over and a lot of people are saying you know home straight now it’s all downhill and I don’t wanna believe it but the war effort just made it abundantly clear that that that just isn’t the case I always say you know certainly the smile and I try I type genuinely I always try but there’s a particular time in this particular sweetness it was something completely different and that’s just because when you look at the lights come across more infirmary solution when I tried to swim party and I was I was three miles off sure I can see the lights so so clearly and they’re tired at the currents just have different ideas and just pushed me back and I never made it and so on this time if I’m being completely honest I was just fueled by remembering the bitter bitter taste of going back after that swim and and saying you know it was a DNN fire I did not finish with the Great British swim that could potentially with the same none of it will count for anything unless we reach Margate you it will go down to DNA I did not finish and I wasn’t earning the style necessarily it was just it’s just putting a lot of those swimming demons to death those those that unfinished business that I said that started for the whole bit very swim I just thought this is just what happening again you’re getting another DNF on the records people asked me well I think about during these ties this tired in particular was just a little bit different but more effort amazing bat adores a hundred days witness or dolphins again today but equally was brutal so it was for a lot of reasons and not all of the years I was still very much at the business end of it would be an entire East Coast still to swim so that’s it for this week thank you so much afternoon again as always and fingers crossed touchwood chilling in next week when I’m a little bit further down south and a little bit closer to Margate as all my progress at the break will tracker rip Waldo WK / great swim hopefully I’ll see you next week with number

100 Replies to “Did Not Finish | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim E16”

  1. Looks like you did fly the last two weeks so fast have you been! Great achievement Ross and not long and it will be over! 👍

  2. Ross is a Different breed no other definition does him justice nothing is stopping #Rhinoneck been watching from the very start what an inspirational human being you are can’t wait till u reach Margate cause I doubt even an orca would stop you…

  3. You're an inspiration Ross as we give you drive as you say you give me drive. I mean if your can keep going why cant I!! #dontstoptillyoufinish!!

  4. one of the most epic feats of endurance I have witnessed, the mental and physical resilience you have is just unbelievable. keep it up mate. This is so inspirational.

  5. Well done Ross! I've been watching you since the start and this one actually got me a bit emotional! Amazing effort. You can do it! 100 days in and still a legend! Keep it up!

  6. Awesome work Ross :):):) Just keep going dude, you're inspiring all of us!!!!! Just a question: Have you made any plans on just how you are going to adapt your body back to 24/7 gravity in terms of exercise and nutrition?

  7. ross we have your back!! if someone can finish this mission its you! My whole swimming team and i always watch the videos and check the live feed!

  8. Inspirational Ross! I don't know how you keep on smiling in all these videos! Keep on smashing out those miles you absolute hero!!

  9. Respect!! Easy to say from the warmth of the kitchen – but keep going – it's impressive, inspiring, proof of the power of commitment and hard work – stay warm (-ish), stay strong and keep believing

  10. Your honestly such an inspiration, you're doing something crazy, way out of your comfort zone and that no one has ever done, thank you!

  11. Well done Ross you are doing so well I think it is so good you are doing this . How cold is the sea up there ? Keep up the good swim your like a god that is a man..

  12. Ross keep your chin up… in your dark moments remember there are 1000's of fans around the world willing you on. As an avid sea swimmer I can only say….huge respect for what your doing. Your adventure is truly a legendry epic that I'm sure no one else will do

  13. Awesome mentality Ross, using past experiences to fuel your desire now, huge inspiration to all. The whole nations behind you, keep digging it mate.

  14. Ross, we love you and you inspire us. I will lend you my smile to swim with if yours gets lost from time to time. You are doing so well.

  15. Ross, my grandpa told me when I was 10, "If you dont give up, you can not fail". The other wishdom he passed on his only grandson, was " There is a solution or answer for everything in the Universe"….. Ice swimmers use lots of Lanolin all over the body to keep warm in the coldest of conditions.

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