Dead by Daylight – Gameplay #14 Playing as The Demogorgon

Dead by Daylight – Gameplay #14 Playing as The Demogorgon

This video will feature a full length match,
playing as the Demogorgon. With some commentary mixed in at key… moments. I’ll start the game off setting some portals
at key locations. I like to think of portals as wards from League
of Legends. Just like wards, portals provide vision of
an area through the Demogorgon’s killer instinct mechanic. Even if survivors wind up cleansing the portals,
doing so wastes their time and puts them at risk of being ambushed, so whether they’re
destroyed or left alone, either way it works in the killer’s favor. Next I’ll travel to each of my portals to
activate them. I’m focusing my portal placement around my
totem because I know the survivors are looking for it right now. It’s about 2 minutes into the game and I haven’t
run into anybody. No generators have gone off, either. Oh well, that just gives me more time to set
up. Well it’s about time I found one! I wasn’t sure if she was going to juke my
shred or not, so I hesitated there. I feinted left to make her think I was heading
for the pallet entrance, which forced her to run to the right. This gave enough time to climb through the
window and land a hit. Looks like two of my portals were cleansed
during that chase. Not a big deal though. Better for the portals to be destroyed than
for the generators to get worked on. I’m not exactly thrilled you didn’t bring
any ice cream, Steve. Survivor sappin’ my totem! A nice Dead Hard by Steve. Whoever just cleansed my totem, congratulations. Consider yourself the obsession. Ya break my totem, I break ya bones. This is the incorrect way to run the rock
wall loop as killer. I’ll have to mind game the survivor to end
this quickly. Putting aside my desire to exact revenge,
I broke the chase with Steve earlier to maintain pressure on multiple survivors. Letting any of them get comfortable for too
long is how generators get done quickly. Instantly unhooked. That happens a lot when fast traveling with
Demogorgon. But I know I saw someone near this generator
before the portal got destroyed. Darn, I should have done a quick sweep of
the area before putting the portal down. Hopefully it comes in handy later. Agh, I thought I could hit her before she turned the corner. No need to risk pouncing when she’s that close. You’re too late Steve! Unless you brought me a triple scoop of cookie
dough ice cream, I’m not letting her go. I’m not going to wander too far because I
know Steve is lingering somewhere nearby waiting to save Nancy. I’ll act like I’m going off to patrol, then
tunnel back to the basement. Perfect timing! But what’s this! He’s going for the save anyways? Does he have Borrowed Time? Now this is a tricky scenario. Originally I was going to wait for Borrowed
Time to expire and then down Nancy, but the moment she entered the locker, I realized she probably had the Head On and Inner Strength perks. And given that she’s the Obsession, I’m pretty
sure she also has Decisive Strike. So if I try to open the locker, Decisive Strike
will stun me and then she’ll enter the locker again to stun me with Head On. And if I don’t open the locker, she’ll heal
herself with Inner Strength and just wait there for an indefinite period of time. This truly is a lose-lose situation, but eating the stun is the most time efficient option here. Aw, she messed up her stun. She didn’t wait long enough for the first
stun to expire, so the second one didn’t take effect. That mistake will cost her her life. Time to start patrolling again. I’ll just set up a portal over… Oh, nevermind. Looks like they’re going for a basement save again. I’ve got a score to settle with you, totem
toucher. This is where you murdered my totem in cold
blood! And now… this is where I murder you. I’ll head back to this generator and get some
use out of Pop Goes the Weasel. The criminal’s been let off the hook! If I hurry I can still catch him! He threw that pallet down fast. He could definitely have gotten a loop or
two if he’d made use of the window. I made sure I held my shred until it was clear
he was vaulting. A lot of survivors run Decisive Strike nowadays,
and I know it’s been less than a minute since this guy’s been unhooked, so I won’t risk
picking him up right now. I’ll set a portal here and come back for him
later. It took longer than I thought to
land a hit on Steve. I should have forced Claudette off the generator
first. Steve probably thinks I’m chasing Claudette
right now, but he doesn’t know about the portal I set near Jake earlier just for this ocassion. You probably could have made it to the pallet
if you weren’t so keen on waving that flashlight in my face. Now to find…oh! Well there she is. I should have remembered she had Sprint
Burst from earlier. I barely saw her all game, though. A little mind game was all that was necessary
for that hit. Not going to lie, I’m pretty mad about that
hatch stealing my 4k. But anyways, that’s a wrap for this match! Some key takeaways would be to use portals
like wards to keep an eye on areas of interest… Use portals to apply pressure to multiple
survivors around the map… Use shred to end chases faster… And if you play survivor, ditch the flashlight,
and try bringing an ice cream cone instead! So thanks for watching! If you found this video helpful, make sure
to subscribe for future content.

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  1. damn dude i would have ran right for that hatch, but im not sure if that would have been too far around the loop to get to first tho

  2. Hey PainReliever!
    Do you have any ideas for killers?
    Like if you could add a killer to the game what would its perks/abilities be?

  3. He only cleansed your totem because you ran Ruin. I play both killer and survivor and never understand why some killers take the game personally, like when a survivor cleanses their hex totems. That was the risk you ran when you chose a really powerful-yet-cheesy perk. That’s just how it goes.

