Dennis Rodman Thinks He Deserves the Nobel Prize

Dennis Rodman Thinks He Deserves the Nobel Prize

dennis rodman i went to visit him john
will remember it was a huge story because he was the first america came to
visit and need hinge on them uh… n as a result icy actually things
that he deserves a nobel prize of course if he had he says the following uh… why it’s been left to me to smooth
things over i don’t know dennis rodman of all people giving us safe is really
not my job it’s the black guys obama’s job but i’ll tell you this if i don’t think in the top three for
the next nobel prize peace prize something seriously wrong as i think that was seriously wrong but
it’s great i don’t know the nobel peace prize the winds of one of the black guy surrounded with at that time katia
discovery of italy’s first that was a very seriously and out etc in his mind he really believes like
he’s on a mission uh… for peace and that lake nobody else is up to the
job is a quote on the by when we return like well only is a huge fan of his summitted maybe he is that the secret maybe he has the key to the lock piece
in the country for united iran rose one would have the
commission’s like arm will merging with south korea word
about it that that would that not even a day and
then i would you mind about these products that he would tell you tell me
how massive defense area develop bidyut by those of the black evidence of the
year but by the way to is president should
not a good one media and arrive in could make the case
that it is for one more little bombing steven real has arrived in denver on
anybody that’s for sure

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  1. He's not though. That's not how human reproduction works – some genes are dominant and thus the child of a black father and a white mother will typically look something in the region of 75% black, certainly not just as white as we are black. When I look in the mirror, I don't see a person who's as white as they are black and nobody sees that when they look at me thus, I feel more black and identify as more black. If we looked remotely white then perhaps we'd feel remotely white but we don't.

  2. You are the one making racial generalisations here, if you're looking for racism then look to your over simplistic outlook – you're not seeing people who are black as individuals. There are plenty of white people here who say all sorts of foolish things but you don't hear me saying "white people always…" do you? That's because I don't see them as white people because obviously white people are a collective consisting of millions of completely different individuals.

  3. never said that the world revolves around America so don't put words in my mouth. I said the United states is a global country who's decisions have an effect on a global scale. He was given the peace prize before all the drone attacks so that is irrelevant. Also it may no have effected you but for many minorities Obamas win gave them hope and drive that the presidency of a prejudice country was no longer a dream it was a reality and many countries rejoiced Obamas win and had the same feelings.

  4. Im sorry I guess you don't know how a global economy works or the fact that those same african countries loved Obama and held celebrations during his elections. And once again its not about your opinion a lot of people around the world cared about the out come of obamas election and based on your logic martin luther king should not have received the prize either cause no other countries gave a flying shit about the US civil right movement huh? the noble prize society chose Obama for a reason.

  5. Rodman won seven straight rebounding titles, including three with bulls, appeared on SI cover six times , his performance marveled, he recorded amayzing history within basket ball

  6. Anna referred to Kim Jong-Un as "Un". Um, guys, his surname is "Kim", "Jong-Un" is his given name.

  7. Because he said he was going to do certain things… they gave it to him on claims… he turned around and did the opposite, continued all the wars, increased civilian casualties significantly through cruel and indiscriminate policies, violated civil liberties on an unprecedented, Orwellian scale, and punished those who became whistle blowers with torture and jail. He promised to bring peace, got an award for it, then brought war, death, oppression and torture instead.

  8. I think the reason why is that the last "great leader" was Kim Jong-Il. the difference is il vs un, so i understand why she refers to him as "un"

  9. well, why not? if Dennis tells Kim like, look bro, lets just stop this whole war thing and shoot some baskets instead and Kim's like, oh what the hell, sure why not… I think he definitely deserves the peace prize

  10. I think thats exactly the problem right there.That attitude. its not about voting for someone who agree with some or most of your positions its about choosing the lesser of 2 evils. The system will never get better with an attitude like this and just further fall to greed and corruption.

  11. Turks sound jealous in their ridicule. DR doesn't deserve the NPP yet but he deserves credit for being the only citizen to step up to start a relation with Jong-un.

  12. After that the Nobel Prize "thing" lost complete credibility…
    People use to respect it, now it is considered a complete joke…

  13. I tell my nephew and niece:
    "If you don't behave, this dude is coming to get you"…
    They get really scared and do whatever I ask them…

  14. Maybe if he keeps it ip and helps NK mind of yhe world chamge and shows that short man how he sjouldnt be such a meany

  15. Not necessarily the EU. Remember that not a single armed conflict has taken place in the EU since it was established, while the rest of the world, not so great. Though, it is kind of lame to give the prize not to one person.

    You are, however, very right when it comes to Obama, that guy didn't deserve shit.

  16. As much as I'd hate to say it…he deserves it much more than the failure in office. Obama is far from peaceful, he kills with your back turned like a coward.

