Did Jeff Jarrett BLACKMAIL Vince McMahon? | WWE Backstage Expose

Did Jeff Jarrett BLACKMAIL Vince McMahon? | WWE Backstage Expose

Jeff Jarrett came back to the WWF in 1997,
hoping to be programmed against Steve Austin. Although he won the Intercontinental and Tag
Team Championships, Jarrett again left to go to WCW in 1999. It wasn’t without controversy
though, and when Vince McMahon purchased WCW in 2001, he publicly fired Jarrett on live
TV. I am Luke Owen and was this all because Jeff Jarrett Blackmailed Vince McMahon? Jeff Jarrett’s second run in the WWF got
off to a very rocky start. He had worked with Vince Russo to write a promo where he would
“shoot” on Steve Austin on the October 27th 1997 episode of Raw. However there was
a part of the interview that Russo claims Jeff went off-script with – when he said that
Austin 3:16 was blasphemous and offensive. Jarrett would say years later, “Austin went
ballistic, got nuts, got right in my face.” Bruce Prichard added on his Something To Wrestle
podcast, “Steve was p***** and rightfully so. There was going to be no issue with Steve
and Jeff, so there was no need to go there. He was just trying to get himself over. Steve
was livid.” Many have theorised it was this promo and
segment that killed any potential of Jarrett getting a main event run in WWE – instead
being cemented in the midcard with nothing but a glass ceiling above him. In the summer
of 1999, Jarrett had decided that he was going to with his buddy Vince Russo to WCW, where
he would get the main event push he felt he deserved. His final feud in WWF was against
Chyna, where Jarrett had a gimmick that he hated women. This led to their infamous Good
Housekeeping Match at No Mercy 1999 for the title [4]. The problem was, Jarrett’s contract
expired on October 16th 1999, one day before No Mercy. This is where the story gets a little bit
murky. The longstanding rumour from those there at the time was that Jarrett did what
Ultimate Warrior allegedly did at Summerslam 1991 – and held Vince McMahon up for money
otherwise he wouldn’t go out and do the match against Chyna – and he would go to WCW
with the Intercontinental Championship like Medusa with the Women’s title. Both Hardcore
Holly and Chyna wrote in their autobiographies that Jarrett essentially blackmailed McMahon,
with Chyna even going so far as to insinuate that he and Russo delayed the title switch
until after Jarrett’s contract expired so he could use that as leverage. As Jason Solomon
recalls, “The guy’s contract had expired, so from WWE’s position Jarrett blackmailed
them into paying something like $300,000 to drop the belt because he was leaving. So they
paid him the money, I’m sure that pissed Vince McMahon off.” Bryan Alvarez and RD Reynolds
also wrote in their book The Death of WCW, “Because he held the company up for money,
Jarrett was permanently banned by McMahon from ever returning to his company.” The rumours are that Jeff held Vince over
a barrel, and when he lost the match to Chyna he grabbed his bags, got into his car and
drove off still covered in all of the flour used in the Good Housekeeping match – and
he used the money got from Vince to start TNA in 2002. As The Death of WCW writes, “Had
[Jarrett’s] contract come due a single day later, [TNA] would have never existed.” So how did WWE manage to let their IC champ’s
contract expire the day before he was supposed to defend the belt? The fall guy ended up
being Jim Ross who was head of talent relations, however Bruce Prichard agues on Something
to Wrestle that it wasn’t his fault. Instead he puts the blame on Vince Russo and McMahon
himself, and the only thing that Jim Ross did wrong was take Jarrett for his word. Prichard also disputes the claims made by
Hardcore Holly, Chyna and many others, saying in episode 65 of Something to Wrestle that
Jarrett wasn’t holding Vince up for money. Instead he went in for a meeting where he
asked for all the money he was owed from PPV residuals to house show payments in one lump
sum before he left. Jarrett’s worry was that because he was going to the competition
with Vince Russo, the payments would be slow to get to him or may not even arrive at all.
Prichard even refutes the idea that Jarrett left as soon as the match was over. “Jeff went in and met with Vince and JR, and
they cut him a cheque that day for whatever it was what he wanted. He went out and did
the match, put Chyna over like a million bucks and left. I remember Jeff coming up and he
said goodbye to every single person in the building that night.” Jarrett himself has also maintained that he
never held up McMahon before doing the job to Chyna, and even Dave Meltzer wrote in the
October 25th, 1999 Wrestling Observer Newsletter about Double J leaving WWF as civil. “Jarrett
talked with McMahon and seemingly both put the heat on Ross for the negotiations falling
through, and Jarrett agreed to work the PPV and drop the title and in return, WWF praised
him publicly and claimed the departure was due to a contract dispute with Ross.” Perhaps we may never know the full truth of
what happened on October 17th 1999, but we do know for sure that Vince McMahon publicially
fired Jarrett on live TV. The date is March 26th 2001, and Vince McMahon
has purchased his hated rival WCW. Raw and Nitro held a simulcast, where in storyline
it was revealed that Shane McMahon had actually purchased WCW from under Vince’s nose. But
earlier in the night, McMahon announced his plans for certain WCW talent. “Now as far
as the Jeff Jarretts of the world are concerned. You know how Jeff spells his name? That’s
J-E-Double-F? Well you know what? I would suspect that we’d spell it a different way
after tonight. That would be capital-G-double-O-double-N-double-E. Gone.” WCW wrestler Konan – who has a relationship
with Jarrett – has gone on record of saying he was next to Jeff when Vince made that speech
and Double J just shrugged his shoulders and said, ‘I guess I’m fired then’. Bruce
Prichard argues however that he was standing next to Jarrett, and it was a totally different
reaction. “I had no idea Vince was going to cut that promo. Jeff laughed about it.
He wasn’t hired to be fired, it was Vince cutting a spot for a television show.” In an interview during his announcement of
going into the WWE Hall of Fame, Jarrett told NBC Sports, “Vince does a lot of things
well. And he knows how to produce great TV. To me that night was just good TV.” So if Jarrett didn’t hold Vince McMahon’s
PPV match hostage, and McMahon didn’t fire Jarrett on live TV out of spite – then why
is there this alleged heat between the two and why was everyone so surprised when Double
J was announced for the Hall of Fame? The most obvious answer is TNA. Jarrett and
his father Jerry founded TNA in 2002 and helped create a platform that launched a lot of current
WWE stars like AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Eric Young and Samoa Joe [18]. But there were also
questionable things that Jarrett did while he was with TNA and they were trying to make
a name for themselves. This included TNA “invading” a WWE commercial shoot in Orlando Studios
and filmed an unmasked Rey Mysterio supporting them [19] – which they then aired on PPV.
And an angle in 2006 where the former Road Dogg and Billy Gunn renamed themselves the
Voodoo Kin Mafia – geddit VKM – and cut “shoot” promos on Vince McMahon, Triple H and Shawn
Michaels – even challenging them to street fights, showing up at Titan Towers and accepting
The Hardy Boyz open challenge at ECW’s December 2 Dismember. TNA wasn’t just designed to give new guys
a platform, it was supposed to be viable competition to WWE. They even managed to convince Spike
TV to put them head-to-head with Monday Night Raw in 2010 when Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff
joined the company. They didn’t just want to be in competition with WWE, they wanted
to beat the competition. At the end of the day while it is a surprise
that Jarrett is back with WWE after nearly 20 years, it shouldn’t be that surprising
since we’ve seen The Ultimate Warrior, Bruno Sammartino, Bret Hart and even Sting show
up. Bobby Heenan used to tell Dave Meltzer that he was careful about bad-mouthing Vince
McMahon while he was working with WCW because he wanted to stay in his good books. But he
never got a job back with the WWF when WCW closed. Heenan theorises this was because
he was in Vince’s good books – and Vince only wants the people in his pocket that he
can’t have. So maybe Jarrett didn’t blackmail him, maybe there wasn’t any heat, maybe
Vince wasn’t bothered by Jeff’s antics in TNA. Maybe he wanted him in the Hall of
Fame, just because he can. Check out the latest rumours for WWE’s Elimination
Chamber! Click the videos on screen right now for more awesome wrestling content.

