Dead by Daylight – Gameplay #1 Versus The Spirit

Dead by Daylight – Gameplay #1 Versus The Spirit

This video is going to be a full length match against The Spirit, with some commentary mixed in at key moments. I’ll start my game by heading upstairs and working on a relatively safe generator. Well, there goes my plan. Before I look for another generator, I’ll sweep the house for any hex totems. Wow, game over already? That’ll learn ya. Maybe next time you’ll think twice before stickin’ two perks together that don’t belong. Now that ruin is gone, let’s see if I can knock out the middle generator. Looks like I know where the killer is now, but who it is remains a mystery. Huntress players will understand. Spine chill is telling me it’s time to go. I probably should have ran a bit more unpredictably there. So here I try to pull off a fake window vault. And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for that meddling chest! It’s pretty obvious here she’s using her phase walk. So I use my scratch marks to juke her and make her think I’m near the pallet. Alright, that bought me some time, but she could still catch me here. I could head for that pallet, but I have some distance on her, So I’ll make use of Balanced Landing instead. Spirit can’t vault windows during phase walk, so this is a pretty safe move. I’ll run around a bit to create some fake scratch marks. I see Spine Chill go dim here, which means The Spirit is no longer facing the window. That could only mean one thing: She’s circling the wall to try and reach me. Is Spine Chill top tier, or is Spine Chill top tier? At this point, she gives up, because she knows she’s wasting a lot of time. Time to get back on that middle generator. It’s a bit risky working on this generator given how close the hook is, but I have Spine Chill to warn me if she’s coming, So I stay on it. Oh good, someone’s saving him so I can finish this generator. Boom, got the most important objective on the map done. It should be smooth sailing from here. At this point, I’m deciding whether to go unhook my teammate, since I am pretty close by. I see a friend got injured. That’s the push I needed to go for the unhook, since I can’t be sure my other teammate will save him Well, then! I’m sorry I doubted you. Let’s get back to business. I’m not sure if this guy knew what he was doing, But it was a smart move to lure the killer away from the hooked survivor. I’m too far away to consider saving that guy from the hook. I have to trust my other teammate will get the job done. I should probably hang around to save this guy after she hooks him Can he do it? Will he save him? I’m on the edge of my hook just thinking about it… Ya did it Georgie! Ya did it. The killer is probably still in the area. But I can at least position myself in the basement and wait for a moment when Spine Chill is dim to save Dwight. Fear not citizen, for I am here! And here we see Dwighticus Maximus hiding in his natural habitat from one of its many predators. It seemed like the killer was chasing me here, so I ran back towards the pallet for safety. But it turned out that she was just patrolling the generator behind me. So now I start heading towards a generator on the opposite end of the map. Until I remember that one of my teammates got downed earlier in the other corner of the map, which means he might already have made progress on another generator. Oh look I was right. Good job guy. So the last generator I should go for is the one I saw earlier, since it was about 50% completed. Looks like both my friend and I have the right idea. I break away early here, since I know the killer knows this generator is almost done, and will be patrolling it after that hook. Spine chills dim though. It seems like a decent time to unhook. Spine is lit here, but I can’t see the killer. So it’s likely she’s using her phase walk to try and catch me. Time for another scratch mark juke. Another play made possible, courtesy of Spine Chill. Let’s have another look at that. Right… here. As soon as Spine Chill goes dim, I know The Spirit just went through the door, so I can walk through it for a juke she’d never expect. Alright! Let’s power those… Oh. Well, okay, then guess I’ll end it here. Thanks for watching. If you found this video helpful, make sure to subscribe for future content.

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  1. Half the video was whispering only thing wrong that’s it nothing else… why are you still reading this? You know what keep reading it’s good for your mental health so … you like jazz ok so I think I might not be able too keep this up but I’ll try since you decided to read this but that’s it my internets bad-ish ok yeah I can’t keep this up but I tried and trying matters right do I get a gold star for that ok now that’s it

  2. Play Pig. I want to see someone actually making use of Jigsaw's Baptism and I think you should be able to.

  3. I love your vids, tho i play on X-Box I still enjoy the tips. Could you do some tips for Dwight? Hes my fav chac cause of the leader perk, I usually die but i help out my team alot with gens and other shit. Surprise Surprise I don't hide repetitively as Dwight XD. It would be lovely tho.

  4. Never understood this disconnect before the opposite party wins mindset. Sore loser and/or imbecile play style if you ask me. IMO if you lose then take it with pride. You still gona get some rewards in the end of the game ffs.

  5. God damn this man is a fucking genius. I used these tactics in another game like DBD and they work really well for me since the killers are pretty alike to the ones in DBD

  6. thank you pain, i hate going against spirit. throw down pallet? fakes a phasewalk. running away? she'll catch up in an instant. trying to juke? she probably knows this, and would kick your ass anyway.

  7. As a rank 1 survivor and killer The only real way to counter a “good” spirit is by using iron will and spine chill .. your very lucky she didn’t get you injured cause she heavily relies on sounds “ injured survivors” otherwise you’ll definitely would’ve gone down.

  8. At 5:41 if the killer has bbq and chili is she able to see you with that range? what’s the safe range for bbq so that killers won’t see you if you’re near a hooked survivor

  9. I play dbd on ps4 and Ive been rank 1 more times I can count, Im the person that gets caught usually so I run the killer around, u made me realize that being stealthy is rly good, u had perks I would usually not have on like bond and spine chill and they help u a lot, thx for showing me how good being stealthy is!!!!

  10. When you said " someone got down at that location of the map he could've made progress on a gen down there, i was right" i was like damn……..

  11. I don't quite understand the very beginning when you said, "two perks that don't belong." Which perks are you referring too??

  12. The why you think in video games is how I wanna be like, so smooth and "flowy" if that makes any sense, Awesome

  13. I really enjoy watching your videos. This one I am watching 3rd Time xD
    Maybe you could do some tips for beginners?

  14. Your vids give me a sort of “I’m next door to my mom and it’s 11pm and past my bedtime so need to talk quietly” sort of vibes

  15. Wow just wow. Being an active player in DBD, I haven’t seen anyone be this good at playing solo, using spin chill and actually knowing how to use it is just amazing. Doing a pretty good job so far ??????

  16. What? Corrupt Intervention and Ruin don't belong together?

  17. Survivors relying on spine chill?
    Now you only need to look a bit sideways so u don't activate it
    Downgrade: really hard to predict next move like vault a window or use a pallet since you can only see them at the corner of your eye

  18. Anyone else recognise the Bomber man Hero music during the intro? Took me so long to pin it down, but man that takes me back.

  19. Sweaty fucking cunt ass spirit mains. Pieces of shit OP perks and I still win every time. Fucking hate the spirit and anyone that mains her can die of AIDS

  20. that spirit couldve totally taken down at least one, maybe two survivers considering they were on last hooks. she should’ve stayed and taken the L, at least she probably wouldve safety pipped

  21. How to counter spirit: Teabag her while she's waiting for the pallet psych like the cheesy dumbass she is.
    Edit: "Ill start my game by going upstairs to this safe generator." SIR, EXCUSE ME BUT THAT HOUSE GENERATOR IS LITERALLY AN OMEN OF DEATH.

  22. Spine chill is top tier as you said but premonition is so much better if your like me and don’t look at your perks :/

    Also premonition and spine chill might be a awesome combo

  23. How do I do the good at the Survive? I'm a pretty terrible survivor, unless I gen rush

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