(Deltarune) FULL / Gameplay Part 1 / This Game is Hysterical!

(Deltarune) FULL / Gameplay Part 1 / This Game is Hysterical!

H-h-h-how’s it going bros, my name is Pewdiepie! And welcome to another gameplay on this channel! I know a lot of you guys have been waiting for this. No, for real I’ve been. *chuckles* UNDERTALE 2!!! So, this game came out, it’s called “Deltarune.” It’s… basically Undertale 2. I think… I’m not sure…. Uh, they released chapter 1. But i-i-t’s not just a chapter, it’s an actual full game. As far as i can- I know, it’s 2 hours or something long, so… I’m freakin’ pumped! Uh, I loved playing Undertale,
I think a lot of people enjoyed it as well. So let’s just jump into it. I wanna just show this, just cuz when you
install the game it says “SURVEY_PROGRAM”. “YOU ACCEPT EVERYTHING THAT WILL HAPPEN FROM NOW ON.” Yes, except… I won’t accept putting on Start Menu Shortcut. That was an actual joke. Let’s do this… Okay. Oh God! What did it say? I was adjusting my window. “Are we ready… connected? It’s almost the same. I guess we are. Ok! It’s, Undertale. Ok, this is epic! “Excellent.” Where is Sans? Come on.
“Truly excellent.” “Now.” Now what? “We may begin.” *exitedly claps* I know the future everyone, guys. Oh, Jesus! “First.” “You must create a vessel.” Okay. “Select the head that you prefer.” Alright, we got…. Mmm… this one. “Select the torso that you prefer.” Wow! There’s so many different options!
How could I possibly pick one? Hmm… Hmm..! I think-! I think I’ll go- I think I’ll go with that one. “Select the legs.” Oh wow!
There are so many different options! How could I possibly pick one? “This is your body.” “Do you accept it?” Well, does anyone truly accept their body? That was so deep…. “Excellent.” “You have created a wonderful form.” Why, thank you, that’s the first time anyone told me that. “Now.” Except when I go to the bathroom.
“Let us shape… “…its mind…” as your own.” “What is its favourite food?” Uhhm… Pain. Taste’s good right? “Your favorite blood type?” Uhh… I think I’m B, I’m not sure…. Favorite blood type… “What color does it like the most?” Cyan is pretty interesting. “Please give it a gift.” A gift of… mind. I’ll be a psychic Pokemon. “How do you feel about your creation? (It will not hear.)” Are you sure? *laughs* I… I’m hopeful. “Have you answered honestly?” Uhh… Yeah, I think so…. “You acknowledge the possibility of pain and seizure?” Uhh… No. “Understood.” “Name your vessel.” Uhh… Well… of course, you know what’s happening. You know what’s… has to be. The legend has to return. Do not say the word. Oh! “We called it ‘SALADASS.'” We? “And what about the creator?” “Your own name.” Oh… well I guess I’ll pick ‘Felix.’ Just cuz usually these games are really meta. So I want it to play into that. “‘Felix.'” What a silly na- “Excellent.” Yes. Thank you for not ripping into my name. “Truly excellent.” “‘Felix.'” “Thank you for your time.” You’re welcome. Now let’s get on with the game. “Your answers” “Your wonderful… creation!” “Will now be discar-…” DAMMIT! *laughs* “No one can choose who they are in this world.” Are you kidding me?! “Your name is” God… “Kris!” It’s cow-mom! Alright… this is… (Anime voice) “Kris, if you-” (Normal voice) “Kris, if you do not wake up, we will be late for school!” “I will wait outside for you, alright?” So… this is Undertale…
or… is it not… I can’t…. Alright, let’s look around. “It’s a beautiful day outsi-” Man I miss this. The style and everything is so great. “The drawer is mostly empty, except for…” Oh, thank God, “A school
cross-country shirt with a tear in it.” I thought it would be something else…. Damn, I got a lot of trophies. “It’s a computer desk. There are many boxes under it filled with old books.” Alright, let’s just get moving. Damn, I look good. “The door is-” OK, great. Damn, it feels great to be playing this. What?… That was a bit glitchy or… …like a mistake… I’ll let it slide, it’s okay. This has to be the… like… “It’s the TV. Doesn’t seem to even be plugged in anymore.” Alright go- oh, here we are “Kris! There you are, we might still be able to make it!” “Kris…. It is a beautiful day today, is it not?” “I hope it stays this way when Asriel visits next-” Wait! So it is Undertale! “But I wonder… after the excitement of University…” “Will he sill enjoy coming home to this little town…?” Is it like a prequel or something? Oh my God. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.
Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Okay, “librararby.” This is great. Oh my God, THE MUSIC! I’m freakin’ hyped man. That’s cute 🙂 Just don’t hug me in school mom, Jesus Christ. 🙁 And why does she go to the right, and not down where we came? (new accent) “So does everyone have a…” “Oh, Kris!” “We thought you weren’t coming today!” “We’re doing group projects this month…” “Uh…So… walk around and find a partner, ok?” God, this was the worst, finding a partner in school. That was only during class 7 and 8,
that I actually had a friend to partner with. We were always like, OK we’ll go, and it was the best. But if you don’t have that? It’s the worst. Now, obviously, I’m gonna partner with a snake. (another accent) “Kris! You know
Jockington and Catti, are always partners!” “We’re the ultimate academic duo-” See, he’s rubbing it in! He’s rubbing it in! “Ever since our first gym class! It was hula hoop day, and they ran out of hoops for us…” “So she used me instead! That’s our origin story!” Damnit! That is a great origin story! What about this… thing? (cowboy accent) “Partn’er? I hardly know’ er!!” “Ha ha ha!! Whaddya think of that one!? Funny, right?” “… No?” “Well, I got news for you, pal! I already GOT a partner!! SCRAM!” Sheesh. What about?… “Yo, Kris… show up earlier next time!” “I ended up having to partner with Snowy, ha, haha…” “Now he keeps turning to me and saying
‘Howdy, Partner!’ like a cowboy…” Jeez, what about…. Jesus! (Sayori voice) “KRISP!! awa… ver sorz… tem already have-” What the f- Is that an egg? “(It’s a black-and-white hardboiled egg.)” “(Sadly, seems like it already has a partner.)” Why is this game doing me like this? Alright, come on man- “Ah, Kris. Late again, I see.” “Hmm? You need a partner? Sorry, I’m already partners with the 2nd smartest student.” Oh! So you’re the smartest? “Though… wait!” “Now that I think about it…” “Your unique skillset might help a LOT on this assignment!” “Pfft, NOT!” Jesus Christ! THIS IS CYBER BULLYING!! “I actually want to get an A!” Jesus. (Monika Voice) “Hey, Kris! What’s up? Didja lose your pencil again?” “Here, you want the candy-cane one or the one with lights on it?” “Huh? You want to be partners?” “Ummm… sorry… Berdly already asked me…” “But I could ask Ms. Alphys if
we could make a group of 3!” “I’ll ask if you’re sure!” Uhh… Ok, then… “Ok, I’ll ask!” “Miss Alphys! Umm, is it OK if we have a group of 3?” Please. “Hey! What? No!
