(Deltarune) FULL / Gameplay Part 1 / This Game is Hysterical!

(Deltarune) FULL / Gameplay Part 1 / This Game is Hysterical!

100 Replies to “(Deltarune) FULL / Gameplay Part 1 / This Game is Hysterical!”

  1. Deltarune: release
    The rule 34 Artis and The comic Masters and the cooler artist:

    Let us introduce our selves

  2. 🍪 Jesus cookie christmas christ 🐶🍭😊🐶🐶😊💕😊💕💓🙃🎁😂🎂😄🙂😅🎂🎂

  3. It’s a beautiful day out side

    Sans busts the door

    Birds are singing flowers are blooming on days like this kids like you

    Should be getting to school

  4. Pewdie: I made a mistake imma not save
    clicks save button
    Pewdie: …. NOOO
    Next vid
    Pewdie: AlL iS gOoD nOtHinG hAPpANEd

  5. You'd say to susie u look like barney the dinosaur

    Susie: U DEAD ####

    Susie starts banging u on the lockers

    Kids in class: ……….

  6. Felix is nor a prequel nor a sequel its actually an alternate universe . Nobody remembers frisk nor chara or anyone . But one person does . Its G—–

  7. Me at first: this is scary, let's just watch it to know the story and not playing it.
    Me after a few moments later: ok, let's play it.

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