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  1. Back at the roof during Connor's investigation , Simon's death could have been avoided if you chose to investigate the three androids that were present during the raid .

    This would allow Simon to appear later in Jericho meeting Markus again

    But due to checking the roof you found Simon , the best outcome if you go this path is to Charge to Simon and probe his memory , doing this will give Connor a large amount of positive Software instability , since he and Simon were connected as Connor probed the memories , Connor would feel the very moment of Simon committing suicide . The thought of dying would scare Connor since he was merely binded to a death experience.

    Finding Simon on the roof is a bad choice , there's no way to save him if you do this so it's best to charge him and probe his memory for a large amount of Software Instability.

  2. Damn Connor is cute. I’d hit on him if he was real lol. Even tho he’d probably say. My name is Connor, the android sent by CyberLife.

  3. I had a feeling Zlatko was lying as soon as he mentioned that he had to remove Kara's "tracker". I mean if the Deviants really had one (or had a working tracker), why weren't the Deviants found easily? Why wasn't Kara found and the police relied on witness and surveillance? I processed this as soon as we headed into the basement and knew there was something wrong with him.

  4. I have this person 8:57:17 seconds of my life! And it was worth it thank you and in return you get your watch time.

  5. I hate the fact that alice was a android, WHY ? i feel like it wouldve made the game 10x better if she was a human instead??

  6. Anyone else litterally not care when Connor became deviant and Amanda's relationship went down to betrayed? Im screaming Hallelujah for that!

  7. I have a theory that the reason Alice is an android is because Todd best human Alice to death and ordered android Alice as a cover up.

  8. Love this game, but I wanted to end it like this rather than the way I've ended.
    Definitely gonna play it again.

  9. Just got to the meeting with Kamski and I gotta say, he is an absolute, raging asshole with a God complex that gave human-shaped toasters the ability to feel pain and fear, stepped down to let others do all the work of practically filling the country with these ticking bombs, and then happily watched the explosion. His "philosophy" is part stupid instincts that make people feel empathy towards anything that looks or sounds like a human, part robot kink and part im14andthisisdeep. Cringy terrorist asshole.

  10. Does the game explain why the androids looks so human? I mean if I were making them I'd make them look all cool and futuristic robots, or even alien-esque. That'd be so cool, and they'd wear cool outfits, I mean they'd have the tech to do that yet they make them look and act just like us.

  11. so glad this is a thing… i am playing it and i am way to afraid i'll mess it all up and i'm not ready for that-

  12. I find it a bit weird Markus says he was a slave, and yes that was true. He forgets that his owner was actually kind to him and treated him like family even in a master servant relationship. Does he choose to ignore Carl who he considered like a father???

  13. 8:33:25 this is one of the best parts of the entire game, Hank asks about Cole and Connor let's his heart out showing so much empathy. The clone just shouts that he knew about it but doesn't show any emotion at all, Hank knows his friend and how he is

  14. My god is everybody so effin rich that they can destroy their walking pc? or is it that androids are so cheap any one can buy one?

  15. 1 minute in and I am already creeped out. There is a psychological effect called "Creepy Valley", it refers to things looking human but not quite being them.
    EDIT: I somehow knew there's going to be an artist. Carl just had to be here, art is one and only thing machines can't be better at than humans. Yet, Carl teaching a machine to paint was awe-inspiring.

  16. This game is the perfect example of cinematic perfection inside a virtual novel. I love this all to bits, and it's so heartwarming knowing everything that went into this and all the meaning behind this.

    Incredible journey, and live a good life

  17. Anyone else feels like the player wants to explore way too much instead of finishing the game or is it the pro gamer in me??

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