I do NOT approve this! ABORT!!” “What? B-but Kris doesn’t have a…” (accent) “Noelle, what were you saying?” “She was just saying we’re FINE being alone!” (Timidly) “A-actually, I just wanted to know if…” *chuckles* “Noelle, can you PLEASE SPEAK UP?” Oh God…. “Hi… S-Susie…” Susie! (Mysterious) “…Am I late?” “Ohh, n-no! You’re fine! W-we were jus, um…” “Ch-Choosing partners for the next group project, and…” “Ummm, Susie, you’re wih Kris!” Oh great, fantastic! At least I get a partner. Oh man, I always got to partner with the weirdos in class… But now I think about it, I was probably the weirdo. “…great.” *chuckles* “N-now that everyone’s here, I’ll write the assignment!” Is he just gonna stand there? “Uh… H-has anyone seen the chalk?” “This is the third time it’s gone mssing, and…” “Y-you all know I can’t start without some!” Oh, that’s too bad, I guess we won’t have class. “H-how about this? If no one speaks up…” “E-everybody get’s in trouble!” Yeah, that will do it! *chuckles* “A…any-?” Did I just try to drink this with the lid on? “P…Please?” “Hey there might be a box in the supply closet…” “Miss Alphys, why don’t Susie and I…” “G-good idea, Noelle! Susie, s-since you came in last…” “Why don’t you go get it for me…?” “…whatever.” “And K… Kris… Can you go with her and make sure she…” “Um, actually gets it? and um, stay out of trouble…?” “Thanks, Kris! See you later!” Fan-tastic. What about you, then? “Click, click, tap, tap…” “…don’t die.” *laughs* What do you say, then? “Kris if I had arms… I would take off this cool hat in rememberence of you.” God Damn “Kris, Kris, don’t listen to ’em. It’s not that bad” “You’ll PROBABLY survive Susie beating you up.” “You’re just gonna fail when she doesn’t do ANY of your project!!” “It’s like was always say, Kris… You SUZ, you LOSE!!! (Gasp) You Laugh You Lose, You Suz You Lose? “…uhhh, that’s not very reassuring, huh.” “Yo! Kris! I’m sorry! If I had just waited to be your partner…” “You wouldn’t have to be HERS!” She’s probably gonna pound you to pieces, Kris! “And then kick the butts of all those little pieces!” What does egg have to say about this? *laughs* I love the humor in these games So silly Did he just eat the chalk? Oh God Uhh… “Kris.” “Didn’t see you there.” “Hey.” “You didn’t see anything just now, did you?” (sudden constipation) “You can’t even say?” I don’t know… I can’t really… I’m not really getting any options here, man… “Kris…” Oh God It’s over Oh God “Hey” Oh God Please don’t hurt me “Let me tell you a secret.” You like eating- Oh God. (Laughs) “Quiet people piss me off.” “You think just ’cause you don’t say anything… “…I can’t tell EXACTLY what you’re thinking?” “It’s OVER! I caught Susie eating all the chalk!” “This was her LAST chance! Now she’ll finally be expelled!” “Haha… come on Kris. Don’t act shocked. You know it’s true.” “Everyone’s waiting for it. Everyone wants it.” “So, congrats, Kris. You got me. I’m done for.” “Just, lemme say one little thing.” “Seems like a waste to get expelled just for having a snack. “So, Kris, if I KNOW you’re gonna pull the trigger…” “Heh heh heh…” “Why don’t I just get expelled for some REAL carnage?” “Kris… How do you feel…” Oh God. “About losing your face?” I feel strongly against it. Strongly against it. STRONGLY AGAINST IIIIT!! “Nah.” *chuckles* “Kris… You’ve got a good mother.” “…it’d be a shame to make her bury her child.” “Alright. Let’s get this over with.” “We’ll get more chalk. Mosey back to class. And then, Kris… “YOU’LL do our project. How’s that sound?” Uh- “Don’t bother answering.” “If you haven’t gotten it by now…” “Your choices don’t matter.” Hey, I don’t like the way if you don’t talk By the way, don’t talk. “Let’s go, freak.” Jesus Christ, I almost died out there. Oh God, he’s looking at me. What happens if I just leave? “Kris…? You just gonna skip school…? “What, am I supposed to snitch on YOU? That’d be rich, huh?” “Nah, I wouldn’t. Get back here.” “Kris, if you skip school, your mom’ll have a heart attack.” “Kris, if-” Ok Alright, alright, fine, I won’t give my mom a heart attack. “God, can you