DEATH STRANDING Open World, Combat, Boss & Vehicles Gameplay Demo Part 1 (TGS 2019)

DEATH STRANDING Open World, Combat, Boss & Vehicles Gameplay Demo Part 1 (TGS 2019)

Amelie and the first expeditionary unit crossed North America from east to west, created the knots in the isolated cities. But they’ve only improved infrastructure. And the chiral network is not yet connected. What you can do now is, say, wireless and wired voice call, and only low data communications. Your mission is, connect your Qpid to each knot, and activating chiral network. When you have connected the Qpid to local terminal, “Synthesized super-large capacity zero time network” will be activated. It is not only about connecting today’s people or cities. It will also connect our past. The fragmented data in every places will be united. Like restoring dinosaurs fossils. If it works, the 4.6 billion years of earth history, and the wisdom of mankind lost after the DS as well, will be restored, too. And that would be the key to the elucidation of the Death Stranding. If you connect the network, not only large capacity Chiral gram, of course, Chiral printer will also be available.
[Kojima] This Chiral printer thing is a kind of 3D printer enables you to create equipments and so on. In future, quite a lot of things will be deliverable just through the network. Living things which have souls… original things… and memorabillia shouldn’t be available. Yes. That is what we need you for. Before connection, and after connection as well, we need porters like you. No time to rest, huh? [Kojima] From this part it’s the English version.
He’s now coming up from the basement of the delivery center. We have a delivery terminal here,
and I’m going to receive a quest. [MC] Ah, this one?
[Kojima] Yes, this one. Now, from the basement Die-Hardman appears
via hologram… [Die-Hardman] Sam, I’ve heard that the anti-BT arms have been completed, Mama called me. The baggage I want you deliver this time
is the relief supplies to Port Knot City. That includes these anti-BT arms. And also there’s medicine in the baggage, and human sperm and egg cells too. Especially sperm and egg cells, which is necessary for citizens to ensure diversity by incorporating outsider’s genes. Deliver the supplies to Port Knot and connect the Qpid. If you succeed, this area will be united
through the chiral network. Now, I want you to receive the request from
that delivery terminal. This will be the longest and toughest delivery ever. You should prepare carefully. [Kojima] Now I’m going to receive the quest. [MC] There is a lot of baggage. [Kojima] Here’s the way to Port Knot from Capital Knot City. [Kojima] You can see it in 3D.
This is the destination. [MC] It’s quite a long distance, isn’t it?
[Kojima] Yes. [Kojima] Now, I’m going to make a ladder,
a rope, and two shoes by Chiral printer. You can make anything. It consumes materials, though. And this is the baggage.
These are the sperm and egg cells. This is the medicine. These are the two anti-BT arms. You have to deliver these 4 things. And these are the supplies. Two grenades, a repair spray, two blood bags which contains
Sam’s blood. These are ladders and a rope which I made earlier, [Kojima] and the two boots. In total, [Kojima] 69.8 kg !
[MC] This is too much ! [Kojima] Now this is poorly balanced,
so I’m going to modify it. As for the grenades, you can hook it on a tool hangar,
or put on the baggage. But you have a pouch here, so I’ll put it there. All the baggage and the equipment have their own weight. I put the blood bags into the pouch too. And also you can hang ladders on hangar,
or put on the baggage, or attach to the shoulders, or the waist,
and you can lock them in case of falling down. And a rope as well, you can choose where to put. You can see the yellow circle which shows the center of gravity. And I’m carrying two pairs of boots, and I hook them on boot hangar. As for a repair spray, well,
on the baggage is good, maybe. Now, holding in right hand, or left hand, whichever you want,
but neither is well balanced, so I have to put it on the back. And if you don’t feel like doing this,
you can select optimize button. [MC] So there’s an automatic arrangement.
[Kojima] And here we go. Depending on the weight of the baggage,
