Dead by Daylight – Gameplay #15 Versus The Legion

Dead by Daylight – Gameplay #15 Versus The Legion

This video will feature a full length match,
playing against The Legion. With some commentary mixed in at key moments. Looks like I spawned next to a teammate. Let’s see if we can work together to– Okay, guess we’re splitting up then. But that generator explosion might have actually
worked in my favor, since it allowed me to catch a glimpse of the killer’s hex totem. I’ll wait for him leave before cleansing
it. Wow, where’d that terror radius come from? It sounds like he’s using the Iridescent Button add-on. Thankfully, I’m running Spine Chill this
game, so I’ll know when he’s heading my direction even without the terror radius. Oh how nice! Meg is bodyblocking for me in case the killer
shows up. Totem’s gone Meg, you can move now! What a scumbag! She wasn’t bodyblocking for me, she was
holding me hostage! Thanks to Meg’s little stunt, it’s going
to take a while for me to heal up, especially given how the killer is running Sloppy Butcher
and Thanataphobia. Normally I wouldn’t heal against perks
like that, but I can’t afford to stay injured this early in the game, because my playstyle
revolves around being stealthy, and staying injured would make me very easy to find. Alright, let’s see if I can make some progress
now that the trolling Meg is gone. Let’s see if this killer will fall for a
fake window vault. Not bad! I escaped and even got Legion to waste his
Frenzy. This looks like a decent generator to work
on given how close to the center of the map it is. I’ll let someone else get her. I’m pretty far away. I see Spine Chill is flashing here. Maybe I can sneak off since the killer hasn’t
spotted me yet. Looks like it worked! But Spine Chill’s telling me he’s following
my trail. Let’s see if I can do it again. Wow, twice in a row! I probably couldn’t have done it if I hadn’t
healed earlier, though. Spine Chill’s flashing again. I’ll try the same strategy from earlier,
but I doubt he’ll fall for it a second time. Okay… looks like I overestimated him. But he’s following my trail just like last
time, so there’s no chance he hasn’t recognized the pattern by now. Alright, looks like I severely overestimated
him. Maybe now I can get this middle generator done, which should tip the balance of the game in our favor. Beat it, Meg, I don’t want Your kind of
help. I am not working with a troll! I’ll repair my own generator. There goes one survivor. But given how many generators are left, I’m feeling pretty good we’ll make it out alive this game. Legion’s using his Frenzy again, which means
he knows I’m working on this generator and is probably running over here right now. He’s probably going to be patrolling that
area aggressively, so I need to apply some pressure in another area of the map. I’m scouting the map here for the generator
furthest away from the one I was working on, but it seems like the only generators remaining
are all close together. This might wind up being more difficult than I thought. It sounds like he’s heading back the opposite
way. I doubt the killer will be suspecting a survivor
to repair this generator since it has zero progress on it, so I should be able to work
on it for a while before he comes back. Thanks to Spine Chill and Sprint Burst, I
was able to get a head start before the killer picked up on my trail. However, he’s still following me, but I’ll
use this to my advantage and draw him away from the remaining generators so my teammates
can work on them. Looks like he caught on to what I was doing
and went back to patrol. Smart move. But in that case, I’ll just run back and
work on my generator since he’s not going to commit to chasing me. I’m not going to unhook her right now, the killer’s too close and I don’t have Borrowed Time. You should have ran, Meg. Legion was on cooldown. I need to unhook Nancy right now, or it’s
game over. Legion went to stab Nancy, so I should have
enough time to save Meg from the basement. Legion made a mistake stabbing Meg
with Frenzy. He basically just gave her a free speed boost
since she was already injured. That cooldown should give me enough time to
find a pallet or window. I think that pallet stun was enough to discourage
him from chasing me. He probably also broke the chase to kick the
generator. Looks like he’s checking on that generator
now. I’ll find a place to mend and head back
to…oh, they did it! Looks like Meg wasn’t a complete troll after
all. Ah, a front row seat to Meg getting cut down. Even if I had the Head On perk right now,
I wouldn’t use it to save her. I may need to save one of them from the hook, so I should heal up before heading in. Looks like Nancy got her. I should be clear to open the gate, since the killer is probably distracted with those two right now. And there we go! Looks like the three of us are making it out
alive. That wraps up this match! Some key takeaways would be to fake window
vaults to fool the killer during a chase… Apply pressure to different areas of the map
if the killer is camping one generator… Draw the killer towards completed generators
to discourage him from chasing you… And if you play killer, don’t fall for the
same trick four times. So thanks for watching! If you found this video helpful, make sure
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100 Replies to “Dead by Daylight – Gameplay #15 Versus The Legion”

  1. Stunning Work, I enjoyed it a lot!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , doo check 🙂

  2. Do you have any tips on how to deal with survivors who juke you as Killer? As in, running around like a crazy person erratically in an open area? I sometimes end up losing a lot of time because of this.

  3. I legit can’t play like that. Its too stealthy and slow and lame for me. I need to get chased a few time to spice it up, if it means that my survivor friends will get gens done and I can sacrifice myself for that

  4. Thanks for the vid! But please don't cutoff the repairing process, especially with the hex:ruin. It may seem not necessary, but it's essential to see, especially for the not very experienced survivors like me??

  5. Pain reliever PLEASE do gameplay PLAYING as the nurse.

    Nurse is pretty cool to see play, so I’d like to see you tackle that.

  6. at 2:34 you should have mentioned the fact that shack pallet was already used. Map awareness is important and knowing shack pallet is gone can mean the difference between life and death

  7. I love how you show the perk info whenever you mention it, as a new dead by daylight player looking to improve that helps a lot!

  8. I thought Meg and Claudette had something going, but the meg was a traitor, she forsook the ways of Force bodyblocking for forcing you in a corncer

  9. "Ahh. A front row seat to Meg getting cut down. Even if I had the Head On perk rn, I wouldn't use it to save her." LMAO

  10. Thank you for your gameplay vids! My buddies and I have fun playing custom games together, but any time we try to go online as a group we get screwed. Your tips actually help build game-sense on top of being basic guides, like with your point on taking advantage of completed generators to get the killer off your back (getting into the mindset of the big baddie). Keep doing your thing, man! 😀

  11. We need a hell of a lot more gameplay. Maybe as another killer you haven't shown us yet? Or possibly revisit some killers you've already played as/against? I would LOVE to see more Spirit gameplay.

  12. I like how I have never played this game before but I still know how killers and some perks work. I just really love to watch this game. One thing that confuses me is how is "gen rushing" toxic. Isn't that the point of the game.

  13. Nothing worse than a troll screwing things up for the team.

    I was playing killer and I frankly felt bad for the survivors in one of my games.

    I ignored her fingering her teammates with bond and tried to get her eliminated as soon as possible.

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