29 Replies to “Deaths and slave labor: The disgrace of FIFA in Qatar”

  1. ESPN E60 did a great documentary of this same subject. Basically mordern day slavery and they live in piss poor conditions.

  2. The US should pull their military bases right out of Qatar and stop supporting the regime change in Syria, then. There's way more people getting killed over that.

  3. U.S. signs agreement for $11 billion arms sale to Qatar. 
    Beginning in 1992, Qatar has built intimate military ties with the United States, and is now the location of U.S. Central Command’s Forward Headquarters and the Combined Air Operations Center.

  4. I think it's in June or July 2012 i read something in the "Canard Enchaîné" who quoted a note of the French Military Intelligence Branch (DRM) who described exactly the terrorist financing operated by the emirate. " According to the information collected by the DRM , the insurgents of the MNLA (freedom fighters and laymen), the movements Ançar Dine, Aqmi (Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb) and Mujao (jihad in western Africa) received a help in dollars of Qatar ". " The officers of the DRM assert, them, that the generosity of Qatar is incomparable and that it did not content with helping financially, sometimes by delivering them weapons to the revolutionaries of Tunisia, Egypt or Libya ( mostly related to salfism and muslim brotherhood ) ", added the  weekly .

  5. Slaves build the United States of America as well and many died here as well. How the fuck we gonna judge Qatar. Shit, we have unsafe working conditions here in the US.

  6. Jews can not bear that Russia and Arabs will host World Cup.
    CNN's clowns do not need to scream like crazy people.
    If you are really fighting against slavery, CNN should focus on McDonald's.
    If you want to laugh, see the reactions of VISA and Coca Cole after Sepp Blatter was reelected.

  7. Typical CNN propaganda. Throw some big numbers out in the open without any concrete evidence, and then add some short video of dead person in a coffin suggesting that it died in Qatar. Shame on you, you fucking liars. You don't deserve one single view on your channel.

  8. FIFA is a disgrace. Their heads, included Blatter, should be arrested and spend the rest of their lives in prison.

  9. Qatar is world center of human slavery, human rights abuse,  corruption, despotism and the center of international Sunni Islamic terrorism.

  10. Excuse me
    In Qatar ppl doesn't work more then 3 hours in the morning
    Like the labours
    And this all is fake
    We never heard bad news from labours
    And most of labours work at night which is pretty good for them
    If they want money they come to work in Qatar
    And those who says bad stuff to Qatar
    Qatar is better then all the other countries and its most richest country and our plan is to put AC is clubs already in one club there is Ac and its pretty good

  11. You know whats going to happen ? There going to build this place then it will fall apart due to how fast these migrants have had to bulid it in this heat ,and sqaller conditions. Look at Dubai they did not even build there sewer systems right and now raw sewage is floating around these over priced hotels not to mention some of the buildings are already falling apart.

  12. I don't think it's right for a country who has never qualified for a world cup to host it. I've watch every world cup since I was born but qatar will be boycott by me

  13. Buying a qatar world cup ticket is simply giving your money in support of racism, barbarism, slavery, islamic  extremism and terrorism.. I wouldn't do that no matter how much I love soccer.. period. BOYCOTT QATAR .. let these bastards watch the world cup with their wives and kids as they always do in their stupid local leagues that also oppress foreign players..

  14. football is most beautiful game in the world. Fifa world cup is the biggest event of the all sport. Football players are most respectful sportsman of the world. N if FIFA worldcup anyhow gonna held in this scenario in Qatar , All the respectful player of the football will be playing on graveyard of thousands immigrants worker.

  15. Qatar play so dirty roles In the encouragement of terrorist groups there are many courses held in Qatar for extremists that urge to destabilize the security of the region. It is clear that the US states also have an undeclared objective. The American people do not follow the Arabic version of the Aljazeera TV and the incitement and harassment they do not follow.
    should know that all the negotiations settlement was frozen by Saudi Arabia

  16. Fuck quatar's administration and it's govt. ….stop this nonsense!….FIFA (Fucked International Faggots Association )…money mongers!!….they shouldn't let qatar host 2022 world cup!! ……..STOP THE LABOUR ABUSE!!!. …My Request to ALL THE CIVILIANS OF QATAR…please don't try to act ignorant about the fact….Act against it!!

  17. You making Mexicans work almost for free and make them pay taxes and then call them rapists! This is the new world order The capitalist system “Not democracy”. And we live in this world ! Russia caused the death of thousands in Syria 🇸🇾 and used chemicals weapons no one said shit about it and now everyone of you are celebrating the World Cup! I say shame on m, shame on you ,, yes YOU and shame on me myself! One day all these rich countries will fall and all these poor countries will rise and there will be consequences! History proved that great kingdoms disappeared and no one they are only in the books. Why can’t we share the future together and stop harassing each other at least let’s try be fair!

  18. All these people are hypocrites they claim to be good Muslims only when it benefits but then try to hide the Islam that goes against these leaders you can't overwork your slaves your slaves have to wear what you wear and eat what you eat so why would you treat your workers this bad but scream about small tings

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