the balance and the stamina consumption will change. You have to control the balance by using L and R buttons. For this part it’s just walking. And I’m going up from the basement of the delivery center. Stamina consumption will change depending on the balance. I’m going out of the delivery center now. You can see he’s staggering because of the poor balance, so you have to control it by the L and R buttons. Now when you select the first person view button, you can see the compass mode, and it shows the direct distance crossing two mountains. And now, you have to choose the route by yourself. In the map, you have to draw a line, but there are rough roads,
and you can go wherever you want, so you have to choose where to go,
while considering the equipment and the stamina. And also if there are bad guys on the way. You can also see the map in 3D, You can decide whether to climb the slopes, avoid it, cross the rivers, or take a detour. And once you draw the line,
you can see it in 3D like this. You don’t have to necessarily follow it though. And when you leave, the members of the Bridges will see you off via hologram. You are all alone. They don’t do anything for you. [MC] Suddenly it feels lonely. Now he’s staggering to the right,
so I have to control the balance by L and the R buttons. Depending on the weight your speed will change too. Now this is a quite later part. When you select the communication button, the echoes… Like this. And no one answers, you see? He’s all alone. With the baby, BB, just the two of them, they’ll go on a journey. This is topographic sensor.
You can see sam’s foot print. You can determine the roughness of the roads by the indicated colors. [MC] I see the red crosses and so on.
[Kojima] Yes, in the back. [Kojima] By the way you can wear hats, glasses, which is collaboration with J.F.REY. Please do as you want, enjoy your fashion. He’s walking, no one’s there, all alone. Now activating the topographic sensor, The yellow zone is slippery, the red zone will make you tumble.
When you tumble, the baggage may break. Please watch out. There’s a river. There are big rivers and small rivers, this one is middle size. That shows the depth.
The yellow is kind of deep, the red is deeper.
Some places flow quickly. You can see the stamina gauge is pretty much consumed. This process demands a lot of stamina,
so at this rate, he’ll fall down. So using the L and R button, I have to go slowly and slowly. And also, BB hates rivers, so now he’s crabby.
He’s crying. And once you sink in the depths,
you’ll be carried by the water, and since the ones I carried on the back weren’t locked, they were carried away. You can see BB is now red. BB is now kind of crabby. And the baggage is going to be dangerous. When you fall into waterfalls, it sucks. [Kojima] It breaks my heart.
[MC] So you fall into waterfalls in the game? Now I retrieved the baggage, BB is stille crying, and the stamina is now only half. You shouldn’t underestimate rivers. It’s tough. And if you lock the baggage, it won’t be carried away even when you sink in the water. And he has consumed a lot of stamina, so he’s exhausted. Also, I’m worried about BB, so I have to see him in first person view. He’s really exhausted. I’m also always like this. When you stare at BB, it cheers him up. You can use zoom too. If he’s crying, you can cradle him like in the last trailer. And to recover the stamina, I take an energy drink, which is the collaboration with Monster Energy. Now he’s recovered. And you can get water through your clothes by absorbing it through the rain or the rivers. So you don’t have to worry about it. And this is another part, I’ve found the lost property in front. It has a label, it seems like it belongs to a musician. It’s some kind of audio equipment. You don’t have to necessarily pick it up,
but I’ll take it. And now it shows that the owners house is close at hand. They are called the preppers, and they live alone or with their families in the isolated shelters. He lives there. It’s his belonging. You don’t have to bring it to him, but let’s see what happens.
This has nothing to do with the main mission. Oops, this is dangerous.
And that line shows the area of chiral network. Your have to connect that line,
but it shows the other side of the line is not yet connected. You can see this area is not yet activated. And the mission is to connect this line from the east to the west. And you don’t have to activate here,
but I want to be kind to him. Now I have two ropes, and it’s bulky, so I’ll use one of them. You can stick it wherever you want. Now I’m going down. You can see the indication that tells you the remaining length,