  4. Had an idea for a new killer and survivor, need some improvements so please tell me anything to change

    The guard
    Jeffrey Prior was working in a high security prison, he always stayed on schedule and made sure everything was to standard, he was hated by all the prisoners and received a lot of abuse, prisoners stopped listening to him and ignored things he would tell them to do. Jeffrey became enraged when a prisoner tried to stab him in the back, he went on a killing spree beating the prisoner to death, another guard tried to stop him but Jeffrey turned on him with anger in his eyes, he grabbed him and snapped his neck. After realising what he had done he decided to flee before everyone found out, he was last seen hurrying into his car and hastily driving away. He fell asleep in the car and crashed into another car, when he awoke from the crash he was in a strange place, he heard voices in his head and his mind was full of rage, he hasn’t been seen since.

    His ability: Enraged
    He becomes enraged at the survivors and his movement speed is decreased by 5%, all survivors enter are given blindness and exhaustion until the ability is ended, and he can destroy pallets and damage generators 15% faster

    His stats:
    Height: tall
    Speed: 115% / 110% (ability)
    Attack range: average
    Weapon: heavy police baton
    Terror radius: 32 meters

    His personal perks:

    Why so slow?
    Survivors inside the guards terror radius cannot remove the exhaustion effect if already afflicted, and will complete generators and heal 5/7/9 percent slower

    After hitting a survivor the survivors grunts of pain will be increased by 10/15/20 percent for 50/60/70 seconds

    Scaredy cat
    Survivors in lockers within a 10/12/15 meter radius of the killer will whimper in fear, and make noise potentially giving away their location to the killer

    Alex willson
    Alex was sitting in his living room watching tv when he was 17 years old, when he heard a woman scream outside, he ran out to investigate and heard the scream again, it seemed to come from an alley way beside his neighbour’s house he ran towards it and saw a man in dark clothes run down the other side he looked down to see a woman covered in blood crawling for her life, he soon heard sirens coming down the road and he found out his neighbour had called the cops. Alex was sent to court and was accused of the murder after the woman died, no evidence was found of anyone else having been at the crime scene, Alex was sentenced to life in a high security prison, after a guard went crazy he managed to sneak into the guards car and escape with him, he fell asleep in the back and when he woke back up he was lost in a dark foggy place he had never seen before, all he knew was he was terrified and had no idea how to get away. He hasn’t been seen since.

    Personal perks:

    Channel your fear
    After being hit by the killer you gain 15/20/25 percent faster healing for 20/30/40 seconds

    When being picked up by the you have a 5/8/11 percent chance to kick the killer away, stunning him for 5 seconds and putting you into a sprint at 150% speed for 3 seconds, if exhausted you will only stun the killer and won’t be put into sprint. Causes the exhaustion effect for 60/50/40 seconds

    Thrill of life
    After being healed from the dying state it rescued from the hook, survivors will repair generators, search chests and destroy totems 10/15/20 percent faster for 100/110/120 seconds

  5. I love it when you play survivor ! It gives me a lot of tips and tricks I could use for my own gameplay , when are you going to upload another survivor gameplay ? 🙂

  6. Hello pain reliever, I’m the greatest “Dead by Daylight” fan and I’m hoping that you’ll post regularly because I love the way you play and the way you explain things about the game. Thank youuuuu! And oh, btw I wanna see more of your survivor action. Love youuuuuu and stay awesome!

  7. Is it tunneling if you find the same survivor over and over/ go for the person that has been unhooked and you only find the injured(unhooked survivor) because there really obvious/ the only notification that pops up

    If it makes no sense

    Tell me

    ( don’t

  8. How to Counter Demogorgon? Also, I love your videos, they’re really relaxing and funny and just makes my day everytime you upload! :]

  9. Why arent you on twitter or instagram? :c I would follow the pain out of you!
    (and stream please? pretty please?)

    Btw I just found your videos some weeks ago and I really love them!

  10. I can't get enough of this one! I've been watching it every night since you posted it, & finding it extremely relaxing (to say the least). I watch while I'm drifting off to sleep, like I do a lot of your others. However this one, was especially, in.. "key." ?
    I love: "You break my totem I'll break ya bones." You crack me up @Pain Reliever! ?
    & BTW, this vid was also super helpful! I just got the Demogorgon myself. It's great to have an entertaining tutorial on how to be a good Demogorgon. It also helps to know what you're looking for if you're running from him ??‍♀️
    Thank you! ?❣️

  11. Hey i just realised that the doctor image from his countering video on him was from a nsfw comic and im deeply disturbed.

  12. There are 666 comments right now… I fell bad by posting my question (667) hahaha, but anyways: is there any graphic configuration that you recommend, I've noticed some streamers use the low settings and I'm not sure why, does it help during chases?

  13. What do you all think of my survivor build? I also have a stealthier playstyle. Bond, Prove Thyself, Alert, and Lithe

  14. I just search up people playing as a spirit and when I saw your video about the spirit I mostly loved your channel and your voice. Thanks to anyone reading this. : btw I just started playing the game last week and your channel helped me play the game with tips and tricks.

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