Decision Time | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E7

we always said this is gonna be a critical point are we going island or whales where you want to point me we’re going to – Shanta Big Chief man basically he’s saying that if we make lundi it’s a game changer shoot Lundy being a small island in the Bristol Channel then hand over to Matt now Matt why are you so optimistic about Lundy what it what is it about Lundy that makes you smile at five o’clock in the morning we set this up by starting to angle you out away from the coast yesterday with this tide that rushes up through here but when we get to this area here the time pushes up the crystal channel so we’re really going to try and work the slack we’ve got at the beginning of this tide and get you a little bit west first thing and then hopefully you’ll be able to use that tide and come up with it and if we can get that you know we can make that target on this swim that sets up a whole like different scenario across the bristol channel possibly only a couple of days instead of three or four days of hard hard grass so then see how you get on Matt said this best yesterday he described the Bristol Channel as a maze and it’s just because with all of the the tides and currents going this way and you want to go that way swimming is on a knife edge if you get the slightest debris wrong you are disappearing off the island or you are crashing okay Suns getting C it’s time to go to work game face on mr. Joe just finished morning swim here on Lundy Islands just off the coast of Devon we’re in a place right now called Jenny’s Cove this place is stunning I honestly can’t do it justice we’re knowing is this entire island actually comes under marine conservation so that means is you’re not allowed to fish here and if you can’t fish here the sea life thrives as a result the birds have somewhere to come and eat seals are and that was one of my favorite parts just coming face to face with a seal [Music] they’re so like the smaller ones they sounds odd but they’ve got such a personality we were playing hide-and-seek and when he was on the surface I was like a buddy and then when he ducked under I ducked under and I was like I see you it he was like nah he got me it’s such a privilege but at the same time Lundy Island shows what happens when we left wildlife thrive like it was always intended to and right now because the sea is so like vibrant so full of fish that the birds just have somewhere to come and eat and and while you don’t get puffins on the mainland I must be able to see hundreds here in summary while on the great british swim we focus a lot on the mental aspects and the physical aspects of the whole adventure I think Lundy is just a brilliant example of what can happen if we let wildlife just thrive and kind of exist how it was always intended to I’ve been a while since we’ve done one of these sort of q and A’s there are some common questions that are coming up on social media that I wanted to take the time to really answer firstly regarding my salt tongue I appreciate a lot of people’s concern it’s kind of okay it’s kind of under control a lot of people saying like why don’t I use a small cord people were even sending me different models of snorkel that I might be able to use like for masks ones that you just put your mouth like one that goes over your nose there’s a part of me that just wouldn’t sleep well at night if I knew I used a snorkel does that make sense I just I just you say you’re gonna swim it you swim it you know that means no flippers no snorkel this is the great british swim it’s not the Great Britain or cool next a lot of people asking will we do this in 100 days if you’d have asked me this at the start in Margate I would have said yes absolutely 100 days but that was all in theory that was all with my calculations on a pen and paper since swimming around the entire south coast I’ve learnt a lot I’ve become a little bit more philosophical about the whole great british swim and now if you ask me can we do it in hundred days my reply would be it’s not up to me which which sounds a little bit strange but but really it isn’t up to me it’s up to the ocean our best day in 24 hours we were able to swim 30 miles that was a huge day if you do 30 miles a day and you average that out that means you get done in about 60 to 70 days but again that’s all theory equally around line we just day in a 24-hour period I only managed to swim five miles reason being I was eating currents the the wind was just not in my favor I’ve been stung by jellyfish from every angle and because of that I only managed 5 miles in 24 hours so if you average that out that equates to 400 days which means I’m spending my Christmas still swimming [Applause] [Music] relaxing with Murphy’s Great Bear Swim started as a personal endeavor and I think the very fact that everybody now wants to see it finish it’s been it’s been so nice that it’s evolved into something you know far bigger than myself we always said this is gonna be a critical point are we going Island or Wales where you want to point me we’re going to follow that Wales yeah what we want to try and avoid is getting drawn into these kind of like big phase my thoughts are that will actually angle across towards the other side because you get a fairly consistent flow all the way out there so these Bay’s are gonna make the vowel of light bang yeah this bit here we’re looking at at least a week OC over to do it now so Wales bang Dublin eat Dublin yeah [Music] sup guys caught a halt to the proceedings yesterday just because my shoulders are making noises that they probably shouldn’t be making I wanted to do this vlog cause it’s quite easy to see Rhino neck and salt tongue but the reality is is whatever is going on inside of my shoulders is it’s not good but it shouldn’t be making this noise also as well just on some maths I think we probably taken you know five hundred thousand strokes so that means you know we’ve got two million more to take so that’s why it’s all about boxing clever right now we’ve got the Bristol Channel to attack and get across I think it’s it’s about balancing this kind of like mental fortitude and you know green your teeth and getting through it but also doing it intelligently because ultimately you know there’s no point to celebrate when you get across the whales when you go Ireland Scotland and then all the way back down England to do as well so go do some prehab on my shoulder before I attempt to swim today yeah to go right guys that’s it for this week’s vlog remember to like and subscribe to Red Bulls YouTube channel and remember you can track all my progress as I make my way all the way around the coast of Great Britain at Red Bull co-taught UK / Great Bear Swim

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