and when you raise the level of the item, it gets stronger. You can do this everywhere. I leave this here, so I can climb it up on the way back. Now the weight is reduced. I’m crossing the border of the chiral network. This area has poor signal. It’s not connected. So in this area, you can’t use chiral [ ] , nor chiral printer. You can’t make equipments here. I’m going to the house, but there’s a river. If you don’t have any baggage you can jump over it,
but I have ones so it’s not a good idea. So here’s the ladder that I have carried.
You can set this to the walls, or wherever you want. It’s 5 kg, so now the weight is reduced.
Now he’s 65 kg. [MC] It’s scary !
[Kojima] If you fall you’ll be carried. And the baggage will break too. And I’ll leave this here, unlike the usual gameplay. You’ll see the reason later. And like this slope here, if you fall down, the baggage will go down to the bottom, I have to be careful. When you activate the topographic sensor, you can see the red zone, so you should avoid them. Walking firmly is safer. Now we’ve reached the musician’s house. There are the sensor poles. Since this is a place for a lone prepper, there’s no chiral network connected. This is a kind of side quest, where you return the lost property. This is the terminal, and you candeliver the property here. Maybe it’s an important thing for him. [Machine voice] You have delivered the baggage.
[Kojima] He lives in the basement. But he appears to appreciate you. [The musician] Really!? You’re Sam Bridges!! In Real life!!
[Kojima] But he doesn’t phisically come up. [The musician] You are really awesome! [The musician] You are beautiful. [Kojima] This is the result. If you took too much time, break baggage, or make them wet, it will reduce the likes. [MC] He gave you thumbs ups!
[Kojima] Right. [The Musician] So you’ll connect the chiral network. Look, I’ve decided. I’ll join the UCA, too. Some people join the team, if you get familiar with them. If they join the United City of America, you’ll be able to share the information. Since you have activated the chiral printer, you can make the equipment now. If they didn’t let you connect, you have to negotiate. This area is now connected. I’m heading from the east to the west, though this area won’t be involved with the scenario. [Kojima] You can see all these icons, I’ll explain them later. [MC] I recognize him!
[The Musician] I really appreciate you. [Kojima] It’s Miura-san! [Kojima] He has a cameo appearance.
[Miura] Now I can hear a lots of kinds of music, right? [Kojima] Voice actor is a different person, though.
[Miura] I can’t wait it! It broadens my world! [Miura] Do you play instruments? I want you to have my harmonica. [MC] He’s the real musician!
[Miura] I thought you can carry and play it anywhere. [Miura] Take this. [Miura] I want you to use it. [Kojima] When you get familiar with preppers, they’ll give you items. [MC] What did he give you?
[Kojima] It’s harmonica. [Kojima] You might think “what ya gonna use it for?”, but I’ll take it anyway. [Miura] I hope you’ll come back some day, Sam Bridges, please. Now you can deliver his baggage further more. Though this is irrelevant to the scenario, if you get more familiar with him, he’ll give you much more items. He’s seeing you off. He’ll even welcome you. Now this is it! Now I’ve connected the chiral network.
Now you’ll see the meaning of the “strand-game”. You did that all alone. There was only you. You called someone, no one answered. Now, what about after you’ve connected? Look, there’s another ladder. The behind one is yours. The other ladder is set by some other person on the internet. This green footprints are not yours. This is the trace of some other person, some other Sam on the internet. This ladder is set by John-san.
And now you can use it. I give him thumbs up, and John-san gets likes. And I want to send him more. He’ll know that I send him thumbs ups.
And now we’re connected. And now I’ll chase the John-san’s footprints… But now the shoes have worn out.
They are already bloody. If it goes on, I’ll have to remove the nails, so I have to take a rest. That Zero shows it has no likes yet, well, Do you get it, eventually? [Kojima] You can indirectly connect to the other Sams all over the world. [MC] You mean we can’t see them but their remains…
[Kojima] We can see their traces. we can see footprints, and we can use and share their remains. And we can send thumbs up to each other. Now I’m taking a rest. And this is the autosave. So, since I’ve lost my shoes, I’ll put on another shoes that I have carried. And also, if you don’t have any shoes to spare, that will be terrible. They are bleeding. Now I’ve changed them. Shoes also have levels, so if you raise them up it will be hard to break. And if you leave the shoes, you can share them with other people on the internet. How’s BB? Let’s take a look at him.