walk any slower, or what?” “Nah, I get it. Not used to walking around without someone holding your hand? “Come on, freak.” Jeez, sheesh… Well, here’s the closet. Too bad… “We were just starting to have fun.” That’s a very ominous closet… I must say… Oh “Hey, Kris, is it me, or… is it REALLY dark in there?” “What’s the holdup, Kris? Are you gonna go in or what?” “Fine! If you’re gonna be a WIMP, then I’ll…” “We’ll go-” *laughs* “We’ll both go in at the same time!!” Seems fair. “See? Why are you so scared?” “There’s nothing in here but old papers.” “Let’s try to find a lightswitch.” “Kris, if you leave me here, I’ll…” Ok, alright. Ok, ok, I’m here, ok, what’s up? “That’s weird… I can’t find a switch.” “Guess it’s further in…” Oh God, no, God, ah, ah, God “Uhhh… kind of big for a closet, huh…?” “You’d think we’d have reached the end by now…” “Hey, Kris. I think this closet’s, uh… broken.” “There aren’t any walls.” “Well, we’ve worked hard enough.” “If Alphys wants chalk so bad, she can get it herself.” “Let’s split.” We did it, guys. Ah, shi- *instant regret* Damnit! “What the…!? “Hey, this isn’t funny! LET US OUT! LET US…” “The floor, it’s…! *shookth* That’s DOOOPE! We’re falling down! It’s all happening again! Are we gonna meet some monsters? Damn, I look… Is that an armor? What is that? I look cool. Look at that! (High-pitched voice) Save Station! Battle up. “At times you see it flickering. The light only you can see.” “By second nature, you reach out, and…” save it. Heck yeah, guys. Look, we’re doing great. So proud. Ok, well this is very ominous. Ah, jeez. Alien nipple. It’s waving at me. ‘Hello, alien nipple’ Good to see you, alien nipple. It looks like a… looks like a face. O-kay, it is a face. Wait… I saw something moving up there! You see it? Ahh! Ok, I’m fine. Cool, this… Oh that’s definitely a face! What is happening here? “There’s something glowing inside. Take it?” “You got the Glowshard.” What in the world is a Glows-hard? *snickers* GOOD NAME! Ah, jeez. Okay… Not on my watch, alien nipples. I don’t think so! Save Sta- “You bathed your body in the light.” “A power shines within you, breaking through the darkness.” “Any pain you may have had melted away…” I have HP fully restored Ok, doing well. “In this land, only eyes blinded by darkness can see the way…” What is this, a puzzle? Wow! I must be some kind of genius. Incredible. Ew… Do I get anything for activating thaaat? EWW! EWW! Ay! You saw that. Oh! Again Eh- “Hey! Back off! Come any closer and I’ll…!!” *chuckles* “K- Kris… Phew! Hey, don’t scare me like that, dumbass!” “Unless you WANT to get clocked in the face, heh.” “Anyway, enough screwing around. We gotta find a way outta here.” “Ummm… where is ‘here’ anyway?” *laughs* “It doesn’t matter! YOU got us into this mess, YOU get us out!” (In surprise) How did I do it? I didn’t do anything! “Lead the way, Kris!” Look, who’s the scaredy-cat, huh? “Oh my God. Nevermind. You walk WAY too slow” *chuckles* Jesus… Alright, okay. Where’d he go? Who’s this? “Hey, Kris. There’s someone up there waving at us.” “Any idea what they want…?” Sans! It’s Sans! Whoa! (High-pitched voice) Sa- “R-run Kris!” Ah God! Ah, ah Ah It’s okay. I played Undertale 2… I mean 1. I know how to do this. I’m an expert! I’m channeling all my epic gamer skills. This is a ZERO DEATH run, everyone. I will die- Oh, God, that was actually close. OHHH! PROOO! *high-pitched voice* Prooo! Made it! “Kris, down here!” Ok! Ay! Whoa! Sheesh! Ay! (Anime voice) Stop it! Everyone! EVERYONE! I have an announcent! Stop! Look at that (shoo shoo) What a waterslide. Damn, I love the art… It’s so simple and still so effective. “Oh, you’re not dead. Sweet.” “Got an idea what the heck this place is?” “…me neither.” “Wonder if there’s anyone in that building up there…?” (High-pitched voice) Save Station. “In front of you, a castle looms beneath the empty town.” “A black geyser- (Pffts with burp) emerges from it…” “…piercing endlessly into the sky.” “The power of this place shines within you.” Eye Puzzle… What is this? “A castle…?” “Why the hell is there a castle