Dead by Daylight – Gameplay #2 Playing as The Doctor

This video is going to feature a full length
match playing as The Doctor, with commentary mixed in at key moments. Discordance is one of my favorite perks on
The Doctor. It synergizes shockingly well with his Static Field. I’ll use the school’s hallway as cover so
when the survivors see me, they have less time to react. Okay, I made a mistake here. I could have cornered her if I had continued
running right instead of left. It’s important to keep in mind what side of
the pallet the survivor will be on after they drop it. So here I see a survivor scream as well as
some scratch marks that I could follow, but then Discordance triggers, which tells me
there’s somewhere even more important that I should be. Before I start this chase, I’ll kick this
generator to get some regression going early. Jeff, just because you can’t see your problems,
doesn’t mean your problems can’t see you. Is there a survivor hiding around here? Or is that hallucination left over from my
encounter with Jeff? I’ll head back to this generator since it’s
nearby and I saw a notification go off earlier. If only you hadn’t missed that skillcheck
Dwight. Now I have to taze ya. Dwight tries to take advantage of how I missed
my Shock Therapy earlier, but taking a hit becomes inevitable after I disable his ability
to vault back through the window. So I made a mistake here. This generator didn’t have much progress on
it so kicking it was kind of a waste of time. What I should have done was run straight towards
the areas of the map where my hallucinations were appearing to keep up the pressure on
the survivor team. The Doctor’s Restraint add-on takes
the guesswork out of what generators to patrol thanks to the hallucinations that appear. I could have landed a hit on her here, but
aimed my shock at the window instead of remembering that there’s a pallet in the next room. I score a hit on Dwight here, but just barely. The delay on Shock Therapy makes quick reaction
time and prediction even more important when playing The Doctor. A survivor is still in the room behind this
wall. I’ll stand here to shock both sides of the
dropped pallet, then run over to the side I think she’s on and get a 50/50 chance of
catching her out. Right idea, wrong side. Dwight, could you be any more obvious? My hallucination is staring right at you. Actually I’ll stay in Treatment Mode here,
since he might have enough distance to make it back to the pallet. Disconnecting on the first down, Dwight? Oh hi. You don’t seem disappointed at all! If I’d aimed just slightly more to the right,
I would have got her here. Instead of following Kate’s scratch marks,
I decide to take a right because I remember Nea running towards a generator that was almost
completed. I spot a spark fly from the generator that
lets me know it hasn’t been touched. So here I can approach from either the front
or the back of the shack. I choose the back because it’ll force the
survivor to run towards the generator I saw earlier so I can disrupt multiple survivors
at once. A fraction of a second later and I might have
missed you Jeff! Jeff is in a pretty bad situation here. I’ve got him cornered and he’s on the wrong
side of the pallet. As soon I break it, I’ll be able to cut him
off no matter which direction he goes. I’ll kick this generator first, then go pick
up Jeff. Those Overcharge skillchecks are no joke, especially when The Doctor is the one using the perk. Survivors tend to make silly mistakes like
this when they hear the terror radius grow louder, but don’t know which way the killer
is coming from. I break the chase with Nea because I spot
Kate on her way to unhook that bearded ostrich I caught earlier. I choose not to chase Kate because hitting
her would mean losing my Save the Best for Last stacks. I switch to Treatment Mode early here to ensure
my shock timing is spot on. I hope for your sake you’re respecting my
hallucinations, unlike your friend Dwight earlier. That 40% attack cooldown reduction is not
to be trifled with. This was actually a mistake on Nea’s part. That shock would have worn off before I’d
have reached the pallet, but she kept running so I punished her for her misjudgment. I’ll slug her so I can find the last survivor
without risking them escaping through the hatch. This was a mistake on Kate’s part. She must have gotten nervous just like Nea
did earlier and started running. It would have been harder to find her without
those scratch marks. I guess she forgot about the door she just
ran out of? Well that went pretty well! Made some mistakes, but still got a 4k on
the survivor team. So yeah, thanks for watching! If you found this video helpful, make sure
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