Derek Jeter Talks About Losing | Steiner Sports Memorabilia

Derek Jeter Talks About Losing | Steiner Sports Memorabilia

Out of all your awards and accomplishments,
though, which is the one that’s most special? And we’ll go down the… -When we win, that’s it. -Is it that plane is simple for you though? -Yeah I mean that’s why you
play. -Is it winning on misery for you? -Yeah. -What’s misery like for you? It’s tough, you play to win in anything. You want to race me down the
street I’m gonna beat you because I feel it’s black and white for me, you
know I don’t think you’re happy finishing second or happy get into a
World Series. The goal is to win. If I don’t win, then I’m not fun to be around.
-So what’s worse 2007 or 2001/2003…you get to the World Series and you lose, or not
even making it to the World Series. -I mean how do you rate losing? You know
what I mean? -It’s all misery for you? -I just never understood it you know, “Well it
feels better because we made it to the World Series and lost.” Why does it
feel better? I’ve never understood that. I really don’t get that one. -Well there
is something… you’ve accomplished something by at
least getting to the World Series. -What did you accomplish you lost? -But there was
someone there was some winning to get there!

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  1. Ahhh and everyday I am constantly reinforced as to why jeter is amazing & why the yankees are amazing as well. there is a reason why he is captain and no one else, losing is not accepted in New York!! He has the right mentality Pinstripes all day baby

  2. mariah's ex, minka's ex, jessica's ex, alyssa's ex, ………..derek i hear you are kinda stuck up dude thats why the ladies don't stick around. time to quit taking yourself so seriously retirement is coming soon and no one wants to hang out with mr.pretentious.

  3. Jeter is kind of a tool. He's never really experienced losing. The Yankees are always a competetive team, not because of him, but the supposrting cast of highly paid free agents. It's harder to lose than to win with a $200 mil. payroll.

  4. Yeah, they lost in the ALCS. Meaning they were one of the last two teams standing in the league. Meaning they won way more than they lost. My point is he has never played on a a consistantly bad team. He should try playing on the Pirates or Royals if he really wanted to feel losing.

  5. I want you all to know that none of the athletes on the cards love any of you, but Jesus does love you and he is one prayer away.Jesus is more famous than all of them, and is the same yesterday,today,and forever. =)
    the definition of FAITH-the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.(From the Holy Bible)
    Only Jesus can fill that void inside of you…material things,pleasure, and money will NOT fill that void inside of you but Jesus can ..seriously =)

  6. You probably dont have that many ex's because that many women never wanted to date you. Youre just a Jeter hater because youre not as liked, good-looking, wealthy, intelligent, respected or athletic as he is. Its cool though, im sure Derek is equally jealous of faceless, anonymous internet trolls who regurgitate their idiotic way of thinking every chance they get.

  7. @JHAM3232 It shouldn't matter what team he plays for, he has the right attitude. Every ballplayer in MLB should have the same goal, which is to win. Now-a-days, most ballplayers care about being the best player in the world and making as much money as they can whether or not their team sucks or not.

  8. Same attitude Kobe Bryant has if you ask the same question, people call them arrogant not understanding that its that same attitude thats necessary to be a multiple times champion in ANYTHING! not only sports

  9. I totally agree with Jeter because I have always felt the same way.Losing a Championship is WORSE than losing earlier in the playoffs because you are right there and when you come up short it feels 100 times worse than when you just get bounced out sooner.If you didn't win the Championship you LOST get it?

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