  17. we r far from peace, first a whole lot of imbicils got to be wasted, but nough left for the ressistance to fight

  18. -PLEASE quit the Obama jokes, They're very weak,stale, and poor-taste and make absolutely no sense might i add. It seems like a bunch of people Butt-hurt over something they had total control over but slacked, Obama is president, Get over it lol. But Onto the subject of Mr. Rodman,Any man who marries himself, Can't be taken seriously. That is all. Good Day

  19. Exactly.

    I think TYT called it all wrong. Rodman saying he should get the prize does NOT mean he seriously expects to get the prize. He's not that stupid, he's just grabbing attention, Rodman style. He knows he's full of shit.

  20. i didn't say he deserved it cuz he's hot…i just couldn't help myself…dude is fuckin hot!!!!!! i just had to comment..

  21. no, ugliest mofo should go to channing tatum…tatum is the most overrated so-called "Sexiest man alive"(yea right, my ass)…..bradley cooper, brad pitt, channing tatum…all these mofos are fuckin generic looking overrated men..real hotties are men like the guy from scandal, colin firth, and when it comes to black men, i can't resist denis rodman…that masculine body but boyish personality….owwww!!!!!! i'm dead!

  22. I think Rodman did do something pretty amazing by visiting with Kim Jong Un. He was able to have a peaceful diplomatic, peaceful, trip to the DPRK and have some fun filled laughs with the Supreme Leader. That has never happen before in such an open international manner. He never brought the Globe Trotters with him and they played basketball with North Koreans. Truly amazing! Noble Peace prize? I am not sure about that just yet.

  23. I think Dennis Rodman is so UGLY w/a Capitol U and those tattoos & body piercings really makes him ugly, yuk.

  24. you could vote for an independent party for one, that's certainly the easiest thing. Anyone who says "don't vote for an independent because your throwing your vote away" are the same people who get shafted every election by there "shiner turd" candidate. I voted for the Justice party last election and its the only vote I've ever cast that i didn't feel was wasted. It might take a long time but independent parties are on the rise and the main 2 are on the decline. Mightaas well help it along.

  25. You libidiots re-elected him after he drone bombed, after he refused to close Gitmo. Now go polish it for him while you drip slobber all over his nutsack

  26. yep i agree, this is really fantastic. i know one thing for sure, i got nicely shocked when a check came for $300 after I read the emails and did surveys for a week!. you can get it from here: bit.ly154eijH

  27. It is only because we justifiably expected far worse from Romeny even while acknowledging how bad Obama was. Nothing Romney would have done would addressed a single issue we have and you now pretend to care about. You imagine we "slobber all over his nutsack" because that is what you clowns did with Bush. We do not march lock step like right does and are feel free to hack all leaders for what they do wrong. There is plenty to pick from and will find us regularly speaking out if you care to look.

  28. You are more than free to throw your vote away and if you are not in a swing state it really does not matter. If you are in a swing state and care anything about progressive policy there is sadly only one place to vote and not risk being part of electing a candidate you can not stomach. Our presidential election is often a choice between a giant douche and a shit sandwich. To many it is worth voting for a douche to ensure they are not forced to eat that reeking sandwich. It is that simple.

  29. Rodman is outlandish .. but he is really trying to do something for peaceful reasons. I don't see why people will make fun of him for that .

  30. The Gov of Mass didn't drone bomb any children, so you lost that one. You picked the guy that DID drone bomb children and you knew he did when you voted for him. Obammy even lied to your stupid ass faces about Gitmo but you sucked him again at the polls. Damn you're idiots

  31. The Gov of Mass didn't drone bomb any children, so you lost that one. You picked the guy that DID drone bomb children and you knew he did when you voted for him. Obammy even lied to your stupid ass faces about Gitmo but you sucked him again at the polls. Damn you're idiots

  32. When are people going to stop partaking in this phony bullshit. Government is man made, but it is not above man. In a way it's imaginary.

  33. Let's just all agree here, 99% of American politicians, liberal or idiot, are far too stupid to run a fucking country.

  34. Well he deserves it more than Obama, ill give him that.
    He should also win an award for bringing swag to Basketball.

  35. The black guy – Dennis rodman
    what? lol

    i say give it too him'
    Obama got one for nothing then destroyed all peace
    and Gore got one for spotlighting an issue then using it as a pivot for private and public hes been a bit better than Obama's disgrace tho, and at least he did something unless you deny global warming yay i feel like Obama when he is including atheists
    so yeah give Obama's to rodman

    also no top comment totally goin for it either hitting the top or going -15

  36. If there's one question I'd like to be asked by anyone, it would be Anna Kasparian asking me " tell me how my ass tastes."!


  38. what an idiot! if he secured the release of the captive American like Jessie Jackson, maybe. NK got Americas smartest athlete with Down's syndrome.

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