Dead by Daylight – Gameplay #8 Playing as The Spirit

Dead by Daylight – Gameplay #8 Playing as The Spirit

This video will feature a full length match
playing as The Spirit, with some commentary mixed in at key moments. No Ruin totem this game, so I’ll have to be
extra spooky to if I want to win! I don’t normally use Whispers perk, but combined
with the Prayer Beads add-on, the perk makes it easy to snatch survivors off of generators. Whispers lit up here, maybe someone’s on the
middle generator? Nobody there, but Whispers is still lit. I’ll bet someone’s on that generator. I just have to be patient here and wait for
my power to recharge. Wha’d I tell ya. A little patience can go
a long way. Let’s check out that noise notification. Huh, nobody here. I’ll just start patrolling, I guess. Huh, he almost got away… Something I’ve noticed while playing Spirit
is that survivors have the habit of dashing for the closest pallet. So if you lose them in a chase, checking those
areas can be a good idea. This Claudette is dressed like a tramp. Let’s try a little mind game here. Not perfect, but I’ll take it. If you stand completely still as Spirit, you
can fool survivors into thinking you’re phasewalking. This lets you gather more information about
their movement and sometimes even catch them during a juke attempt. Let’s make sure this middle generator hasn’t
been touched…yup! I’ll probe this generator with Whispers…nobody
there. Which means…someone must be here! Lucky man, reacting just in time to avoid a grab. Let’s play “Where’s the Adam?” Ooo, we have a winner! It’s not him though. Let’s see if I can catch up to the survivor
that completed that generator. Oh Claudette, you made three mistakes trying
to hide from me. One, your choice of cover was too narrow to
hide your body. Two, your scratch marks lead me right to your
hiding spot. And three…that outfit girl? Come on. You’re wearing a tinfoil top and it doesn’t
even match your shorts! Your fashion sense alone is reason enough
to kill you! But on a serious note, there is something
I’d like to point out about this chase. Right here. When I vault this window, to the survivor,
it looks like I’m standing still. So to Claudette, it looked like I was phasewalking,
which explains why she ran towards me in an attempt to juke me. Let’s go check out that noise notification. My power was on cooldown here, otherwise I
would have phasewalked to the opposite side of the shack and landed an easy hit. Sprint Burst is great for baiting lunges like
that. The reason I was able to hit Dwight before
he threw the pallet down was due to Spirit’s passive ability, which makes her movement
harder to read than most killers. Phasewalk paranoia caused Dwight to position
himself poorly there. Back to patrolling generators. Okay nobody here, but Whispers just lit up
so there’s definitely someone on the generator to my left. Cornfields definitely make juking easier. Thankfully I’m able to pick up the trail and
put this Ace in the hole. I know someone’s here, this generator has
more progress on it than I remember. You know, I have this great idea for an outfit
that I know you’ll love. A down-to-earth two piece set featuring a
brown top and a blueberry skirt. We’ll talk it about it more after I’m done
killing you! Look me in the eyes Claudette… You gonna wear that outfit again? *sigh* You wore it once…you’re gonna WEAR
IT AGAIN! No pallets or windows there…was that
a pebble? We gotta be sneaky! We gotta be sneaky, Charlie~ Try being a little less obvious, next time. Go on…outplay me~ Okay he’s not falling for it. Darn. Moments like that crack me up though. He deserves to get away. Now how’d I know Adam was there even when
there weren’t any scratch marks? I just memorized how many cylinders were moving
on the generator while I was chasing Dwight. Nice scratch mark juke here by Adam. He ran at the pallet, then walked around the
corner of the shack to fool me into thinking he was waiting by the pallet. While phasewalking here, the tall grass to
my left hid Adam’s scratch marks, and I didn’t see that there was a pallet right next to
me. I bumped into Adam during my phasewalk there, so I immediately did a 180 and caught him out thanks to phasewalk’s increased lunge range. That chase took too long though. I’m probably going to lose this one. Yep, there go the generators. Time to back and forth the exit gates. In retrospect, if I had had the patience to
probe using Whispers, I probably could have found the survivors before they opened the gate. I’ll just fake entering the shack here… Wait for jukes and Dead Hard here… There we go, three kills! That’s a wrap for this match! Some key takeaways would be to use phasewalk
to land easy first hits and grabs… Fake using phasewalk to fool survivors into
running at you… Be wary of scratch mark jukes… And if you play survivor, develop a fashion
sense that doesn’t get you killed. So thanks for watching! If you found this video helpful, make sure
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100 Replies to “Dead by Daylight – Gameplay #8 Playing as The Spirit”

  1. Pro Spirit guide:
    Step 1: Use whisperers
    Step 2: Use Phase walk
    Step 3: Don't use Phase walk
    Step 4: Don't listen to this do whatever you want cuz Spirit is op

  2. I love how calm ur voice is even when playing a game about killing innocents XD literally if ur neighbors was hearing that they would be like wtf we're moving

  3. His voice is so soothing. Also I love the way the spirt looks it’s such a good design it reminds me of kayako from the grudge.

  4. If you think a tank top that doesn't even show any cleavage and shorts that don't even show any booty equates to dressing like "a tramp" then you must be a Mormon virgin. I've quite enjoyed your videos, It's too bad you've turned out to be just another sexist asshat.

  5. This makes me confused though, why would survivors choose to wear bright clothing if darker clothing can camouflage them better?

  6. I cannot stop laughing at "We gotta be sneaky charliiie" and claudettes outfit commentary XD lol. Had to replay this video three times

  7. You talk with the attitude and amusement that an actual killer would have when chasing their prey and I appreciate it

  8. Wait why didnt you go for the person opening the gate??? If you got him he wouldnt have escaped and you knew where dwight was

  9. I would complain about Spirit being annoyingly powerful….

    But the sass made me forget all my complaints…


  10. What if you used Nurse's calling on the Spirit? You could hear survivors while phase-walking if they were hurt, meaning constant pressure.

  11. disgusting sexist game, women halfnaked only assholes want to watch whores naked bodies etc disgusting fucking sluts and sexists. boys with heart only watch tits of their GIRLFRIEND.

  12. I don't really pay attention to the gameplay, but the commentary is some of the best i've heard in any game. Keep up the great work.

  13. 7:35
    Claudette: Thinks the spirit is phase walking and runs back over the pallet she just dropped
    Spirit: Grabs Claudette "Congratulations, you played yourself."

  14. So honestly I play spirit a lot and I notice that when you go up to a gen when phase walking you just stop phasing to try and grab someone but honestly I think it’s more effective to stay in phase and put your self to each side of the gen until you feel a survivor then stop phasing and grab them

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