Hi everyone ! I hope you’re all doing well behind your screens tonight ! It’s been now few years we score 100-0 on FIFA, And this in many ways, we started with a classic 100-0, More recently we took the worst team of the game to play against Real Madrid Every year I need to try it harder, to aim higher ! That’s why this year, I’ve decided to try, to double the stake ! I’m not going to look for 100-0, I’m going to look for 200-0 ! Yes, 200 is huge and I don’t know if we can do this because it will be really hard And moreover, because I’m insane, The 200-0 will be done by only one player, it will be a two hundredfold ! Of course this has never been seen in real life, and I will give this task to the greatest, the genius of the moment, Mbappé ! It’s a great responsibility but with a great power like Kylian’s, comes great responsibilities. Ben if you can hear me, this one’s for you. Of course in order to manage this challenge, I didn’t respect the game’s parameters. That means my team is totally boosted, got 100 everywhere, And the opponent is reduced to the state of microcosmic dust. OK let’s go we have no time to lose, where is Kylian ?? Here he is ! No, Kylian, where are you… Here you are, Kylian shot, ok 1-0, come on let’s goo ! It’s gonna be outrageous, every shot should go in and in a crazy way, like this : Ok… So it wasn’t outrageous, it didn’t even go in so it was… clearly the worst example I could’ve gave you. Of course for more success I also removed the offsides. And… Goal for Kylian ! Kylian shot ! 5-0, it’s already a quintuplet, it’s the best in his career, in only 3mn. Kylian shot ! Ah here we are ! When I was talking about outrageous goal… It’s typically, the example. Little hug with the bros ! Free hug ! Come here, Paulo… Oooh ! Oh okay, it’s getting really hot ! Please stop entering in each other body’s, it’s getting awkward… Hop la, rainbow trick from Kylian… OH ! The head and…GOAL! Ok I’m excited for nothing because it’s totally cheated, but still ! The ball bounced randomly on his head… The man just slammed a volley dude… 23 – 0 for Kylian ! Ok we reached a stage were nobody is celebrating with him, EXCEPT Griezmann, who is really crazy… Kylian is in the stratosphere ! Ok now leave ! Leave Kylian ! NO ! Kylian doesn’t want anymore hugs with Griezmann ! Leave me alone ! I scored 25 goals and you ? Look at Grizou ! He was just fighting with the wind, he’s crazy ! Griezmann is really insane, I’m telling you ! Ah, I think the goalkeeper is upset. After 33 goals I think he’s getting mad. The fair-play is non-existent, there is 33-0 and at each goal, we don’t celebrate around the goalkeeper, we celebrate ON the goalkeeper ! We can say that the fair-play is negative ! Wait, I found something crazy… I didn’t know we could do that but… Look, when I score… To skip that, you press L1 + R1, and it puts you directly at kick off, without replays or anything ! We’ll save a lot of time ! Lucky you, you see 200 goals and you win a free tutorial ! I don’t care, I’m still playing, I will score again ! Oh no ! I was alone ! I could’ve scored 2 goals in 1 ! Look at that, come on… NOO ! What did he do ??! I wanted to score with Kylian !! Really I pressed “X” and he scored ! Matuidi ! Did I give you the right to score ?? It was Kylian’s day ! What have you done ?? Blaise, you betrayed me ! He’s selfish ! I pass him the ball to change the type of goals and what does he do ? He scores ! He is crazy ! To be honest, this may be the most boring game ever so… don’t do it. You’re lucky that someone is doing it for you. I’d love to be at your place because doing it’s not the most pleasant thing, the most enjoyable thing. So where are we now..? We’re at 65-0. Wait I think I had an idea. So, end of the game… I don’t know if I was am right to do that because we were at 65-0, it’s been 30 minutes I was playing, it would be good that I didn’t leave for nothing ! The Long Range mode, each long shot counts for two ! Yes I did start a new game, I’ve never tried this mode before but if it actually works, if we can score two goals in one, it would be great ! (pun with Blaise Matuidi) Ok first long shot, we’ll see if it counts for two, if it’s the case we’re good… 2-0 Yes ! What it means, earlier we wanted to score 200 goals, we’re agree. It’s not because now it’s doubled that it will make things easier… BECAUSE we have a new goal : to score 400-0 on FIFA ! You take 200 you add 200 how much is that..? It’s 400. 200 long shots, 200 Kylian Mbappé, Yes you’re here today and you’re going to witness the World Record of goals on FIFA. Because if I take a quick look, I take the Internet, I search “World Record Goal FIFA”… And, normally nothing should be referenced because NO ONE search that. So the only thing I’ve found is a guy who entered in the Guinness Book Gaming by scoring 322-0. Even if I think that this is weird because to exceed 200 seemed to me really complicated. But we have a lot of work to do so let’s try hard. LEEEET’S GOOO Kylian Mbappé we’re counting on you because you’ll have to score, and a lot of goals dude. Finesse shot with Kylian… Second post… What is he doing..? I CAN’T FIND KYLIAN ! Here he is, wait…What is this ?? Kylian shot… What.. COME ON ! I don’t understand… everything went in and now nothing goes in My shots are stopped by Tapa ! You’re not ashamed to stop my shots ?? (pun with Tapa) Kylian shot, it goes in…Yes ! This is clean, net and efficient. We’re moving at a crazy pace ! Look at this Kylian shot ! Goal ! And we skip ! We skip the replays with the L1 + R1 technique, really remember it it’s excellent. The skill, freestyle, volley, this is beautiful ! 