Debra Sawyer Sport Clips Lifestyle Flexibility 39

Debra Sawyer   Sport Clips Lifestyle Flexibility    39

– One of the things that
has been the biggest benefit to me personally is the
flexibility with my lifestyle. When I was working in corporate America, I was always at work. Lot of times before
seven a.m. in the morning and never left before seven p.m. at night. As a mother of two children, it’s given me that
flexibility to be involved in their lives. When I first left my day job and focused solely on SportClips, I then volunteered to coach my daughter’s cheerleading team for five years and then when she moved
to the competitive level I was then team mom for three years. I would not have been
able to do either of those if I had stayed with my
corporate America job and had never gone into
franchising with SportClips.

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