Dead by Daylight – Critique #5: Survivor Gameplay

Dead by Daylight – Critique #5: Survivor Gameplay

This video will feature a gameplay critique,
with commentary mixed in at key moments. One of my viewers, Jadss_PT, will be playing as a survivor. As they progress through the match, I’ll
be awarding keys for exceptional moments. Your perks look a lot like someone else’s
I know! Is that just a coincidence, or are you trying
to flatter him? Now this is what I like to see. Getting work done while the killer is distracted. That is making effective use of your time. See how useful Bond is? It gave you the information you needed to
stay hidden from the killer. And I like how you immediately returned to
the generator once he’d moved on. Did that killer just down an injured survivor
using his chainsaw? Looks like he might be a new player. Looks like Bond and Spine Chill gave you the warnings you needed to stay hidden after that unhook. Nice work making use of them. But how’s that Laurie you unhooked still
alive? She should have gotten downed a long time
ago. Is he still trying to down injured survivors with his chainsaw? This is getting ridiculous. In case some viewers don’t know, chainsaws
instantly down survivors regardless of their health state, but basic attacks are typically better for finishing off injured survivors. Using only your chainsaw in a match would be like trying to get knockouts as Captain Falcon using only his punch. It’s not impossible to win like that, but
it’s pretty difficult, and this killer has been doing that every chase. The one time where it would have made sense
to use his chainsaw and he basic attacks! *sigh* But also, if you’d used your Blood Amber add-on, you might have avoided getting caught out like that. Another potentially disastrous situation that could have been avoided if you’d used your key. But still, you got the unhook and without
getting a scratch on you, so good job. Now I know the killer isn’t very good, but
is this really necessary? Trying to play the hero, Jadds? Let’s see if you can pull it off. I think Laurie had a malfunction. That or she thinks the killer can’t make
it to a hook from that room. Jadds, is a madman! Or woman, I dunno. But you didn’t just body block, you baited
the killer’s swing! That definitely deserves a key. Your rank might say fifteen, but your gameplay
tells another story. This match looks like it’s going to be a
landslide victory for your team. Although with a killer like this, it’s not
hard to see why. Once again, Bond demonstrates its utility
by showing you exactly where to go next. Now this was a mistake on your part. The generator’s halfway done, you’ve got
two survivors working on it, and the killer is busy chasing someone else. The healing can wait. Just imagine if that Laurie had Adrenaline. If you’d immediately started repairing that
generator instead of doing… squats, you might have finished it sooner and saved her life. I’m just shaking my head right now. How does a player miss a chainsaw like that? This is a disaster. He might actually win! Wow your teammate unhooked herself! How lucky can you get! Another missed chance to use your key. It could have helped you time the hook save. Talk about a lack of key moments! Now that was a juicy bait! Very risky, totally unnecessary, but extremely satisfying. With all the baiting you did this game, You ought to be called the Master Baiter. But anyways, that’s a wrap for this match! I think Jadss_PT demonstrated a high level of understanding of Dead by Daylight’s game mechanics. They knew when to repair generators, how to use their perks effectively, and how to manage their time wisely. However, they didn’t make use of their item
as much as they could have, which resulted in them making a few mistakes that they would definitely be punished for by a more experienced killer. Jadds_PT also had one key moment, where they bodyblocked for an ally, and baited the killer’s swing, which wound up saving their life, and earned Jadds_PT the title of Master Baiter~ But anyways, that’s the end of this gameplay
critique, thanks for watching! If you found this video helpful, make sure
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  1. I see a blendette, I can already see what is going to be the main problem with this guy x)
    Edit: Ah nevermind, not at all but I don’t understand why people like that are rank 15. Do they just not play the game or do they wait for rank reset just to bully new/bad killers, I don’t know. Well with the new rank reset system, everyone will be stuck at red rank, forever.

  2. Man, that poor, poor Laurie. Girl got tunneled to infinity and back and really didn't deserve to survive. This is why immersed players are such a meme in this game cause this is what mostly ends up happening. The guy that deserves to escape the most, that actually took aggro dies early. Meanwhile the people that pressed m1 most of the game get to escape when they can't even pull off save unhooks.

  3. Made me wonder the percentages of people in the ranks. You would probably have to do that right before rank reset, but it would be cool to find out.

  4. If there's one thing I can count on, it's PainReliever using jokes and making references from when we were all younger.

    I love it.

  5. 3:06 Better headphones may have saved you here and use your camera to look around if the killer terror radius is that loud.
    3:43 Use your camera angles to peak because that near-miss was very easy to avoid.

  6. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ says:


  7. I ain't gonna lie to you painreliever he wasn't that good of a baiter, he only baited one swing and that was because the bubba was a bot I would give them the reward of gen jockey if anything

  8. Don't know if you'll see this but…how can we submit our clips and stuff to be critiqued (?) I'm not that great but I have my moments and I'd like too see what you'd think 🙂

  9. I love your videos but i see Ardetha's videos and he is harsh on the player but also shows them what they did wrong, and i see that you are not as harsh. I feel like that could leed to making players want to play like this, and i do not condone this kind of gameplay. Leaving your team behind, and literally killing someone when the killer is fairly… Not that good(new) then that is NOT good. Love your videos, also i have been enjoying this kind of content, but i would rather you go back to gameplay and or tutorials.

  10. I honestly didn’t enjoy this one all too much (I mean the match, not you Pain!). I would of much rathered seeing Jadds play against players of more equal skill and not a bunch of rank 19s/20s (clearly he’s not meant to be with them (I mean, just look at his loadout) so I’ll put it up to shitty matchmaking). Not much can be critiqued/improved upon if the match is basically easy mode with very little chases and little pressure from the killer.

  11. Hi PainReliever! I was wondering if next time you do a critique video,I could be the next person to do a video. I watched all your videos and I finally realized what my favorite perks were! Thanks!

  12. You should give the players you critique a grade (A, B, C, D, F) for how they perform in the match. Something besides keys. Obviously the more keys a player earns… the higher their grade will be, but it would give people without a key a better understanding of where they stand.

    So like, for this video, you'd probably give the player a B+/A-, because of their solid understanding of gameplay, but lack of item utilization. I just think it would give them a better understanding of how they're performing.

  13. 4:00 yes it's necessary because even though the Laurie is trash and might have ds she's death hook and the player hasn't even been hooked yet so it would be good to take the chase instead it's always better to have an extra teammate unless their pretty useless

  14. Hey pain reliever idk if you know this but theres a add on for chainsaws called speed limiter which gets you 100% more bps in deviosnos or whatever but dosnt 1 shot people. So yeah a correction

  15. Laurie could’ve lead the killer to this claudette if she had vaulted out the window when she DS bubba, then the end where the other claudette was running around giving bubba time to catch up for a hit she could’ve went to the pallet this claudette dropped that would’ve gave this person and the other claudette time to bait and escape.

  16. Hey pain relievers, I would like to send you survivor gameplay but I play on ps4 and am not sure how I would get it to you. Maybe I could figure it out but I am just wondering if you would be interested.

  17. Day 2 of being unable to find a match:

    The journey has been long…will it be worth it? What will I find in the fog for me?

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