inside a supply closet…?” “Welcome, heroes…!” “Who’s there!?” “Do not be alarmed… I am not your enemy.” “Please come forward, both of you…” Oh. It’s Sans! It’s gotta be Sans.” “Welcome. I am the Prince of this Kingdom… The KINGDOM OF DARKNESS!” *laughs* “Kris, Susie… There is a LEGEND in this land.” “A LEGEND that one day, two HEROES of LIGHT will arrive,” “And fulfill the ancient prophecy, foretold by time and space.” “Please, Heroes… Listen to my tale…” “Very well, then…” Alright. Let’s listen to that… “Once upon a time, a LEGEND was whispered among shadows.” “It was a LEGEND of HOPE. It was a LEGEND of DREAMS.” “It was a LEGEND of LIGHT. It was a LEGEND of DARK.” “This is the legend of DELTA RUNE.” Deltarune! My God… “For millenia, LIGHT and DARK have lived in balance,” “Bringing peace to the-” This is very Zelda. “Bringing peace to the WORLD.” “But if this harmony were to shatter…” “A terrible calamity would occur.” “The sky will run black with terror…” “And the land will crack with fear.” That sounds like a bad time. “Then, her heart pounding…” “The EARTH will draw her final breath.” “Only then, shining with hope…” “Three HEROES appear at WORLDS’ edge” “A HUMAN, a MONSTER and a PRINCE FROM THE DARK.” Wow. That fits our description perfectly. “Only they can seal the fountains.” The fountains… The geyser? “And banish the Angel’s wrath.” “Only then will balance be restored,” “And the WORLD saved from destruction.” “Today, The FOUNTAIN OF DARKNESS-” “The GEYSER that gives this land form-” “Stands tall at the center of the kingdom.” That’s kinda weird… “But recently, another fountain has appeared on the horizon…” And it’s bigger than ours, I don’t like it. “And with it, the balance of LIGHT and DARK begins to shift…” This is… this is interesting… I’m curious, tell me more, Prince Of Darkness. “Kris, Susie… Thank you for listening to my long tale.” It was very long, I’m glad you added that. “I deeply believe you two are the HEROES of the LEGEND.” “That despite whatever enemies you may face…” “You two have the COURAGE to SAVE THE WORLD.” “DELTA WARRIORS!” “Please, won’t you accept your destiny…?” “Uhhh… Nah.” *chuckles* Jesus Christ… “W…what?” “Me? Some kind of hero or something…?” “You’ve got the wrong person.” “B-but Susie, without you, the… the world will…” “So what? If the world gets destroyed… It’s none of my damn business.” “Might even be kind of fun, honestly.” “Anyway, Kris…” “If YOU wanna play pretend with this weirdo… ” “Stick around.” “I’M going to find a way out of here.” “Sus-susie… Wait!” What? It’s SANS!! *chuckles* “Ho ho ho! The heroes are already running away…” “And they didn’t even know I was here.” “My dad’s gonna make me Son of the Month!” *laughs* How many sons does he have? Lemme guess. One. “Who the hell are you!?” “I’m…!” “THE BAD GUY! *laughs* “You CLOWNS want to seal our DARK FOUNTAIN, huh!?” “And – STILL picturing you guys as CLOWNS -” “Save the world from ETERNAL DARKNESS, huh!?” “Eh.” “Don’t try to deny it…!” “We both know you’ll go EAST!” “It’s your only way home!” “But, I, LANCER,” Lancer… *snickers* “won’t let you go there!” “And I’ve got a flawless two step plan to ensure it.” “Step one. I thrash you.” “Step two. You lose!” You Thrash You Lose! “Hmm. Nice plan, kid.” “R-really…?” “Yeah, actually… Mind if we use it on you instead?” Oh! Oh! It’s fighting time. Uhh, Kris can act. Uh, warning. “You tell Lancer to watch out for Susie’s attack.” “He redies himself.” (facepalm) “Halt, clowns! This bike is fueled by victory!!!” Oh God. Ooh- “Dunno how I got an axe, but, like, that’s cool.” *laughs* Oh yeah! Almost. “I love to get thrashed… just kidding-!” Oh. God. Hey! “Lancer’s riding it out.” Did we get him? “So what are you guys doing after this???” No plans, just going home. “Hohoho!!! I’m the bad guy!” Yeah, we- oh! What happens if I go close? It like, charges. Okay. “My bike’s running out of fuel…! Alright, you punk-a-roos!” “You had the luck of the draw this time, but… next time, the losers will be YOU!!” “Hahaha!!! Bye, losers!!” “I gotta get home befor dinner!!!” “You won! Got 0 