Did Brett Favre Send Penis Pics to Hot Sports Illustrated Girl?

Did Brett Favre Send Penis Pics to Hot Sports Illustrated Girl?

and i thought that his penis photos or allegedly
said his penis photos to a former sports illustrated columnist named ken starr jer they were both of the jets at the same time
he was called back but it’s that time and uh… and she was uh… probably work
for the jets and he used the that just p_r_ guy to try to send uh… his number or get
her number used him as a middleman to get a rash is a fairly tracking lady i would understand
why you’d want to send your penis in that direction now here’s a couple promised reform
courses married uh… and that the question is did he actually
do it of course right an owl h we’ve got reports that she says that he did
do it although she’s not on the record okay and uh… and then of course a website has
released tapes of apparently brett farr calling uh… her uh… and let’s see if where we
can listen in on one of those conversations in determine whether it’s by far kharghar for prospective frederick forward all right well prepared discoverable actors cultural did you rewrite hardware on it so that some day spend that time that
this position she and will not go on the record but he says if someone is in they say it’s always impersonating
brett farr bid on a hell of a job because they’re calling in you know be called in your
phone however many years ago ride which of course if your celebrity i don’t know what
you’re doing man up everybody saving every message so of course she say those messages
and as you say the taxes that are et cetera and then honor my space account he knew the
name of the jets personnel wrandell like how would somebody know all that he’s got a mississippi apparent code brett
farr service at the and does that sound like red farmer i don’t
know what do you guys think that salad bread far jr races the deficit to be a resounding yes from brother room uh… that that now that so he’s trying to reach out to her she the recent you heard him say throw in
the garbage is she says no right here comes the best part of the store she says no i’m not interested because we
go out with a guy like that he’ll just eventually story in the dark okay and he said not only a leon garner no
no i let me say mappings right then then once she says no he then sent to the penis uh… tax threat allegedly election verdict that pic
penis pick right what i love that that is he’s like a didn’t work okay time to go to for the nuclear senator pete and we know we sub results showed right he was in sacramento i mean profit those events are paid but i
don’t like the i guess he thought that that wasn’t aware of i don’t know about all these people were as
a woman i’m going to get a word of advice to mend who are thinking about uh… sitting
there penises their pictures to women don’t do it because you penis is not attractive it is not a helping hand and that’s not as
does not think it is doesn’t matter women don’t want to see your
penis i’d here and see it your penis is not a fact that there is nothing more on the fact
that the nazis but yet but it did not have the right like
anderson and like it men like it when women sent pictures of themselves right because
the female body is a beautiful thing uh… included then that’s ok window internet by looking
at your soft hit and he experts from pleasant pictures which
then you’re like what they would you do it with you there the but what i love music that was his closing his leg look when in doubt

100 Replies to “Did Brett Favre Send Penis Pics to Hot Sports Illustrated Girl?”

  1. @Silvertrine I give him a pass in any case. We (society) never asked him to grow up. No. We told him to keep heaving that football at 60mph. We told him to stand there bravely while being pursued by huge, powerful, fast men. We told him to keep on screwing cheerleaders. Am I lying?

  2. Don't send pictures of you penis especially flaccid ones, but if you trust the girl and she trusts you there is nothing wrong with sexting. I've done it a few times and its not my thing but some girls like it especially if you send them erotic messages along with it. Have I said too much?

  3. Ana. what the fuck.

    SOULJA BOY POSTED HIS DICK ON TWITTER and she was drooling, the fucking video is still uploaded

    "Geez, that's amazing [lol]"


  4. the problem i have with ana is that sometimes she thinks she knows how all women think because she is one. however, she's 100% wrong. some women would like to see a guy's penis and some women get off from it. she probably doesn't know women like that since she is making this claim, but they're out there. she needs to be more careful about what she says. oh & to those saying that she's a lesbian… she has a bf.

  5. @YoungBossMajor
    Really? A typo monitor? "I aint typing good", so i need to re-learn english?
    Here, if this makes you happy,
    Correction: "How to they know", "should have been "How do they know".
    "May he got drunk" should have been "Maybe he got drunk"
    Happy now?

  6. Soooooooooooooo…..
    what your saying Ana is that sending you a hard on pic is the way to go?
    Whats the cell number? Fire in the hole baby!

  7. @sdafun Defend her all you like, but @3:39 she declares that "the female body is a beautiful thing," before & after diatribes about how ugly she finds men's penises, the implication being that there is nothing beautiful about a man's body. At the time I'm writing this, there are 436 comments, almost all of them about what Ana said, & very few of them about the content of the video, Brent Favre, so clearly I am not alone in thinking she slammed the attractiveness of men here.

  8. seems like ana has bought into the whole line of societal revulsion of men's bodies. some dongs look good, some don't. just like cookies. or beef curtains.

    also, doesn't really sound like favre to me

  9. @dEdGrimley from your lips to the ancient greeks' ears.

    it's a mental disorder to think that it's a mental disorder to think that guys are attractive. only because to many people, they are.

  10. Hey, girls of the TYT Army, I have a serious question for you.

    If you aren't turned on by limp penises like Ana says in the video, how do you feel about boners?

  11. Ana, how about i say that boobies and va-jay-jays are nasty. You wouldn't like that would you?

  12. @carnut476 I dunno…i'm a jet fan and love favre..but the cards are starting to stack against him. Even though the tape sounds like him, the one glaring thing is Brett's reply to all this…"I'm not gonna get into that". WTF?? Innocent people (or delusional people like Roger Clemens) DENY DENY DENY!! Now reports of other women are starting to surface. At least Tiger was able to keep photos of his weiner from going public.

  13. I don't know whats crazier, the fact that some NFL player is trying to hit on some random hot chick; or that some RANDOM HOT CHICK FROM FSU is super popular and all over the place just because she (and her 2 other friends who didn't become as famous) dressed skanky one day and is now plastered on the news.

