Diablo IV Official Gameplay Trailer

Diablo IV Official Gameplay Trailer

The dream continues to haunt me,
old friend. It always starts with a journey… …to a distant land. There I find a city in flames… …streets choked with corpses… …unthinkable destruction. I witness senseless slaughter, brother against brother, pure hatred. And then… executions, agony, suffering surrounded me, until my turn comes. They burn my eyes, break my bones. I awaken in terror. There’s no one left to stand against them. You think me mad, old friend, but I know these dreams. They tell of the future. Hell is coming, brother. Hell is coming.

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  1. I'm really happy they're leaning back into the D1/D2 art style. Hopefully they keep it enough like D1/D2 to bring back some of the old players who were disappointed with D3 and swore off the franchise.

  2. Still too bright. Too red instead of dark brown. Too light grey instead of DARK grey/black. Fighting animations still smell cartoony.
    Same bright cartoony HUD, same items cartoony design, same item legend on ground, same stupid numbers floating the monsters heads, same feeling, same code as D3.
    This still isn't Dark and Gore. Oh poor Devs, you think this is DARK? You have no idea. Let me tell you, this is just Diablo 3.2 at best.

  3. Would be cool if the characters were more customizable. Hopefully they have a knight or Paladin class. I also enjoyed the monk class

  4. Finally, a cool art style. All the colors are perfectly balanced. Farewell D3 cartoon style. You will not be missed.

  5. All who call on the name of the lord will be saved Jesus said. And that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God ❤️📖🙂

  6. is this serious? We have waited so many years for a Diablo IV and they release a game that seems to be just a copy of the third game, I am honestly disappointed (my opinion)

  7. This looks amazing!!! Please a new world of warcraft next blizzard!!! Why do you refuse your fans? That would only make like a gazillion dollars….

  8. 1. Who is the "old friend" & "brother"? Decard Cain?

    2. Fat Druid = Bear, Thin Druid= Wolf

    3. Staves for Mage/Sorcerer/Wizard? That is a throwback from Diablo 1, but I want scepters or wands instead

  9. Still looks cartoonish if you asked me, I hate the unrealistic proportions from most characters, a lot of spells and skills needs to be toned down or at least use duller colours and from what I've seen I don't feel the "darker" tone of the game, I don't get the eerie feeling, the sense of unease or dread that Diablo 1 & 2 gave me.

  10. dat look good, dat look real good!! glade the wow style aesthetic is gone and a more serious D2 style implemented. i have high hopes. i am going to go ahead and buy into the hype.

  11. Confirmed By Blizzards Diablo4 lead designer Joe Shely that there is no way to play D4 OFFline. You have to be connected to the internet if you want to play D4… (sigh) No money from me, or my friends then. One of the bigger issues many of us had with D3 (among the myriad of them) was the FORCED to be online just to play single player. You never learn Blizzard, you just keep doubling down on a bad bet. I enjoyed the preview though and as always your cinematic scenes are top notch.

  12. The visuals are there, the gameplay looks tight, but the trailer is completely missing glimpses of the inventory, trade, and skilltree interfaces which are extremely crucial in making a hack n' slash game more than just repetitious drivel. I must, therefore, reserve my judgement.

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