Dead Cells – PS4 Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

Dead Cells – PS4 Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

KRISTEN: Look at that chest. RYAN: Check out my chest!
Check out my chest! STEVE: It’s gonna suck. It’s gonna be like the
sandals or something. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] RYAN: Hello, my friends, and welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. On today’s show we are playing
Dead Cells which is coming to
PS4 this year. And I am joined by
Steve from Motion Twin. Steve, welcome to the program. STEVE: Hey, man. RYAN: And alongside for the ride
is Kristen Titus from my team. Hello, Kristen. KRISTEN: How’s it going, guys? RYAN: It’s going.
It’s going pretty well. So we have a lot to talk about because I love me some
Dead Cells. I’m actually playing for once. I’m usually not the one
playing, but Steve gave me
the controller. KRISTEN: Steve,
what have you done? RYAN: Steve, I’m going to
go with — I’ll do shield. Tell me a little bit about Dead
Cells if nobody’s ever
played it before. STEVE: Yeah.
All right. If you never played it before. What we’re pitching
is a rogue-mania game. So it’s a mix between a
rogue-lite and a Metrovania or sort of like a
Castlevania-inspired game. It’s an action
platformer as you can see. You play this little dude. RYAN: This little dude. STEVE: And his deal is that
he likes killing monsters. So he just charges
around this castle killing as many
things as he can, trying to get as far as he can before you inevitably
get killed. And you will get killed
because it’s a hard game. RYAN: I was
actually going to say, I’ve already
taken like 30 damage. It’s not going well. STEVE: Any time you want
to pass the controller, just let me know. RYAN: I will. I will. STEVE: And so, yeah. The idea is to get as far as you
can before you die because it’s rogue-lite, so if you do die, you pretty much
lose all of your progress. So everything that’s with or
around any of the weapons that you have that you can see at
the bottom left of the screen, if you haven’t taken any of the
blueprints that he just got to the end of the next
level, then you lose them too. And you have the stat points
that he just unlocked here. When you die, you lose them. So each run is building up your
character into the most powerful thing that you can get, so
when you get to the boss, instead of getting
rolled, you do the rolling. RYAN: Dang. Dude, you practiced
this before haven’t you? Which should I do,
Brutality, Tactics, or Survival? KRISTEN: Brutality. STEVE: We’ve actually been
working on that a lot now so that the idea of the game
is that can build anything. So all of your weapons and items
are going to have different colors, so they’re going to
associate with different skills, Brutality, Tactics, or Survival. KRISTEN: Interesting. And then is that also tied to
the different types of monsters you’re fighting because I noticed they’re
different colors? They have different weapon
sets and different attacks. STEVE: Yeah. In some ways because, you know,
these little green guys are the basic ones. They’re going to jump at
you and try to hit you. So they’re pretty sort of
beatable with any type of weapon. But then you’re gonna come
across guys that are going to shoot at you from a distance, so maybe a ranged weapon might
be better for those guys. You’re gonna come across bosses
that maybe are gonna throw a whole bunch of
projectiles at you, so a shield might help. And it’s all about finding the
weapon that you like as a player and also finding the thing
that might help get you past a particularly hard enemy or boss. RYAN: So one thing I want to
point out to folks watching is that Dead Cells — and I think this is
one of the reasons the community has
rallied around it — is very much almost inspired by very combat-forward
fighting game style gameplay. So what you have here is
an extremely responsive, really tactile
sensation when you’re playing, and that’s something I
really appreciated at first. Like the input, right away
you’re just getting these really nice crunchy inputs
when you’re attacking. Like, for example, with the
basic — I forget what the basic
weapon is that you start with. STEVE: That’s the
Old Rusty Sword. RYAN: The Old Rusty Sword. But that extends to the
dodging and to the blocking and to trying
to deflect attacks. There’s just a lot there
that feels really good. STEVE: Yeah. That’s definitely a big part of
the game is the combat feeling. We wanted — a lot of this style
of game you start off and you
have to unlock skills. So you know you need to
unlock your double jump. You need to unlock
your ability to roll. You need to unlock
all that kind of stuff. Whereas we wanted you to pick it
up and feel like you’re
awesome right from the start. And so you pick it up and put
the controller in your hands, and you’re like,
Damn, this is all right. That took months and
months and months of feedback. KRISTEN: Look at that chest. RYAN: Check out my chest!