  14. HAHA . This guy is annoying. I've taken shits that were far more amusing than that ugly annoying piece of SH*T that keeps running his mouth. Anyway, she's just trying to cash in like Tiger Wood's sluts…oops- I mean "mistresses…". Actually, yeah I meant SLUTS… Or money whores- whichever you like…Oh P.S. get a gutter rat to gnaw that mole off your face weirdo…

  15. @Baby48Tough Awwww, look at you. Do your caretakers know you leave such nasty comments on YouTube? Better hope they don't find out, they'll take away your computer privileges.

  16. wtf is ana talking about? nothing more unattractiv than a penis? most women love penises! she has issues and i feel offended XD

  17. @Silvertrine This is probably gonna sound cold but it must be said: Mate, neither you nor I know what kid of relationship they have. She could've just been his trophy when they got together & he figures it's cheaper to keep her. He's a pro ballplayer. He's got a broad in every town. The woman to whom he sexted isn't a random reporter. She's an SI swimsuit model.

    In any case, his age doesn't matter. His marital status doesn't either. Like I said, we (society) have asked him to not grow up.

  18. Actually, the women body is nice enough, but the pussy is not. The only thing uglier than a mans penis is a woman's vag. I hate watching porn and then they do the close up. wtf. I can't get turned on to a birth canal.

  19. Beauty is a subjective thing, influenced by the general culture. Most ancient Greeks probably believed that a male's body is as beautiful or even more beautiful than a female's. As for the male genitalia…well, most people – both men and women – probably find it unattractive. As a straight male though, I think the female genitalia – the turkey's head as I like to call it -is pretty gross.

  20. the dumbest part of this is this guy saying,,, "Shes a FAIRLY an attractive lady"…… lets get honest guy,, shes not FAIRLY attractive…. shes absoloutely gorgeous… get your facts straight, kid

  21. That dick was not impressive. If you're going to send dick pics, that dick better be hard. Flaccid dicks are no fun.

  22. Only if you're Samantha from Sex in the City, you'd probably disagree with ana on that note.

    For me, I do agree. (That's just me)

  23. Ana is right, male sex organs are really ugly. I wouldn't dream of sending any pictures of my penis, even though its an absolute monster….wink, wink

  24. Ana is lying! There are MANY women that get turned on from looking at a penis…of course only when it's hard not flaccid!

  25. watch?v=FCyGb0krBlw

    the video link I posted shows ANA getting turned on by a penis! She describes it as "amazing"! I knew she was lying! Women love penis they just try to act like they don't!

  26. This is that fat pile of crap that ripped on Mark Haynes a few years ago. It's amazing he actually considers himself to be funny. If he wasn't a failed comedian, he'd be doing a real show of television, instead of this Mickey Mouse production. What a loser; L!

  27. I guess she's okayish if you like that overly ethnic look. Just…too easy for this all to be faked and she looks SO much like Deanna. If a guy's gonna cheat is he REALLY gonna cheat with his wife??? I mean seriously. He has the real thing. However, I disagree with the lady here too. The male penis is a work of art, especially when attached to one of the most phe…no, make that THE most phenomenal man on earth. And I'm a Registered Nurse. I've seen PLENTY.

  28. Lol Anna what a hypocrite. Talking about the pics of A Rod's penis way back of him adjusting etc. and how hot he was. Maybe she completely 180'd or maybe she forgot she said it.

  29. @Noraa666 No, you have it wrong… women want to know what you're working w/ (A-Rod) but we (most women) don't think it's attractive or want to really LOOK at it for any length of time… find me a woman who masturbates to a PICTURE of a penis… won't happen! We check (usually when in underpants or clothed) to see size but a penis is UGLY! We don't say "Oh, his penis has a little curve to it, how cute!" Okay, to (a minuscule amount) of women who think the penis isn't ugly… what's cute abt it?

  30. The papers and every other small minded jerk have got Brett hung already. Why would he jeopardize his career for? The NFL takes a dim view of crap like this and would not only fine Bret but suspend him. This broad is out to ruin his career and get attention.

  31. She's completely full of shit. She grooms herself to look like a fucking porn star- what does she expect? Men are pigs. Duh. If she went to the police right away, she would have some credibility. She didn't. She probably asked him for his dick pics. She's just another skank attention whore with no values. Take away her pretty face and fake tits and she's a total fucking ZERO. She should just start chugging cock for the porn industry and get it over with already.

  32. If she was all 'pure as the driven snow' like she claims, she would have contacted the authorities to address the calls in the beginning. She didn't because she's an attention whore who wanted the glitz and glamour of the NFL life. She was probably fucking him or wanted to fuck him. Too bad honey. So sad.

  33. Because Pussy looks good?. . the fuck. . after fucking or even before have other guys actually looked " down there " on females. . .dude its not a pretty sight. . . and yea i know you guys seen some " ok " ones on certain porn films. . but just go fuck a random chick in your area. . i'll bet you my week's pay. . that it won't be a pretty sight looking at those " beaten " lips down there. . .

  34. Hip hop bunny disagrees. I guess she's been watching all those rap videos where women are not objectified and are shown with the utmost respect.

  35. I didn't send no pictures. I showed her mine in person. She was awestruck, said she had never seen anything so huge, she couldn't keep her hands off of it, she……..what, oh, excuse me, I just woke up, I was having this strange dream.

  36. Lol what a loser!. . He was called a garbage dump and he still begged and sent his little wiener pics that's so pathetic the cherry on the top is he was rejected lol!. .

  37. She should be thankful the greatest gunslinger of all time went to the trouble send her a picture of his 3 time NFL MVP. Smh, some women just aren’t thankful.

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