XP.” “Are you two O..?” “Um, allow me to introduce myself more properly, I am…” “Jeez, can you take off that hood? I can barely hear you under there.” “U-ummm, alright…” What the- what? “Hello everyone. I’m Ralsei.” “Kris, Susie… It’s ever so wonderful to meet you!” “I’m certain we’re going to become great friends, and,” “Best way to leave is East, right?” “Yes! That’s where we’ll…” “Got it.” “See you at school, Kris.” PFFT *grins* “Umm… I suppose it’s just the two of us, then…” This is so sad. “Kris, I am-” Are you the Prince of Darkness? “I am a PRINCE, but…” “I, um, currently don’t have any subjects.” “I’ve been waiting alone here…” “Um… my whole life for you two to arrive.” “So… I’m really happy to meet you.” I hope we can be good friends, Kris.” Uhh… “Let’s try to find Susie. She must be to the southeast.” “You can lead the way, Kris!” Let’s go. Oh, let’s do a save. “Ralsei, the lonely prince, is now your ally.” The power of fluffy boys shines within you. Damn! That’s one of the strongest powers, this world has ever known. Let’s keep going. Why not? I’ll make this an extra long episode. What is this? “Oh, Kris! It’s the training dummy I made!” “Now seems like a great chance to prepare for the enemy.” “Would you like me to teach you how to fight?” I guess? “Ok! Get ready, Kris!” “See that HEART, Kris?” “That’s your SOUL, the culmination of your being!” “Within, it holds your WILL… your COMPASSION…” “And the FATE of the world.” So, yeah… uh, You probably know Undertale. You could choose if you wanted to play passive… or aggressive, I guess… That’s a really bad way to explain it. “If it gets hit, you and your friend will lose health.” “If everyone’s HP reaches 0-” Ok, obvious. “So please take care to avoid the enemy’s attack.” “Ready? Let’s try-” Okay. See, it charges if I go close- “You’re a natural! Anyhow, after the enemy attacks, it’s our turn.” “First, I’ll teach you how to fight.” Ok, let’s try fighting. “Wow, Kris! That was an amazing attack!” “Have you done this before or something…? OK, next let’s try DEFENDING.” Oh yeah, I have defending. Oh, I gather TP if I defend… And now we have to spend that TP on spells. “Now, If I use my PACIFY spell on it… it’ll fall asleep.” Oh, so you can play pacify. Pacify. “Acting! Through this, even the most violent enemies can be defeated through the various acts of kindness!” If its- even though it’s a dummy, give it a hug I can hug Ralsie, that’s cute. Hug. WHAT IS THIS, SO WEIRD! “Aww, that’s great, Kris!” “Each enemy has different ACTs that satisfy them.” “When an enemy is satisfied, its name turns YELLOW.” “When that happens, you can defeat it by sparing it!” “If we SPARE all the enemies we meet, we’ll never have to FIGHT!” Man, what should I do? Should I spare or should I fight? “Oh, that was fun! You’re a wonderful student, Kris!” “…and, er, in case you ever need a refresher…” “Here! I wrote a Manual for you and Susie!” “Press [C] to open the menu and use it for your- in your ITEMS.” You got the manual. “You tried to read the manual, but it was so dense it made your head spin…” Great. This is so- “Oh my! The Great Door is opened?!” “No wonder Lancer was able to come through…” “Kris, once we pass through this door…” “Our adventure will really begin.” “A journey foretold exactly by the prophecy…” “But, Kris, I believe YOUR choices are important, too.” “This world is full of all kinds of people, Kris.” “In the end, how we treat them makes all the difference.” “So let’s try our best to get by without FIGHTing.” “If we can manage to do that… I believe this tale may have a happy ending.” “Otherwise, I fear that… you may not find the result favorable.” “Oh, I’m sorry! Is that too much to ask?” I can handle it. “Kris, I knew you were a hero the moment I saw you.” “Let’s try our best, alright?” Okay. So, the game is kinda telling us that we should try and spare them, it seems like… At least, that’s what I can gather from this. And I remember in Undertale, the pacifist was way more fun, cuz they had like, jokes built into them. Instead of just killing them. Uhh… So, I think we’ll play that… right?