He seems to be alright for now. When you stare at him, he will recover. Now let’s try the harmonica that musician gave to me. when you push the communication button once, he plays the instrument once. [Kojima] It pleases BB. And he’ll give you thumbs up.
[MC] He looks so fun! Besides, the more he plays it, the better he will become at it. If you don’t have a harmonica, he will whistle. The more he whistle, the better he wil become at it. If he’s in a good mood, he’ll whistle during the gameplay. And BB will give you thumbs up too. Well, it’s a journey for two. He really liked it. Now he’s pretty tired, so he massages his soulders, He’s carrying baggage and it exhausts him, so he can sleep sometimes.
Let’s try one. It’ll recover him a little bit, but not completely, unless you get to a safe house. Now he’s sleeping, and… I want the players to go to the bathroom and so on while Sam is sleeping. Or making a coffee, for example. If he’s too exhausted, he will sleep automatically. Now you can see the red bar, it shows he’s recovering the bleeding feet. It helps him a little bit. When you players are tired from the gameplay, you can let Sam take a rest and you can rest yourselves too. [Kojima] And now I’m going to awake him. Here we go. Sam talks to himself, anyway… Can you see his feet? There’s a “Kern”, which shows the trace of a rest. People all over the world can see it. It shows that you took a rest here. And you can send a thumbs up too. So you can see the other people’s resting points. And if you take a rest at other people’s resting point, something will happen, maybe. [Kojima] Now I put the communication button, there was an answer. This is a ladder, set by Tom-san. It has only 29 likes yet, I’ll use this. Up there, we can see another Tom-san’s ladder which has 14 likes. And here, you can see the rope that I have stuck, and it hs zero like yet. But anyone can use that, and when they use it thumbs up will come to me. In front, there’s a baggage put by John-san. I don’t know why he put it, or disposed it. It shows where to bring it, so I’m going to bring it. It’s surface is damaged by the timefall. So I will fix it by the repair spray that I have carried. Now it looks good. And also you can spray it to your own baggage too, so I’ll try… But now it’s empty. Since it’s empty, it’s now useless, so I’ll throw it away. And this garbage also can be seen by the people all over the world. Now I’ve retrieved the baggage, so that one has disappeared from the sight of the other players. And I’m chasing someone’s footprints….
I’ve found something. By the way, if you keep chasing footprints, it will eventually become a road. And it will appear on the map. And this is a locker created by someone.
You can make one of them by yourself. In the Locker, there are the private things and the shared things, and some of them are “Help yourself”. This is John-san’s Power Skeleton. This is heavy as baggage, but it raises your capacity of baggage from 125 Kg to 245 Kg. This is a floater, which is put in by Yukiko-san. Let’s put this on the floor, and load it with the baggage you have carried on your back. Now it’s done. It’s much easier now, and I gave him a lot of thumbs up to Tom-san. And Tom-san received it. And I connected the floater. It’s floating, and helps you to carry. You can connect two of them at most. Now it starts raining…
Timefall will ruin your baggage. Here’s the timefall-shelter made by someone. You can take cover here. And the spray made you clean. And it plays some music…? [Gen Hoshino’s “Pop virus”] [Kojima] It’s a Gen hoshino’s hit single! [Kojima] You can customize this. You can play your favorite song.
this is Yukiko-san’s playlist. We are collaborating with Hoshino-san too. While you are walking all alone, you will be attracted by these musics. This also can be leveled up, so it will be really cozy… Wow, this one has earned so many likes! And you can see Tom-san’s kern, which shows that Tom-san took a rest here. He must have rested here while listening to the music. Now we have to go on. [Kojima] Are you starting to get it? About Strand-Game? And next, I want to do something a little bit different. There are the Mules, who have a Delivery Syndrome. And they come for you to get your baggage. They don’t kill people, but they’ll find your baggage by sensor, and if you have them with you, they’ll take it all. They gather baggages from all players. So now I’m going to take them back.