Check out my chest! STEVE: It’s gonna suck. It’s gonna be, like,
the sandals or something. Oh no.
That’s pretty good. Knife Storm. RYAN: Knife Storm! KRISTEN: Yeah. Now I wish it were the sandals
so we could see what those were. RYAN: I’m coughing already. STEVE: Yeah. So, I mean, that’s something
that we spent a lot of time on that we’re proud of. People tell us that that’s
something that’s really fun about the game. And a lot of the mechanics that
we build around that make it feel even better. So as you kill things — for example, you kill a
couple of enemies in a row, you’re going to
get a speed boost. So you’ll move even faster, and
you’ll move even more fluidly. KRISTEN: It rewards you. STEVE: Exactly. So it’s encouraging
you to roll, to move, to always be
basically liquid death. RYAN: See that parry?
Yeah. Parry the very first
enemy that’s so easy. Oh, the worst block ever. Oh, I’m getting hit
so many times now. KRISTEN: Spoke too soon. RYAN: Yep, yep, yep. STEVE: Haven’t even
unlocked the health bar. And you’re in trouble. RYAN: I’m sorry.
I’m sorry, everyone. I haven’t played in a while. I have a baby. KRISTEN: There’s
some money up there. RYAN: Was that you? Did you put the
kebab in the game? STEVE: Actually, no. [LAUGHTER] I might have been involved in
the vegetarian options here. RYAN: Yes! Wonderful
because I’m a vegetarian. STEVE: So you can change
your diet in the game. KRISTEN: This game is
speaking to Ryan on every level. RYAN: It speaks to
me on so many levels. Well, I finally left the
opening section of the game. KRISTEN: Off to The
Promenade of the Condemned. That sounds awesome. RYAN: I took a
tremendous amount of damage. Steve, if you had to rate my
performance in that section one to ten, one being
died on the first enemy? STEVE: Died miserably? RYAN: Yeah. STEVE: Well you made
it, so you’re over five. RYAN: Okay. Perfect. STEVE: But you
took four minutes. If you’re on a speedrun, to
make it to the next door, you got to be there
in under two minutes. So I’m going to give you a
six out of ten on that one. RYAN: I’ll take it. STEVE: I think
that’s a fair score. RYAN: Especially when
trying to cohost a program. STEVE: Yeah. Especially when you’re trying
to ask interesting questions and not cough. RYAN: That’s always tough. STEVE: You can smash
through that door if you like, but it takes ages, so you might as well
just give him your cells. RYAN: What? Really? STEVE: Yeah. And this guy,
he’s going to give you upgrades. RYAN: Do you want
me to show that? STEVE: Yeah. You have to because he’s
going to take — yeah. The Brutality one. So those are going to introduce
even more variability to your build, more customization
to you’re want to do. So if you get to a level and
you realize that you got three purple items, you’ll
take a purple upgrade, and that’s going to increase
the power of all those items. So you can really focus
on stuff that you like. RYAN: That’s one of the best
things about rogue-lites is when they enable you to make
small decisions that have large effects on your run
through the game. You know, unless you’re just
a terrible player like me and you’re really botching it. STEVE: You got a six out of
ten; you’re not terrible. RYAN: Six out of ten.
A little six. You see that parry?
You see that parry? Watch this. This is going to be —
there’s no hits. I’m not going to take a single
other hit for the rest of this run. You heard it here
first, ladies and gentlemen. See that, another parry. STEVE: Now you’re in for it.