… We’ll get to- I wanna play a little bit. it’s so pretty. Look at the cherry blossoms. *chuckles* In this video game… Ooh! Ok! “Enemies ahead! You’re gonna die! Signed, Lancer” Let’s play a little bit more. Oh God. Ok, so we have to Pacify it. “Rudinn drew near!” Ok, so what we do is, we defend. Defend. “Face my Diamond Cutter!!” Oh God. So, it charges your TP clearly if you go closer to it. “Rudinn is glimmering plainly.” Let’s defend… and, defend. “Face my Diamond Cutter!!” Okay, I- we gotcha. “Smells like jewelry.” Now let’s… act. Uhh… convince. Does that work? Kris… Wait… sorry, I messed up. Kris wants to… Convince. And he will defend. “You told Rudinn to quit fighting. It was utterly swayed.” “Yeah I guess that makes sense.” *laughs* Yeah, see what I mean? Oh, that’s great. It’s just more fun. So, now we get to spare. “Rudinn dislikes its boss, but doesn’t care enough to quit.” So, we spare. “Kris spared Rudinn!” “You won!” Oh, that’s great. Ok, cool. So, it’s fairly simple. “If you’re reading this… I guess you’re dead. Signed, Lancer.” *thinks deeply about it for a second* Yes, of course, yes! There he is, alright, what does it say? “Hey, don’t read this sign! It’s work in progress!” Sorry, I won’t read it. “Ho ho ho…” “If it isn’t my two favorite people.” “Psyche! You guys aren’t even in my top five!!” “Lancer! Where’s Susie?” “You mean the purple girl…? Ho ho ho…” *chuckles* “You fools! You’re too late to stop me…!” “What did you do?” “Hahaha… it was SO simple!” “She beat me up-” *laughs* ” “so I ran away…!” “That’s a bit anticlimatic…” “So, are you just going to stand there?” “I thought you would at least run to the right…” “Why!? The purple girl’s over there!” *laughs* Ahh… “These types of trees DON’T contain an item that can heal you.” “Whatever you do, DON’T check the tree and use [C] to open your menu! You got it!? Signed, Lancer.” “There are two objects hanging from the tree. Take one?” Yes. Dark Candy. Okay. Should we just… “Hey, if you head that way, my troops will thrash you.” “Is that a threat?” “I prefer to think of it as an invitation.” This game is great. I love it. “A necklace of Rudinns blocks your path.” Ok, so we’ll defend and defend. “Long live the guy that-” *chuckles* “who pays us!” “Shine, shine” I’m tryna get close. “Rudinn thinks about elaborate stones.” I can relate. “I’m just a normal person.” Oh. “Rudinn dislikes its boss, but doesn’t care enough to quit.” So, let’s… “You told Rudinn to quit fighting. It was utterly swayed.” “But the enemy wasn’t tired…” Oh, oh yeah, Pacify only works if it’s tired. So, there’s different ways to go about it, okay. So… We can spare… Rudinn. And, let’s try to defend one more time. I forgot what I need to do… do I need to convince again? Oh, right. We need to convince again. I’m stupid. Sorry guys. I messed up. Ok, so act and convince. There you go. It doesn’t care enough to quit. Spare. “You told Rudinn to quit fighting. It was utterly swayed.” Ok, there we go. Oh, it was swayed after I did it, that’s what happened. What is this? (Italian accent) “Mama miba! I’m TOPCHEF!” “My latest cake worked me to exhaustion!” “So I took a little nap… But, Mama miba! “A scary noise woke me up!” “A beast was hunched on the table, eating the cake like an animal!” “I spritzed it with water, and it hissed and ran off! But, my wonderful cake is…” “Aww, Kris, that sounds like Susie! We must be going the right way!” “Let’s try to keep her out of any more trouble!” “M-m-mama miba! M-m-mama SHIBA! You know the beast!? You- Please don’t come back…” “The remains of the cake are still smouldering. Take a-” Uh, sure. Broken cake. Alright. Why is it burning? Mama shiba! Ah God. I like the fighting system, it’s fun. “Rudinn and Hathy blocked the way.” Defend. Let me know if I’m doing it right, cuz I don’t know… If I’m doing it… “Hathy’s body beats audibly.” Ok, convince. It worked… I’m cu- I don’t understand… We can spare that one, and then we can… But, it’s not tired, so let’s just defend then. Oh God. “Smells like a soft kiss.” What does that smell like? Ok, now we can… Now we can spare. Cute. Ok, that’s cool. “You won!” Fantastic. “Check the clock. In order to solve this puzzle, you’ll have to hurry.” Wow. Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta. “Prepare to GET LOST, clowns!!! “Behold, the Maze of Death!” “Prepare to GET LOST, clowns!!! Signed, Lancer” I think I’ll end that episode there. I almost- I don’t know… I wanna play more, it’s so good. How could I not? “Feeling lost yet!? You must be UTTERLY HELPLESS among these twists and turns!” “Your sense of direction won’t save you now!” “Signed, Lancer.” “It’s some sort of enemy… looks like they got globber- clobbered???” What does that mean? (Badly defeated.) “Hey, wait!! Where am I!? Help? Somebody help! I’m lost!! Signed, Lancer.” *chuckles* He- I love it. “You opened the treasure chest. Inside the White Ribbon.” “You put White Ribbon in your ARMORs” “That ribbon is ARMOR, Kris! It increases defense.” “Why don’t you try wearing it in the EQUIPMENT menu?” “I think it’d look great on you!” Wow. What a supporter. Was this it? How do I look? That’s cool that they added that. “Hey, don’t look! This sign’s private!” Ok, sorry. “Oh, it’s just this way. Signed, Lancer.” *laughs* “Ho ho ho! Somehow you survived the maze!” “But don’t count your blessings before they hatch…!” “Let’s see how you fare against THIS team!” Oh God. Three of them. Ok, we’ll defend. And defend. Look at that! “Hey, why aren’t you guys thrashed?! You’re totally outnumbered!” “You made a team purely of SUPPORT ENEMIES” “Their bullet patterns aren’t balanced at all. It’s like a dinner made out of three glasses of milk.” “And that’s, um… unusual, somehow?” *chuckles* “Why don’t we talk about this AFTER the battle?” Can I spare already? Lemme try. “But the name isn’t YELLOW.” I don’t get it… but it seems like it gets yellow even when… …From me sparing it. And… spare, finally. No! “Sweet! How much do I get?” *laughs* “You… lost, Lancer. You don’t get any.” “Oh!” “Can I have some of yours?” “No!” “Fine! Later then.” Jesus Christ. “Sup.” “I thought you were running away.” “Yeah, I finished.” *snickers* Am I doing it wrong? “Ugh, open up you stupid door!” “Oh, great. It’s YOU GUYS.” “Susie! We were ever so worried about you!” “Um…” “How’d you get past those spikes before?” “Walked through ’em” *chuckles* “But this door… sucks.” “Aww, don’t worry, Susie.” It’ll open after we solve the puzzle over there!” “Nice. Tell me when you finish it.” “Uh, Susie. We need you to finish it.” “Sometimes, proceeding will take all 3 of us.” “Furthermore, only Kris can seal the DARK FOUNTAIN…” “So if you don’t accompany us, you won’t make it home!” “So you’re saying I HAVE to stick with you guys?” “Yep!” “Let’s just get this over with.” “Yahoo! Susie’s back on the team! Cue the fanfare!” (Passionately singing) “SUSIE JOINED THE PAR-TY!” (Passionately again) “SUSIE FOLLOWS AT A DISTANCE SUCH THAT NO ONE CAN TELL SHE’S ASSOCIATED!” Aww, so silly! Ok, so now I guess we work… the 3 of us… “Sounded like a door open.” Alright. What? “Oh, Kris! I just realised Susie missed the tutorial!” “Next battle, we should show her how to ACT!” “I think she might really enjoy that!” Oh God. Susie, do NOT hurt this creature. Do NOT hurt this adorable creature! “C round attacked violently! You recalled Ralsie’s advice-” Ok, so… Act. No, let’s defend, first. NO! NO! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING! NO! NO! “Heheheheh!!! I sneaked by and made a sign!” (disappears into laughter) (From the void) I’m quitting there I’m not killing that thing! Ok, there’s a Save here. “Um, Susie, I suppose you missed what I said earlier…” “As heroes, we have th-” Ok, alright. Ok, I’ll save here, and then I’ll- in the next episode I’ll go back… cuz clearly I messed up. Oh God, I sa-, oh God, oh God, no, no. I thought I had a different save file. I thought I had a different Save file. I thought I- ABORT! Oh God, oh God. thanks for watching! don’t worry, i’ll replay… if! SMASH LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE

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