36 – 0 ! In only 8 minutes !! It will be really difficult because it means we have to be at 200 – 0 at half time ! This is crazy ! OK, little break during the tryhard, we’re at 50 – 0, 11′. If we manage to get 5 minutes of added time in each half, we can play 100 minutes… At this rythm, we can hit 500 – 0… can you imagine..? MAYBE ! Maybe, it’s crazy ! I don’t know. 400 would already be insane ! If we continue at this pace, if we don’t miss any occasion, we can make it. Are you sure..? We can make it. Wait… Are you serious right now…? You don’t know Kylian ..? It’s the last one ! 498 – 0 ! We’re gonna make it !! Look at that Interception of Mbappé, acceleration ! Dribble, ok no dribble. This is the tiredness, Giroud dies, come on it’s not the right time Mbappé, for the 500 – 0 ! Is it in ? YES ! 500 – 0 ! We did it !! 502, Kylian scored a two and fifty hundredfold, or a five hundredfold, depends on how you want to call it And now we’re here, let’s set an unbeatable record. Look how we broke the display, we can’t even see the five on the bottom. 542 ! And the referee is going to whistle the end of the game ! It’s over, the referee whistle the end. I am exhausted ! Mbappé of course, I think he’s the MOTM. He scored 273 goals in total, not bad. I believe it has never been done. I think we know who is the next Ballon d’Or. 542 to 0 ! Isn’t it wonderful really though ? I’m telling you really, I’ll can’t do better, on all the attempts that I’ve made, my best was 492. So when I finished the game, at 4 goals of the end, after 1 hour playing… I was in the darkness In total I may’ve done 30 attempts to make it. For the 100-0 I’ve always said that’s it’s not that difficult, but the 542-0, I must admit that it’s very hard ! You have to score between 2 and 3 times by minute. Of course only long range goals and only with Mbappé ! If you look on the stadium’s screens, you’ll see that the display doesn’t exceed 99-0. So it doesn’t displays the goals after 99 on the screens. For the skeptics, because they are always some, you can find the link of the gameplay on the description, You’ll can see that I didn’t cheat and that all the goals are real ! If some of you are interested in watching the less interesting FIFA game ever during 1 hour, let’s go ! You will certainly make fun of me if I tell you that my fingers actually really hurts ! Because during hours your fingers do the exact same moves, go right and shoot, go right and shoot… But now we did it ! Thanks to Mbappé !! I’m dead Most important thing to succeed is to catch the ball directly after kick off. But during the game, they sometimes change the way the kick off. For example at the beginning he will mostly go on the right so you can catch it that way But at the end he will directly pass the ball to the player at the bottom. That’s plenty of things like this that makes it really hard, and at one time the goalkeeper will save one shot, corner kick, the defender tackle from nowhere, you lose 5 minutes and you’re late So you just have to try again, with smiling of course ! It was crazy This game was crazy, this video was crazy, and I really hope you’ve enjoyed it. I think that 542-0 from Mbappé deserves A BIG THUMBS UP ! So please destroy this like bar ! Well if you’re still here, if you’ve watched the video, listened to the song, And listened all the things that said to you after, it means that you’re really the best, I love you ! I really hope that you’ve enjoyed the video, I wanted to do something big and I’ve worked hard, Thank you again, but very sincerely, I can’t thank you more See you soon everybody, BYE !

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  1. Pogba a marqué à 2:13 ! Heureusement ce n'est pas dans le gameplay final car j'ai relancé au moins 30 fois le match après cette tentative là ? Kylian a mis 273 buts à la fin comme vous pouvez le voir dans la description… AVEC UN BUT DE GRIEZMANN ! Si on le compte pas ça fait toujours 541-0… uniquement avec Mbappé ! Vous me pardonnez..?

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  3. Tes très fort à fifa 19 et fifa 15⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️???????????⚽️??????????✨✨✨✨✨✨✨?????♥️♥️♥️♥️??????????????????????

  4. joue contre aucun joueur aussi c'est la même chose.
    le gardien c'est matrix il envoie drs grande esquive

  5. Je pense avoir fait un meilleur score que toi, dis-moi en combien de temps que tu l'as fait, et on pourra déterminer le meilleur de nous deux

  6. Dommage ta pas mis les commentateurs on pourrait écouter ce qui dise imagine omg le 200 goal pour mbappe ?

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