I have to keep my baggage here. And here’s another way to use the floater.
You can ride it. This part feels like a little bit stealthy. Now I’ll hide in the grass. And I’ve entered their territory. Since I left my baggage, they haven’t noticed us yet. You can see that they have quite amount of baggage. [Kojima] They gathered them from the players, Sams all over the world.
And I’ll try to get them back. If your baggage was taken, it would go there too. In the worst case, they’ll take even your shoes too. Now it’s a stealth part.
You can see one of them. And a rope… In this game you use ROPES! Holding a rope, I get close to him, from the behind… In this place there are so many of them. I’m coming for him slowly and slowly… The icon above is the baggage I left earlier. Now I bind him, and lay him down. I can take the baggage, but for now I won’t. They too have lockers, and they put various baggage in those. Now I hack it. Let’s take a look inside. This is a Speed-Skeleton which belonged to Ryu-san!
It makes you faster. I’ll use this. And this is a Bola Gun, which uses ropes. You can hook this on tool hangar too. And the Power skeleton which you have equipped is now bulky, so I leave them, so that the other players can use it. Now I can carry only 155 Kg, but I can run faster. [Kojima] I’m going to escape… Oops, they found me. Now that I’ve detected, I had better run. They are mad at me because I took their baggage. They throw spears at me.
You’ get electric shock and faint. And they’ll take everything from you. I use Bola Gun, and they use Sticky Guns, to catch your baggage like birdlimes. [Kojima] So you have to be careful.
[MC] There are so many of them! [Kojima] You’re right, we had better run now. This fight is inevitable. Pick up the baggage… and through it to them. You can do this, but it ruins baggage, so I recommend you to use the other people’s baggage. [MC] Not yours! [Kojima] I want to take the car, so I drag down the mule. Get off, please. I’m sorry. Now I get on. However, while you can carry the baggage by this, it’s kind of beat-up, so I can’t recommend this. Later, you’ll get decent truck of the Bridges. There’are so many of them. This is not good. When they catch me, they’ll take even my shoes. [MC ] Ths spear!
[Kojima] Only I can do is running. But I wear Speed-Skeleton, so maybe it’s alright. It’s pretty fast. And I can escape from them, But there’s a crevasse, and there’s no other choice. [MC] They’re coming!
[Kojima] Once I tumbled, they’ll catch me. I have to keep balance. And, with Speed-Skeleton, big jump! Now I just run. They scare me. You can see the red poles there, which shows their territory, so when you cross that they’ll hardly follow you. However, Speed-Skeleton is now running out of battery.
You can see the red lamp, can’t you? It’s no more available for now. [Kojima] So he’s now just walking. But, look at that. It’s a recharger built by John-san! Speed-skeleton… now full charge. You can play the music here too. Thumbs up. It helped me a lot. You can also built it by sourself. Now I’ll retrieve my baggage. Now he’s in a good mood, so he’s whistling. Now this is a kind of scary part. There are things called BT. Unseen beings, which belong to the other side. When it’s rain, they are there. The rain is not only ruining the baggage. If you don’t like them, you can avoide here. Or you can use weather forecast which will be available later. But sometime it’s hard to avoid, so now I will show you. This is chiral crystal, which appears in the rainy areas. This belongs to the other side. By these, you can refuel floaters… Or built highways. Now look, He has got goosebumps. He has got a chill. He senses them nearby. [Kojima] There are BTs. You can’t see them. These are the worms that Fragile have eaten. [Kojima] When you eat them, you get blood.
[MC] Is he eating!? [Kojima] Eat, and once you get enough, you can put them in your pockets. Now the rain is turning into black, And the water drops on the lens is going upward. In this situation, they are there! You can’t see them, but BB is connected with the brain dead mother, which means BB is connected to the other side, so you can locate unseen things by connecting to the other side. And this is the sensor called Odradek. We used to call it pata pata [flap-flap]. BB activate it. They are here. It’s motion suggests their direction and distance. BB is scared of them. If BB gets too much stress, it will become unavailable, so you have to cradle or so on. Now it’s a scary part. Please pay attension to the Oderadek’s motion. They are close. Close, and close, quite close, and when you stop, they’ll appear. When you move they’ll dessapear. They are the gazer of the BTs. They too can’t see us, like Sam can’t see them. They only sense sounds and atmosphere,