Two of those guys. And he’s dead. RYAN: Didn’t follow
through on my promise. But, again, this is the
kind of game where if you like side-scrollers, action games,
games with great combat systems, this is something that I think
— that parry was — that was pathetic. STEVE: As well as games
that you can replay a lot. This game, there’s some of those
crazy people on internet that finish it in like five hours. If you’re an
average player like me, that’s probably
going to take you, I don’t know,
25-ish sort of hours. And then if you’re
like our friend here, it could be days
and days and days. RYAN: Steve, come on.
We just met. You can’t throw me
under the bus right away. Give me more time
to prove myself. Oh. I forgot I had abilities. Whoops. KRISTEN: As he’s trying to argue
that he can improve himself. RYAN: Actually, I’ve
never gotten that before. What is this?
Is this a turret? STEVE: Yeah. That’s the double turret, so it’s going to shoot at
things on both sides. RYAN: Oh, cool. KRISTEN: I like
these teleport moments. So is that to teleport
back to where you were? STEVE: Yeah. So that’s to make backtracking
less painful so if you find something and you can’t get
it and later on you unlock something, you can come
back to it and get it. Once you leave a level, you
can’t come back to the level. But inside a level,
you can go back to it. KRISTEN: I see. STEVE: That’s a nice one. That’s one of my
favorite weapons. It’s super fast. RYAN: Ooh, yeah.
I like that. Take that. STEVE: Take out the shield dude. RYAN: Yeah. We were talking before the
recording about how a lot of these — oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. [LAUGHTER] KRISTEN AND RYAN:
Body desecrated. STEVE: He got smashed. RYAN: Last chance failed. I can
think of — yeah. Absolutely. All right. Passing the controller and then
we only have a few minutes left, so I want to see — you have
to — KRISTEN: Show us how it’s done. STEVE: Is this a demo
version or something? RYAN: Sorry.
Don’t blame the build. STEVE: Okay. RYAN: So Steve in the next two
minutes is going to try to get as far as he can. STEVE: Yeah. I’m going to cheat
and skip past this guy, see how far we can go. Wrong way. RYAN: Anyway. Kristen, what do you
think of the game so far? KRISTEN: I think
it looks really, really fun. This is always my strategy is
just try to run as far as I can and see who will
let me just get by. STEVE: It’s a
completely legitimate strategy. KRISTEN: That’s how I
always go about games like this. RYAN: And the funny thing is,
this is actually to your point, Steve, it is a strategy because
you don’t really earn experience for killing enemies. You’re just
clearing an obstacle, right? Now I forgot if you — you are potentially losing out
on currency, right? STEVE: So you’re losing out on
cells and, like, gold. I just picked up some of that. The main things you want to pick
up on a run is these scrolls so you can up your
strength and skills. But the cells are really for
unlocking things between levels. When you die, you
don’t lose everything. You keep a certain
amount of your progression. I’m going to do something risky. So now if I get hit once — KRISTEN: You out raged the gods. STEVE: If I get
hit once, I’m dead. RYAN: All right. This is it. This is how we’re
going to end the show. STEVE: Exactly.
I’m going to die. Yeah. So basically the cells are
really about making sure that each run, you get
more and more powerful. So access to newer
weapons, access to new areas, new abilities,
that kind of thing. But we’ve set it up so you can
actually speedrun through the game. There are doors that if
you get to them fast enough, they will allow you to unlock a
bunch of extra skills so that you’re not actually behind,
which makes it more interesting since you’ve already gone
through the game a lot. Then you know you don’t have to
fight through every single enemy and every level. You can be like, okay, I’m going to skip straight
through to this boss I was at. I still need to power up
enough to get to that point. RYAN: I think that our viewers
at home can see the difference in skill level
between myself and Steve. Ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately we’re
out of time for today. But, Steve, thank you so
much for joining us today. KRISTEN: Thank you. RYAN: Dead Cells is
coming to PS4 this year. We will keep our eyes on the
team, Motion Twin, for more. And until next time, this
is PlayStation Underground, and we’ll see you guys soon.

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