Dear YouTube… who wants $100,000?

Dear YouTube… who wants $100,000?

aye was good its me paul logan heres a list of facts 1. im the fastest youtuber thats it youve seen me do athletic Sh*t before i had that boxing with soundcloud rapper which by the way was a draw and i will woop his @** later this year i wrestled a 800 kodiac bear i was on ameerica ninja warrior but ive never had a chance to test my speed let me tell you something Im F***ing quick im so confident i put out a tweet saying i bet $100,000 on the fastest youtuber the responses were overwealming and honestly quite embarrasing i finish the rest later im only on 40 seconds and this is taking 7 minutes 🙁

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  1. Guess who lost ??"the fastest man in the world" logan paul ??? geta a life nd stop challenging people and thinking u the best

  2. Fuck i wanna race with u but i can't i don't live their the reason i wanna race with u i wannna have fun since my classmates were slow i wanted some new opponent that was actually faster than me

  3. So he lost, wow he is the fastest runner in the world dumbass didn’t win omg i’am going to be the fastest person in the world made a dumb thing to do, Logan you are such an idiot.

  4. I don't want your 100,000 dollars. All I want from you is to see you suffer and be depressed and watch you slowly fall apart. I am serious.

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