so you have to be quiet, and hold your breath. I retrieved a blood bag. Remember the Bola Gun that I have used earlier. When you use Sam’s blood, that gun can become an advantage, so I’ll try it. You can’t beat them, but you can bind them. By this rope with Sam’s blood, you can bind them for a while. When you move, they’ll disappear. When you stop, they’ll appear. They’re scary. Oh, they found us! That’s a child gazer. And when you are detected, the Hunters will come up from the tar and catch you. If you’re carrying too much baggage, you’ll be fallen down easily. You can resist them, but… when they come together, it’s bad. And if you are fallen down, they’ll take you. And the problem is the one waiting for us. The monster called the Catchers. There are many types of them. Since they are consist of anti-material, if you are eaten by one of them,
there will be a voidout leaving crater. It will erase the city. Now he’s trapped in tar, so you had better climb upon these floating matters… But you can run away if you want. For now, I’ll try the anti-BT arms that I have carried.
The grenade which contains Sam’s blood. It works. It’s Sam’s blood. It works. And now I’ll separate the baggage and keep them here. And throw the blood grenades. It works. [Kojima] By the way, this is just a weakest one of them.
[MC] This one!? Now i’ve run out of it, so I dispose the cover. And I have one more grenade among the supplies. You had better fight upon the place like this, rather than in the tar. You can see the Oderadeg is now cross shaped. And it shows the direction of the them. [Kojima] There. It’s now submerging. Where is it now? Behind. It’s trying to sink the building. We will sink if it goes on. So I jump to the next building. We had better fight on the floating objects as much as possible. I’ll beat him with the grenades. It works. This is one the weakest, though. But I’m running out of the weapon. What should I do now? In this case, you can push the communication button, and call for help. The people connected via internet are coming for help. Kojima] There’s one of them! We can see white Sam. That is… Yukiko-san. She gave me grenades, and a charge type hand gun. That was another Sam we are connected through the internet. Here comes Yukiko-san again. She gave me a blood bag. So I give her thumbs up. Oh, look, John is cheering for me. You are not alone, you see? You fight alone, but you are not alone. This is the “Strand”. I have to beat him. This one is four-footed. There are a lot of types of them. It’s almost over. If you don’t like this kind of thing, you had better avoid these BT’s area. This is Sam’s waste matters. The water used for shower. That makes them slow down. Now, to this charge gun that Yukiko-san gave to me, I charge the blood, and shoot. It’s over. It’s a weaker one, though. Those are chiral crystal, and it’s a reward. [MC] We couldn’t beat him by all alone, could we?[Kojima] Well, it’s not necessarily true. BB’s pleased. The Tar’s everywhere. Sam’s exhausted. BB’s really pleased. There are crabs floating. Now I’ll retrieve the important baggage to bring to Port Knot City. I recommend to put them in the lockers. You can make it by yourself. [MC] Rather than putting on the floor?[Kojima] Yes, it’s not a good idea, not really. Connect. And he’s really exhausted. If you have any safe house nearby, it’ O.K. But if you don’t, it’s awful. He can’t recover from a rest. In the cold place like this, covered with tar, it’s tough for Sam. [MC] He looks cold.[Kojima] Right? However, in this world, we have some springs! We can see a trace of Yukiko-san’s rest. There are some springs, and each of them have different effects. Let’s try this one. It’s really nice, the springs. Now we’ll take a bath. BB’s tired too. It’s a recharging-spring. You can recover yourself, and battery! What kind of spring is that? It’s really convinient. Good for skin, good for stomach, milky spring, we have a lot. Please explore them by yourselves. He’s recovering the stamina. BB’s really relaxing and swimming.I have no idea how he’s swimming in that. Now let’s see what happens when you push the communication button. [Sam starts to sing “Ii yu dana (It’s a Good Spring)” in Japanse] Yukiko-san sang the response part. [Kojima] Norman Reedus singing…
