Deutsch lernen: Sport und Fitness in Deutschland / learning German: sports in Germany

Deutsch lernen: Sport und Fitness in Deutschland / learning German: sports in Germany

sports We want to do more sports. to jog He goes for a jog twice a week. to ride a bike He goes everywhere by bike. to ride a horse His favourite sport is horse riding skateboard I like going on my skateboard. inline skate We meet once a month to go inline skating. karate They do karate every Monday. Yoga She does yoga once a week. to fence She is good at fencing. trampoline gymnastics Trampoline gymnastics is fun. dance Dancing is a nice activity for couples. volleyball tennis ball ping pong ball jumping ball for children gymnastics ball golf ball shuttlecock basketball football / soccer ball puck team We play together in a team. goal Goal! Goal! Goal for Germany! winner The winner is happy. He won. loser The loser is disappointed. He lost. draw The match between Neustadt and Altdorf was a draw. podium The podium has three steps. He is first, he is secound and he is third. medal There are three medals. The gold medal, the silver medal and the bronze medal She won the gold medal. trophy She won a trophy. long jump He is the best at long jump. high jump She is the best at high jump. net For tennis and volleyball you need a net. basket For basketball you need a basket. tennis racket ping pong racket golf club hockey stick ice hockey stick badminton racket baseball bat gymnastics / exercise We go to children’s exercise every Friday at 4pm. handstand He can do a handstand. knee bend He does 20 knee bends every morning. press-up She does 20 press-ups every morning. split She can do a split. ring She likes exercising on the rings. weight lifting He is a professional weight lifter. rope box mat pommel horse balance beam horizontal bar trampoline climbing Climbing is great fun for me. bow, arrow, target For archery you need a bow, arrows and a target. to swin Swimming is good for your back. synchronised swimming Synchronised swimming is a team sport. water polo We play water polo twice a week. lane I swam 10 lanes today. starting block From the starting block we jump into the water. springboard Careful, the springboard is very bouncy. diving platform tower Do you dare jumping off the ten meter platform? to surf Surfing is a popular summer activity. to row For rowing you need strong arms and legs. winter sports For winter sports you need snow or ice. skis, ice skates, snowboard, skiing glasses ice skating Come, let’s go ice skating. skiing I love skiing skilift With the skilift we go up on the mountain. ice stock curling rocks Playing ice stock and curling are popular winter activities. figure skating Figure skating is beautiful sport. to sled / luge Sledding is fun for all children. bob sleigh The bob goes down the ice canal at a speed of over 100 kilometres per hour. gym In the winter I sometimes go to the gym. treadmill While running on the treadmill you can improve your endurance. start – finish From start to finish it’s 5km. out of breath I am completely out of breath. to drink During sports it’s important to drink sufficient water. break Everybody needs a break once in a while. muscle ache Sometimes the next day your muscles ache. type of sport Which types of sport do you like? I like badminton, cycling, ice skating and skiing. What about you?

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  1. Frohes neues Jahr! Hier kommt das erste Video 2019. Nach dem Thema Sport bin ich schon oft gefragt worden. Vielleicht auch eine kleine Inspiration für diejenigen mit guten Vorsätzen fürs neue Jahr. Viel Spaß ?⚽??

  2. Curling ist langweilig fur mich. Joggen auf Straße ist afregend!!! Ich tennis spielen zu.

    Julia Görges hat Auckland gewinnt.

  3. xq 3 PERSONAS dicen q no le gusta este video, ( estan loca ) Adrea , ERES UNA DE LAS MEJORES EN ESTOS CHANNELS TE FELICITO

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