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  1. Um…. it not blackmail if WWE screw up and didn't pay attention to the end of his contact. If I was leaving a Company I hated, and they told me i had to come back the next day to train my replacement, I would tell them they better pay me alot or else I wouldn't care. Thats not blackmail, blackmail is what Roman Reigns has on Vince that keep making Vince push him to the moon as a babyface.

  2. I'd say he probably asked for the royalty money in one lump sum! Which pissed Vince off and not resign probably didn't help! Nothing to do with TNA n Jarrett as that happened after! Ask raven if Vince knows what happens outside wwe! In a interview Vince says who the fuck rehired Jonny polo as he looking at the papers JR said me!! So he don't!Also I heard Jarret may have video library content that wwe would like to have???

  3. The real reason Jarret got fired from wwe . was because. He went on a talk show in Canada a few days before no mercy .. And slyed Vince for owen heart s death. . Vince found out saw it and fired him

  4. Well TNA had good talent, but over time it became a side show joke, more like WCW 2.0

    As for Jarrett, Vince knew back then that WCW was dying and will soon buy it in a couple of years. All of this black mail nonsense is a smoke screen for injecting more poison in WCW.

    And Vince's Gone comment was a way of him saying thank you Jarrett for helping in part. Bring down WCW and create TNA from the money he got.

  5. In what world would it have been wrong for him to ask for compensation to be in a match after his contract had expired? If he did this while still being under contract then fair enough, he's an asshole but if he was out of contract then it sounds pretty normal.

  6. Last night in my dream. i dreamed a match …this match was a match that would shake the wwe universe. By its core …im my vice
    McMahon ..this match is called a elimination match …there are 5 ways to eliminate your opponent ..casket …table…ambulance …burried alive …and rugalur pin or tap out …ok once you use one of this to eliminate you opponent you can not use it again …there will be 6 wwe superstars im the match the winner get 1,000,000$

  7. I suspect making nice with JJ is Hunter setting up for when he takes over: say what you like about Jarrett in-ring, but he's got a great record as a promoter

  8. It's hilarious how this video is now talked about a little after Jeff Jarrett has been inducted into the Hall of fame!!!!