[MC] He’s great. If you don’t take a bath, even in this position, it heals him and recharges battery. [MC] He looks clean now!
[Kojima] Yes, and since Yukiko-san sang with me, I want to give her thumbs up. I’ve found a spring in such a place like this, and I want to share that to everyone. So I built a signpost. Here’s-A-Spring-Signpost. When you built, Sams all over the world will see this. It’s on the map. Maybe they’ll give me thumbs up, I guess. Maybe that place will become a resting place, later. Look! There’s a motorcycle someone have put or diposed. Motorcycle’s here! Let’ take a look. Ichiro-san did it, Thanks Ichiro-san! And this is a special motorcycle which collaborating with that Norman Reedus’s Ride show, “Ride with Norman Reedus”! In order to ride a motorcycle, I put my baggage on my back… I put them on the motorcycle too. If you dispose them, someone will use them. Let’s take a ride. It’s a motorcycle! You don’t have to walk anymore. And this is a promo for his program. We don’t miss a trick. It’s kind of pleasant. You can make that bridge too. It takes much time, and you can do it by yourself, or in cooperation with other people. You can see the best contributor’s name. That one is still under construction. That is a safe house. If you put the materials to it, you can join to the construction. The motorcycles are battery powered too, so if you run out of them, it’ll be troublesome. Here’s another sign someone have built. Accelerate. [Kojima] You see this kind of thing in those racing games. It starts raining. I activate the topographic sensor. There’s a trace of someone’s path. If you keep using this path, this will become a road, eventually. And that will decrease the roughness of the road, and you’ll be able to ride faster. But for now, there’s a sign which says you can’t ride from here. It’s built by Ryu-san. So I’ll check the map, I have to get off the motorcycle, cause it’s a steep slope. I have to re-think my way roughly . You can do this in 3D too. This might be good. Some people dare to ride up there. If you get off this motorcycle, other players can use it. I gave thumbs up to Ryu-san. He’ll know I gave it to him . I said I was all alone, but I was connected with other people indirectly, and I came all the way to here. You can go anywhere. In this game, you can choose your way by yourselves, while considering the equipment and so on. Port Knot City is almost there. This is a core experiment in this game. You might not understand it by just watching the play.
If you play it, it’ll give you a feeling beyond description. The weather changes during the gameplay. And when the sky clears, it feels good only by that. That’s Port Knot City. It plays Silent Poet’s song, and camera pulls. It kind of feel like cinematic, it’s like staging during the gameplay. It’s really pleasant. You know that Sunabashiri in Mt.Fuji[famous steep descend road in Mt.Fuji], it’s just like that. But you have to stay sharp, otherwise you’ll fall down and you break your baggage. Stay sharp, while watching the scenery, and sobbing for it… [Kojima] Now we have arrived. If you get familiar with them, they’ll appear to welcome you. For now, this is just a first time. Now I’ve delivered. These are the baggage that I have carried. And also, you can deliver other lost properties and so on, not only the things they asked you to deliver. [The Man] So you are the porter, instead of the second expedition? I knew the plan, but I didn’t expect you really come by alone. But the baggage is perfect. Did you do this all alone? [Kojima] This is the result.
[MC] He really praised you. [Kojima] That’s because the baggage wasn’t ruined at all. I didn’t fall down even once. The result depends on the time, the wet, the falling [The Man] And, would you connect the chiral network? [Sam] Yeah, if you don’t mind. [The Man] Not at all. We’ve been waiting for this moment for years. [Kojima] You go all the way from the east to the west, to connect this. But you decide your path. [Kojima] And when you connect, you can use the chiral printer. This area is now connected. [The Man] Don’t worry, it never rain in Port Knot. Why don’t you rest in the Private Room? [Kojima] In delivery center, there’s a private room. And you can take a shower, go to bathroom, or sleep. If there’s no private room, you can use springs, or just make it by yourself… And when you sleep here, you’ll get full recovery. And they take Sam’s blood here. He has special blood. He’s now awakening. From now on, it’s kind of different gameplay, so I’ll explain it in Saturday.

100 Replies to “DEATH STRANDING Open World, Combat, Boss & Vehicles Gameplay Demo Part 1 (TGS 2019)”

  1. Pretty much the only way to save this at this point is to announce all that has been shown is a tech demo and DS ends up being Silent Hills. Anything besides a horror game is a bust imo. Enough MGS esque bullshit.

  2. That indirect multiplayer interaction reminds you of…

    Yup, No Man Sky’s before the NEXT update. But Kojima seems to embraced then expanded it.

  3. I'm not gonna lie… I've only known this baby for a day, but if anything happens to him…

    I'll kill everyone, then myself.

  4. This game is gonna polarize critics and gamers alike. Some will love it and call it a masterpiece, other will hate it and call it repetitive and boring. Nevertheless Death Stranding will be subject for conversations and discussion for years after its release.

  5. *Kojima takes vacation on southeast asia, meets a random grab driver in a hurry*

    Kojima : hey, why are you brought that much food bags in your motorbike?
    Grab driver : for bonus points… move away!!!
    Kojima : *call secretary* i got an idea for my next game.
    Secretary : i'll book you first class to japan so you won't have to worry about your baggage.
    Kojima : no… I'll walk there.
    Secretary : …. the fuck???

  6. I’m getting the most expensive preorder edition. This looks so good. It looks kind of peaceful too…something missing in a lot of open world games. And the world itself is an antagonist for the player rather than just enemies.

  7. Kojima:" When you fall into waterfalls, it sucks. It breaks my heart."

    I'm pretty sure it breaks more than just Kojima's heart

  8. Balance balance my ass, show me one person in the world who will run with over 60 kilos of equipment over hill. So stop being stupid about balance ignoring completely stamina and human strength.

  9. I wish there was no optimize button. It defeats the entire purpose of figuring it out yourself. Put one in the easy mode or something if you must but I really wish it wasn't there.

  10. People will build roads and set up shops along the way.. Might even build cities.. It's like MMORPG but you can only see urself

  11. Man, I already love the concept of this game.
    The pathways will get easier the more people play the game, and you get to help others and be helped during the exploration… Only that is amazing by itself.
    We can basically evolve the world together!

  12. Most people are underestimating the potential of this game! I bet besides the very good mechanics, the game will have a fascinating plot!

  13. I feel like this game was an excellent concept but was influenced too much by current popular culture, eg “thumbs up”, seeing other ppl trash, hearing someone’s music sheltering from damaging rain. Anyone else feel that sentiment?

  14. If the inventory system in this game works like it does in other games, I'm pretty sure there's a tugboat docked inside that backpack.

  15. The way Sam's movement animation changes with the weight of his equipment and the terrain is really impressive. That took a lot of work.

  16. This feels a bit like REVERSE Dark Souls formula. Where people are connected through worlds but work together. Also story isn't told in vague descriptions but its still confusing and mysterious.

  17. たかが荷物運びをこんな“遊び”としてゲームにしてるのほんと凄いな…

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