  9. The only issue I have is that it's not the pro wrestling hall of fame, it's the WWE Hall of fame, and I'm not sure what he did in WWE/WWF/WCW is hall of fame worthy.

  10. My unabashed love for Pro Wrestling took a hit the night Vince bought RAW and the simulcast happened. I wish I could go back in time and stop that from happening.

  11. Imagine Charlotte challenging Ronda Rousey tonight, even tho it`s a Raw payperview. Charlotte and Rousey have a small fight where Charlotte gets beaten up and then Carmella cashes in her Money in the Bank contract. wouldn`t that be amazing?

  12. Honestly .. if this is true.. can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same.. 300 k payday?? Yeah .. I’ll take the money and run with it

  13. Since when is "pissed" a bleep-worthy word? It means mad, not something like "fuck" meaning to have sex/to violate. Is "salty" bleep-worthy too as it has the same meaning? Is it because it has "piss" in it? If so, wouldn't "assume" be bleep-worthy as well since it has "ass" in it? What is going on? Have things really gotten that bad on YouTube?

  14. Before elimination chamber I want to say rousey shouldn’t beat Auska or even challenge cuz it would taint both of their runs even for wrestlemania keep them on different brands til rousey gets a lil ring awareness down the next wrestlemania oh my #Epic

  15. Well….ALL wrestlers think they should be in the main event..but few work there way there and fewer actually get there

  16. Stone Cold has a glass ego… cry baby. Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge is a joke, Austin couldn't do any of that stuff, be he acts all high and mighty…

  17. Sorry oli , Luke and everyone I just had a question I would like to ask you and fans personelly and give my input . Ok why do you all think wwe is not selling out or have low ticket sells? I think because wwe got cheap with all their ppv arena / stage apperence work . I know it sounds funny but who remember in the attitude era that they had all sorts of cool different kinds of arena themes stage works was so cool I use to take my kids back then and then all my kids thought it was so cool at ppv it was always different but now my kids thinks it lame at ppv now and they are teens . They say all these ppv themes/ stages look all alike besides wm they always love it . Idk guys let me know thanks. Oh and also my kids love your channel . And they also say the talent is getting lame they use to love Roman reigns they still do but they say Vince putted all his eggs in one basket on him and don't push the others as good like Baron Corbin Dolph Zigler tye Dillinger . Yea . But thanks

  18. TNA basically was viable competition for WWE. Their total lockdown 2013 ppv brought in 7,200 people to the live crowd. That’s massive for a non wwe show in the states


  20. WCW failed TNA failed and now NJPW is trying to become a competition sadly even they will fail
    why coz vince is mastermind and conniving people would say vince is losing touch but how would they know they are not conniving mastermind

  21. That situation was entirely McMahon's fault for not realizing that Jarrett's contract was gonna expire just before No Mercy. McMahon should've been more attentive.

  22. Well, there are stories that JJ's inclusion to the HOF is the brain child by HHH.
    HHH is potentially building his own team in preparation for a possible WWE take over when Vince will go full capacity at XFL.
    Heck Vince can't manage both companies full time. Relaunching XFL is his playground now.

    That's left is for HHH to take over. Plus Hunter have Jeremy Borash in his team. A former guy from TNA.
    TNA is built by Jeff Jarrett. TNA has become a launch pad of AJ Styles, etc..who are now in WWE.

    I will not wonder if JJ will be under HHH's team in making WWE better by getting wrestlers from the independent circuit.
    Heck, I will not be surprised if JJ will be given a on-screen character. Like a GM from any of the WWE shows. But my bet that aside from talent recruitment and development, he may appear on NXT.

    I can't imagine him yet being on Raw or SD Live but i'll be wowed if that happens.
    We haven't have a HEEL GM for some time.

  23. Jeff Jarrett's induction is a smoke screen that all is well between him and WWE. Since Jeff is a smart business man in the wrestling world it would only make sense to have him around and perhaps turn over a few pages especially those of SMACKDOWN. If I where WWE I would rather he be on my side than on IMPACT. As for IMPACT I wouldn't doubt Vince would one day attempt to weasel in someone at the GFW/IMPACT company that will one day turn around and sell him the entire company. Only way he can ever get full control of it. But this is only my opinion.

  24. mcmahon deserves it because he fired jarrett when he was a team player in no mercy the pay for double J was cut so jeffe held it up and told vince to pay him any time but mcmahon fired him next week on RAW catchy old vince

  25. I second the adam blampied thing. You want more eyes on the show, go the controversial route. I mean, if youre cool with some of the potential backlash. It'll stir something up. I better get my cut of this money though. ?

  26. This is just probably work through and through but Jeff probably did demand money which was settled for WWE's future business

  27. Is the money for short 5 second clips instead of shoddy photos taken from the show to much? It makes your production look shit.

  28. So JJ said, "Austin 3:16 was blasphemous". Is this the same guy who's character would verbally and mentally abuse Debra? Physically too? Yet SCSA is outrageous? Make sense.??

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